Cancer July 2016, Horoscope Predictions! Bring In The Money! Spell For Prosperity!

Cancer July 2016, Horoscope Predictions! Bring In The Money!

Cancer lets start off by saying what a full house you have in your sign! Happy Birthday to! You have the Sun, Venus, New Moon, Mercury, all in your 1st house of self on July 4th, 2016! You not only get 10 new Moon wishes, you get 10 birthday wishes as well! :). Be sure & write them down, keep them in a area you will be sure to see each day/night! I’m fond of making sure I read them at night before I go to bed so I can fall asleep thinking on them & my subconscious mind will go to work on them!

With the Sun coming into your 1st house its telling you it is giving you the gift to recharge yourself for the coming year! You are being asked to take a deep look at yourself Cancer & assess what you want to see  come to pass for you in the year! It’s all about you! I know this may feel selfish to you, but its not at all, its a move into positive territory to find out what you need to further your progress!

I also want to take a moment & let you know what I do that really gets my money flowing into me for the year! On the 4th of July, Independence day, to help further your independence toward financial independence I highly recommend the “Independence Coin Charm”  it is helpful to bring in more money & during a New Moon, with the Sun conjoining, its powerful to! Here’s what you will need:

One Red, White, & Blue candle, & a smudge stick, also in order for this to work correctly, a silver dollar! (banks always have them) OK, now your ready!

What you want to do is to dedicate each of the candles to a goddess of prosperity such as “Anu” (Celtic). “Lakshmi (Hindu). or Freya (Norse). Now write the words “Financial Independence” on each of them. Of course you are carving the words into the candles. I should of use the word “Carve” sorry! But if you want to write them you can do that also, either way will work! Now I always use a match (I use the big box matches) to light the candles with, start in this order: Red 1st, White 2nd, Blue 3rd. And dedicate them to freedom & Independence. Now your ready to light the smudge stick, BUT, light it with the White Candle flame! & smudge the silver dollar. Hold the coin in your power hand, (mine is my right, as I’m right handed) & charge it by saying three times: “By the divine power of the Goddess & God, I charge this silver coin with freedom & financial independence”. Now some say to allow the candles to burn down safely, I do this instead, I sit looking at them reflecting in my mind what I what to manifest in my life, I only think of the end….NEVER…how I’m going to begin, or the middle. The universe will take care of that part! Then after 5 to 10 mins, I will blow out the candles safely, & the smudge stick. (Fire is the power here) Now you want to carry the “Independence Coin Charm” on your person, rather that be in your purse, pocket, as long as it is with you at all times! Always, recharge it once a day by holding it in your power hand & repeating, “By the divine power of the Goddess & God, I charge this silver coin with freedom & financial independence”. It is all in your intention & how much you want it that depends on the time involved to see results, trust me if your intentions are good, meaning your emotions, this will take no longer then a couple weeks/months, if not sooner to work! Just wanted to let you know what I do & it really works!  I feel sharing information that works with each other will strengthen us. If you have something you use that works for you, please do share it in the comment section, I will post it! We are all here to learn from each other!

Also in your 1st house is Mercury on July 4th, ! He’s saying this is an excellent time, not to mention important, to keep yourself occupied with useful projects, because you are able to accomplish so much with your mind now! Venus is saying, it’s a good time to have with friends, take a vacation, or go out & do what-ever you enjoy! July 4th is your day Cancer! Make the most of it!

On the 19th of July, 2016, you have a Full Moon in your 8th house in the sign of Capricorn! The 8th house belongs to Scorpio, & Pluto, & co-ruler Mars, rules Scorpio! what I see is endings, full moons usually bring an ending of some kind. The 8th house rules other peoples money, rather that relate to a business partner, or, your significant other, its hard to tell! But something is wanting to leave now, so new can come in! New beginnings is good, although at the time some of us would like all to stay the same, if that happened, our life would be stagnate! We’d never grow!

On July 4th, 2016, thru the end of July, 31st, you have the Sun in your 2nd house of fiances! Some of you may feel a strong desire to have greater control of your life through the things you value. Also, this is a great time for you & your Friends together for a party! And with the Sun trine Saturn at this time, this is a good time to really concentrate on what you want regarding your relationship to yourself, & others!

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