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Do you want to know how 2018 will work out for the sign of Capricorn? What will happen and how will it all play out? Which areas of your life will experience amazing luck from the heavens and which areas will be a little more challenging? Will this be a lucky year for Capricorn and will you find love? How will your health be affected? Will you find your dream job? If you want to find out the answers to these questions then read on and see all my predictions for love, work, money, health and luck in 2018!

To give you an accurate prediction of the year ahead we look at the astrological weather coming up for the sign of Capricorn and look at the positions of all the planets, including the important placements of Saturn and Jupiter in 2018. When you read your horoscope predictions for the year ahead, also make sure to read the information for your Rising Sign or Ascendant as well as your Sun Sign! More times than not your rising/ascendant sign will fit you so much better than your sun sign! Also note: It will take your whole Astrology Chart (Birthtime~ Am Or Pm must be included, City~State~Country~you were born, Month~Day~Year you were born to know exactly what is going on for you in the year ahead, this is a general reading for all Capricorn Dec~22nd~Jan~19th, for the year 2018. With that in mind, the following will be hit or a miss! You must have your own Astrology chart completed for total accuracy as stated above! And NOT a computer print out!


Here’s to a great 2018 Capricorn!

Capricorn Love in 2018:

This year starts off related to your love sector Capricorn. In 2017 you may have experienced a break up and this caused you to focus on work as a way of dealing with this. It is also true that this relationship did not fulfill you. Now in 2018 however you get a fresh start and this allows you to begin a new love story as you will have a number of encounters now as a result of the placement of Jupiter.

Saturn will also lend a mature nature to this relationship and you could find that you are coupled up with someone who is very wise. This relationship could last for a long time but the issue now is that you could find it difficult to find the time to take care of your love life as you are focused on work issues. You could forget about the importance of a partner but you will get so many opportunities to meet new people especially in the spring and winter months. In summer in particular you could spend time with someone who is already a friend but you may see them in a new light. If you are single then you could be blessed with new levels of courage which encourage you to date.

If you are already part of a couple then you will have probably survived a difficult period in 2017. Now Jupiter and Saturn could be favorable to you and this could make your relationship deeper. There is an aspect with Jupiter which allows you to think about setting a wedding date or adopting a pet – anything that lets you make a mature commitment of some kind at this time. Your love life is blossoming and anyone who is part of a couple will feel loved and sentimental now.

Capricorn Career in 2018:

2017 was a very important year regarding changes in your career. There were many decisions to be made and these brought with them ideas but also a sense of feeling stuck. As a result you did not make much progress in the year ahead and now you are finally reaping some of the changes in your professional life. When this happens you will find that you have the backing of Jupiter and Saturn when it come to changes in your life in 2018 and you will also feel the powerful energy of Mars which will fill you with desire.

Deep down you know you need to make changes when it comes to your work life and you need to look at different work options. You will find that you are bored with doing things the way that you did them in the past and this desire will be so strong that you will not mind dealing with stubborn people in order to make changes. You may have to spend money to change your professional life, but this will work out well for you. At the beginning of the year you could have a sizeable chunk of money in the bank and this can be used to start a new business. Usually you do not like to spend large amounts of money unless you know you will get it back & this year you will do just that. If you want to start a new business or move to a new city to start a new job then this is the best time to do it and it will be very successful. If you are unemployed then you should make sure you send out your resume and go on lots of job interviews as you could get lots of opportunities coming your way.

If you are in a good job then you could get a raise or you could move to a different position or department in the same company which makes you feel more challenged or valued. This will also help you to bond with your colleagues and you will make more money as well. This is also a good time to make financial investments or buy real estate if you are financially stable.

Capricorn Luck in 2018:

Your luck is not particularly strong this year Capricorn. Instead, you are more likely to get rewards for hard work and you will get back what you put in. You will however still get a small helping hand from fortune along the way. Jupiter is making his presence known so this means that you could get some unexpected luck when it comes to business and you may find that legal issues now work out in your favor. If you have been waiting for some money to come through to you then this could be the year when it appears in your bank account. As well as Jupiter you also have Saturn in your life which helps you to achieve your goals. Saturn however also asks you to commit to things, but you are rock solid in this commitment and will not give up whatever happens. Make sure it’s clear in your mind what it is you are wanting first & foremost!

When it comes to your health you will be recovering from 2017 which was a difficult year. You had a lot of stress in 2017 but in 2018 this lifts and you will have more energy when it comes to your love life, your career, and life in general. Your health improves now and if you had issues in 2017 then you could find that you seek medical care now and find a great doctor who is able to help treat the problem. You will certainly sleep better as a result!

You could feel a lot less worried this year than in previous years and you could find that you smile more and frown less. You are less pessimistic now and this allows your newfound optimism to shine through. This, in turn, draws people to you as your enthusiasm for life is contagious. If you have children, they will do well when it comes to their education and could even win some kind of contest. There will also be good news coming regarding relatives. You could even win some money but it’s not recommended that you gamble much this year.

And if you Ascendant/Rising Sign is…


You have a lot of willpower now and this could lead to professional accolades and success. Love could cause some issues in the spring and you need to watch what you say to a loved one.


Work will go well for you now although Jupiter is opposite the Ascendant and this means that you will not make huge gains. When it comes to love you have to be careful not to be duped by someone who was once close to you.


Projects could go well for you now and you will have more success this year than you did last year. Your energy levels improve and your love life also blossoms.


You no longer feel sad and stressed, so you can smile more about life. Work is in focus now and there are lots of opportunities around. Love could blossom in the spring.


You could feel as if you have made a mistake in the past related to your love life such as getting married. Love will be different than it was in the past but professionally you will prosper.


This is a wonderful year for you and all parts of your chart are sparkling. Projects will work out well and your relationships will prosper. In the summer months, you could meet someone special.


You could feel more indecisive than usual now. You could find that your love life is strained as you were not faithful to a partner. Your work life will also be challenging.


This is a great time for you as you will have a lot of opportunities now. You could meet a life partner and you will tackle the year ahead with a huge amount of energy.


You have a great zest for life now, but you could find that you feel more tired than usual in the springtime. You could feel stressed when it comes to work but your love life will flourish.


You will have to make sacrifices this year, but if you work hard you could achieve a lot. Your work life goes well now, and you could also win a competition or pass an exam with honors.


You will face a lot of stress when it comes to your job, but you will achieve all your goals if you work hard enough. Still, progress could seem difficult to achieve at times. There is a risk that you will feel very stressed and that a mental health issue could come to the surface as a result. You will also lack time to spend with loved ones.


Jupiter is behind you now and you also have Saturn in the mix. Saturn makes this is a challenging year but it will also be successful if you are serious about it. If you work in a creative field then this is a very good year for you and some of your projects could finally come to fruition.

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