Cancer Tarot Reading Predictions! September, 2016! Some up’s & down’s related to the Economy!

Cancer Tarot Reading Predictions! September, 2016!

Queen of Cups! Tarot Readings for Cancer, Cancer rising, moon in Cancer! Sept, 1st-15th!

I am seeing spiritual work, some kind of clairvoyant, psyche, something secretive going on now Cancer, at times I feel this is so overpowering for you! I feel your focuses on research, some of you are studying metaphysics at this time trying to get some type of ideas, across to other people, whether that be in your home, your personal property, I just feel at this time some spiritual work is coming into play for you. Please remember, this is a general tarot reading predictions forecast all cancer, cancer rising, and mood in cancer, if you would like your own personal detailed tarot reading please see my services below, or visit my website and see my services rates for other services I have to offer! I see some of you wanting to make your work mean more possibly.. have more value at this time. Many of you are going to be social butterflies at this time, I see you meeting someone close to your home also, if you are not already in a relationship. For many of you I see this is a very favorable time for friendship and romance!

Something in your home or possibly workplace is going to be chaotic right now, I’m feeling if it’s in your home, it’s because maybe children are being overly noisy,  possibly a friend, a relative, is overstaying their welcome at this time. Also if you are thinking about selling your home, or are in the middle of trying to sell your home, it will not go well at this time. Meaning it will not be sold. Many of you that have been planning a trip at this time I feel it will be postponed to a later date, something has come up, something is just not right with you at this time, you are looking for other alternatives and will find them. I want to say cancer that some type of metaphysical, psyche, possibly clairvoyant skills are going to be required of you at this time in the workplace, I do see many of you having a opportunity to branch out on your own at this time. Getting back to relationships, many of you are discussing a marriage right now, possibly living with someone at this time. Cancer if you’re feeling out of your element now ,or if you’re feeling scattered, I wanted to tell you being around other people is such good therapy for you at this time. You will be getting some very uplifting messages, you will be getting invited to social activities, go for it Cancer! I see many of you right now able to attract favors and money… possibly leverage in any area you need help in right now.

I feel something around your business area, your work area many of you are going to be sad because you wanted somebody to help you with something and it fell through. But however you will be sought after both professionally and personally, people will seek you out for answers! A lot of you are going to be very fortunate right now, very successful right now, in attracting favors, in finding answers,  I see many of you happy about something to do with money, or something to do with the career area of your life. Some of you will even be meeting someone new in your life at this time!

Ace of Pentacles! Tarot Reading Predictions forecast for Cancer! Sept 15th -22nd!

Get ready Cancer! Things are about to get better for you now! Your focus is on things that come together later on that you have been planning for! I see many of you will replace anything old,  not working for you! Money, partnerships, partners, satisfaction and prosperity, will be coming in for you Cancer! Let’s just say this… Cancer, whatever was cut back on you is coming back strong with something else in its place at this time! I feel many of you are in business for yourself possibly working out of your home, you will have a sudden surge in activity!I see you that you are going to buy something that you could not before, this maybe even a large purchase such as a house, or a automobile! Cancer get involved in that paperwork that was not working out for you before, it’s going to move forward at this time! I see for many of you your business interests are going to thrive at this time! Regarding romance, perhaps for a few of you, you are very unfulfilled with your present partner, relationship, you’re wanting to come together at this time with someone new! Spiritual matters at this time… anything pleasant… financial agreements, ect… are coming back into play for you at this time Cancer! You need to expect some super good news concerning your business and or money at this time! Please remember, this is a general forecast for all Sun sign Cancer, Cancer rising, moon in Cancer, I am offering a special at this time if you would like your own individual prediction reading, please go to the bottom of this page and see what I have to offer! Please see my services and rates on my website for other services that I offer!

For many of you Cancer, I do see something coming back into play right now that could possibly be a relationship you thought was dead in the water, it’s going to thrive at this time! Many of you are going to  have luck with anything financial, pleasurable pursuits, profitable investments of time, money, or energy. Cancer you are going to prosper at this time!

Ten of Pentacles! Cancer-Tarot Reading Predictions! Sept 15th-30th!

I see you at this time really putting your primary focus on your domestic matters, your friends, your community, and you’re working environment. Your really striving for better relationships with others at this time, you’re really hoping a business project will be successful! You’re really focusing on your family ties, your daily living, and your home at this time. You’re really focused right now on family and friends, you’re making plans to visit family or friends at this time, you are socializing big time right now Cancer! You’re going to enjoy this Cancer because you need a break from work, you need to be out socializing! While I do see some of you a bit angry right now because of the lack of business,  & the fact that somebody’s not sticking to an agreement, I do see you Cancer getting ready to do something about that at this time! I do see your money kind of alternating right now like the tide with the moon, it’ll be like alternating from good to bad, any new money that you do bring in right now will be spent on your home life. I see something unexpected coming in for you right now, sometimes of a notice, a financial statement, I see something you were not prepared for coming in right now Cancer. Something is happening to some of you,  I feel someone in your work environment at this time is trying to sabotage you, be alert at this time. I want to say that a lot of you are going be so successful in areas that are related to anything friends, anything helpful, personal appearance, family. Your also going to be lucky that you are very blessed and to meet your obligations when it comes to your living expenses.

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