Capricorn July 2016 Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

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Capricorn July 2016 Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

“Ten of Cups”, “Queen of Pentacles”, “Page of Swords”

For the first two weeks of July Capricorn we have the Ten of Cups!

In Astrology the Ten of Cups refers to Mars in Pisces! And remember mars went direct on June 29th! This also means “Lord of Perfected Success”! Why? Because Mars in Pisces has the determination to turn dreams into reality! Mars is energy, aggression, it will go after anything its wants!  This is focused on our home life, our family! I see our main focus is (I say our, because I to am a Capricorn) getting away from dreary responsibilities & having some fun! We so deserve to Capricorn! We also would like the support of others. I see some of us getting involved now in an unusual love affair now! Get out there single Capi’s, this just maybe what you need now! I also see marriage coming in for some Capricorn now! I see old relationships bonding tighter, also again, new relationships coming into reality!

I see with a whole lots of us money is tight now, but our prospects do look as if they are getting a shot of Mar’s energy boost now to!

Queen of Pentacles will be here in the middle of July, 2016!

In Astrology, Queen of Pentacles refers to us….Capi’s! “Leadership By Example Cardinal Earth”. She’s a savvy business women, a leader, & a decision maker. Her primary domain is in the 10th house of careers, a Capricorn house!

Our focus will be on our wishes, dreams, fiance & profit. I see many of us increasing our fields now, getting calls for business related affairs, also, job offers! I see many of us getting money now….related to some correspondence thru mail (email). We are now in a positive frame of mind now & things are looking good! I see money freeing up for so many of us now Capricorn! Its like the water faucet has been turn on for us now & we will see tangible results, profit, financial increases! Our success will come in our chosen field of work, career now. Some of us I do see will gain handsomely in the healing professions. We work hard Capricorn’s we are deserving people! We are committed to our task at hand with the best possible outcome for all involved! We have kind hearts! We still have some work to do to be where we want to be in our life, but, we are getting there!

“Page of Wands” coming in the last half of July 2016, Capricorns!

In Astrology, Page of Wands stands for the element of fire. The Astrology signs, Aries, Leo, & Sagittarius are represented by the Page of Wands. All fire signs! Fire is a powerful element! At this time we Capi’s are focused on spiritual & work related ideas. New beginnings! I see for some of us we will promote a new business now, we will find something useful to use in our work now, something new! Some of us may pair up with a business partner now, or possible even a love partner I see also now is possible! We have all kinds of messages coming in now Capricorn, & this can also be email! Bringing us great news or even financial gain! I do still see us worried about our finances, but that is the way we are! I again see strong job opportunities for some of Capi’s! A lot of our success will come thru repeat clients, our social connections (Internet is also a social connection) our coming up & implementing new ideas! A change is in the air Capricorns! For those of us that are single its a great time to meet someone now! Lets go Capricorns make this the best July we’ve ever had!

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