Cancer September 2016 horoscope predictions forecast! Solar Eclipses with a Wicked Twist!

Cancer September 2016 horoscope predictions forecast! Solar Eclipses with a Wicked Twist!

Cancer you have two eclipses this month and a bonus new Moon on September 30th! Also, Jupiter on September 9th, will go into the sign of Libra! Saturn and Neptune will still be square for the second time this year September 10th, but soon after that you should start seeing everything ease up! That is after Jupiter goes into the sign of Libra on September 9th! I know it has been like taking one step forward two steps back,  but at the end of September and into October it’s a whole new playing field! Let’s get started!

On September 1st, 2016, Cancer, you have your solar eclipse in your third house in the sign of Virgo! The third house is a communication house. Gemini rules that house & Mercury rules Gemini! Remember, Mercury went retrograde August 30th, until September 22nd! With this new solar eclipse and depending on what it is aspect to in your natal chart, you may be feeling like starting something new, or possibly launching something new at this time! I do recommend if you can hold off until after September 22nd, when Mercury goes direct, you will be so much better off. With that said, I feel many of you are possibly contemplating on starting some kind of a new business and I feel like it will be on- line. Something to do with communication… the third house is also the house of siblings and our neighbors, I possibly also see with Mercury retrograde either a sibling, possibly may- be a neighbor, that you have been estranged from, will come back into focus for many of you Cancer!

September 2nd, I do see a rather stressful aspect involving your sun, Neptune, and Saturn now, Cancer, this will cause delays, confusion, possibly even scandals. This is more of an outer world experience…. example, like with the economy. You will feel some of it though Cancer. We’ve got a three-way alignment going on because of Neptune. Neptune is in its home sign of Pisces and that is where it is the strongest! With this alignment I see a couple parts to it and they’re all chaotic! You have Saturn squaring your sun, that is usually a signal of slowdowns and obstacles. Now Neptune is opposite your sun, Neptune being the planet of self undoing, it’s going to keep you in a fog like state which makes it harder for you to see what path you are to take. Saturn squaring Neptune for the second time this year will yet indicate another conflict between what is real for you Cancer and what is not. With all of this going on there is a loud warning that this is a time that may hold hidden dangers. Cancer just keep under the radar and stay call! Things do get better!

September 9th, Jupiter goes into the sign of Libra! Now that Jupiter is no longer fighting with Saturn, as it has been for the last year, you will see great progress in your life being made now Cancer! To note: it does matter on what is in your natal chart, the transits I am talking about now,  how do they line up with the planets you were born with, the planets you will pass with, it does matter, Cancer, invest in you,  and get your own personal forecast completed,  this is a general horoscope forecast for all Cancer, Cancer rising, and if you have a moon in Cancer. With that said let’s move on!

Which Jupiter in Libra, it does bring  you Cancer, good fortune and blessings, especially Cancer, if you have a Libra sun, a Libra moon, or of Libra ascendant. And Jupiter will be in your 4th house Cancer! Love Venus in the 4th house! I feel many of you will be moving or redoing, remodeling, possibly buying Real Estate at this time! The 4th house is all about home, the one you came from, & the one you make for yourself!

September 16th, 2016, you will have a lunar eclipse full moon in your 9th house in the sign of Pisces! Lunar eclipses are usually about endings, with this being in your 9th house Cancer, the 9th house is all about publishing, long distance travel, marketing, teaching! I do see you wanting to travel now…..but… possibly you are getting ready to publish your book! I would wait until Mercury goes direct before launching anything new at this time, with that said, I feel your are contemplating on  possibly not going a trip you had planed at this time, I feel many of you have anxiety issues at this time, I do feel it has to do with what is happening in the economy now, it’s causing fear issues, ending something Cancer you have been wanting to do at this time.

September 22nd, Mercury goes direct! And on September 30th, you have a new moon in fourth house in the sign a Libra with Jupiter and the sun! With Jupiter in your 4th  house, and a new moon, and the sun lighting it all up Cancer this is a  ideal time, many of you are going to find inner peace, security. Some of you… I do see purchasing real estate, a new home, land, this will go very well for you! Possibly selling real estate. I see some re-decorating going on, something improving your present home increasing its value! Cancer, this is a super good time to invest in real estate, even if you’re not planning to live there! This transit will increase many of you Cancer, your sense of inner confidence now.

Prosperity and Peace Affirmation: I wanted to leave you with a prosperity and peace affirmation, super powerful, you are to do this on Sept, 18, 2016. It is the day of international peace. Please ensure that you have a small piece of tumbled amethyst, lavender scented oil, and neroli oil.
Begin by anointing the amethyst, with the neroli and lavender oil, and then anoint yourself with both oils. The amethyst in your receiving hand. Take a deep and complete breath to center yourself, and then merge with the goddesses and gods of prosperity and peace. Next, say this affirmation out loud: I am at peace with myself and my world, and I am empowered by defined prosperity and abundance, today and every day. Blessed be the Goddess and God!
Repeat this affirmation at least eight times throughout the day on this international day of peace. Continue saying the affirmation for the next 28 days (a moon cycle) for best results.

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