Cancer July 2016 Tarot Card Reading! Predictions!

Cancer July , Tarot Card Reading! Predictions!

Hello My Sweet Cancers! I love you all! With-out you, I could never pursue my calling in life! Blessings !! 🙂 

I drew for the month of July 2016 The Empress, King of Swords, & the Ten of Pentacles! 

For the first two weeks in July, The Empress in Astrology rules the planet Venus. Love & beauty they both love! The Empress constantly brings new life into a stale, routine type of situation. I do see many of you there now. Routine, your so tired of it you could pack your bags & never come home ever again! I see some of you literately contemplating this! But you Cancer would never go thru with it! You love your home & family to much! But there are times!! I see some of you wanting to be outside alot! Taking little trips here & there, not far, but wanting to be in the great outdoors! Camping, alot of you will go camping with your families now! I see some of you wanting to move, maybe move in with someone? Either way, you will not go thru with it now, it just doesn’t feel right to you yet. And regarding work, you really do want to now, but you know you must because no one else is going to get your job done for you, so I see you creeping thru it little by little. Again, with the Empress here for the first few weeks, you want to be out & about enjoying your summer! Taking in all the beautiful scenery life has to offer now! Flowers blooming, gardens to tend to, beauty, that’s what you are wanting now! Also, I see something related to Real Estate coming into focus now to. Something is up in the air regarding Real Estate & is causing concern. There also seems to be a delay in some kind of financial thing now, just know the money will come soon!

In the romance area for some of you I feel you are dreaming of love & affection now, I feel this is related to the one’s of you that are in some kind of a relationship that your not able to be together very much. And your very tired of it. Something will come into  play that will result in leaving the relationship for good. I see you meeting someone who will be more able to be with you Cancer, someone with no ties. For those of you that are in a relationship I see you wanting to spice it up! Routine has to go! And you will do just that Cancer, spice it up!

king of Swords, I see this coming in for you Cancer, the middle part of July, 

In Astrology “The King of Swords represents Aquarius! King of Swords is the ruler of Air, he makes his decisions based on solid logic & intellectual powers. Some say he rules Libra. I see some of you trying very hard to make it in the world, get ahead of the game. That is where your focus is now. Some I so see having legal problems now to. I see you are wanting to be able to see & know things more clearing, it’s a struggle for many of you, some of you I do see turning to some kind of a professional person for help. I do see challenging situations coming in. I feel as if some of you are very concerned about something to do with your financial matters. I think some of you are worried, something with your jobs, careers, you want a change. Its like you are tired of always fighting something, always going with the flow, but knowing it will get you no-where. Its like you know its a battle, your tired. I see many of you discussing finances issues with your families to, some of you are in talking about…I’ m getting travel plans? I definitely see a ton of pressure around finances now! I do see a few of you making money, but there is some fear…you know or feel something I’m feeling.  I also see some of you feeling lonely now, your troubled again, I keep seeing finances issues.

I’m going to say all will end well for you Cancer, there is something you are going to see that will bring you answers. I see many of you having great success with your legal issues. I see this as a time of great strife for you regarding getting your power back, I do feel some of you have lost it, or seemed to have misplaced it, but you will find it, and will move into a lighter atmosphere.

Ten of Pentacles This will come in the last part of July, 2016, 

“Ten of Pentacles” in Astrology represents Mercury in Virgo. “Lord of Wealth” prosperous, not in only material terms, I’m also meaning spiritually & emotionally! What a great way to end July! I see many of you focusing on your home, your family now! Some of you are wanting to ensure something to do with a proposed plan, a business project, I see it will be successful! Some of you will be doing some traveling, related to business, it will go smoothly! Also, family trips that I see many of you doing will be fun, no issues! Now I do see some of you having problems with pets now, I see you having to visit your vets, something to do with pets, a pet needs attention, is sick or ill.

Some of you regarding your finances, I see it will be like an up & down roller-coaster ride.  I see this because a lot of your money now is being spent on everyday necessities, I do want to say some of you that are bothered by some kind of a financial thing, I do see a happy surprise in store for you! For a lot of you, I see you wanting a new job, & you will get it. Many of you also, will be getting something that is related to dividends, inheritance, something is coming in for you that relates to money.

In regards to your love life now, I do see no real fire-works here in this area. Your busy Cancer, busy with an eye toward your daily routines, your family, your home life.

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