Cancer June 2016 Horoscope Predictions

Cancer Your Dreams Are Ready To Come In!

Hello Cancer & Happy Birthday to all the early Cancers! This month you have so much coming in for you so get ready! June 1st you have the sun & Venus in your 12th house. The 12th house represents the unconscious mind.  Secrets we keep from ourselves & others are in here. The 12th house of the zodiac recognizes that we may feel bound in life, stuck where we are and confined. And for this reason, this 12th house rules jails, hospitals, institutions, asylums and any and all space that inhibits our freedom. More gloominess in the Twelfth comes in the form of danger, secret enemies & hush- hush affairs. With the Sun & Venus conjunct here in your 12th house  you will be in-touch with your own subconscious mind.  You may find you have an interest in studying anything metaphysics,  or even  Astrology! Do take some time our for yourselves Cancer as this is asking you to get into you! Great for taking a walk out in nature. Notice all the beautiful surroundings now! Some quite time is being asked of you now! A new relationship may also start now, but be careful as Mars in still retro. The Sun is lighting up your whole 12th house now with Venus showing love! Your dreams may take on more meaning now, things you have been working on may come to materialize!

The new moon will also be joining your sun & Venus on June 4th, new beginnings will want to come in! Your new moon will be in Gemini in your 12th house. You maybe more restless then ever, & want to communicate more so then ever before. On June 6th your Venus will trine your Jupiter in your 4th house (depending on the day you were born, ie…early, middle, late, some will have Jupiter still in your 3rd house) to know how this will affect you please do see my services/rates for a more detailed reading) Jupiter is all about money & expansion! Some of you maybe getting ready to sell some Real Estate, if you can wait until Mars goes direct on June 29th that would be ideal. You will definitely  want to be out with the group socializing & having fun!  This is a fantastic time for all financial transactions! But be warned not to over indulge as you may regret it after this transaction is over.

On June 3rd, you have Venus sextile your Neptune. With Neptune in your 10th house of careers and Venus in your 12th house, you may find yourself in this dreamy state of mind this is known as the Neptune fog! Do not make any important decisions today! Wait till this aspect is over!

On the 20th of June you have the full moon in your 6th house of work & health. You maybe feeling like you need to throw out a diet that is not working for you or you may feel like revamping your exercise routine. Also, you maybe thinking on how to revamp or end something related to your work area. On June 23rd, we have the sun & Venus moving into your 1st house of self. This will be all about you Cancer! Venus is your 1st house you will have a “Flare” for expressing yourselves! You will be in a super fun mood, you will not want to be sitting at home as you will want to be out with others having fun! June 20th, also brings your sun & Venus conjunct in your 1st house of self! Great time to be out & about this is a fantastic day for any kind of creativity or love. You will want to be expressive today but mainly with someone else by your side! This is a feel good day! Your health is good, your mood is good, make the most of this day Cancer! Venus will use her magic & people will be attracted to you, great time for any kind of entertaining! This transit may bring a new love interest into your life if you are single, if in a relationship it will be strengthened by this transit.

On June 30th, you have Mercury moving into your 1st house. Your mind will be more active at this time. One thing you may want to be careful of is since your mind will be more active then usual going 100 miles per hour if you will, you may confuse those around you with-out meaning to, your mind is constantly changing under this influence so you can see why others around you may think you are doing it on purpose but Cancer you are not, its just the way Mercury is influencing you now! Some of you with this transit may feel like traveling now, not long distances but seeing new things, bringing new into your lives now thru travel. Also at this time Mercury will trine Mars in your 5th house & Mars went direct for us all on June 29th! You will have so much powerful energy now Cancer! Its a great time for all kinds of mental work! You will not be easily discourage at this time either! You will feel quite confident & will want to speak you mind now, not to start a power struggle by any means, you are only wanting to get your views out in the open! This is a fantastic time for public speaking! You will find if you have ever had stage fright it will magically disappear! Any kind of negotiations will go smoothly now! Go for it!

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  1. Mukaram Irshad Naqvi says:

    I usually track a lot of astrology and tarot on youtube but honestly speaking I found you the best.
    Congratulations from the core of my heart.
    May you go long miles into this, prosper and shine.
    Your Admirer
    From far off India.

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