Cancer Horoscope Predictions for the Year 2018! What You Need to Know Cancer!

Do you want to know how 2018 will work out for the sign of Cancer? What will happen and how will it all play out? Which areas of your life will experience amazing luck from the heavens and which areas will be a little more challenging? Will this be a lucky year for Cancer and will you find love? How will your health be affected? Will you find your dream job? If you want to find out the answers to these questions then read on and see all my predictions for love, work, money, health and luck in 2018!

To give you an accurate prediction of the year ahead we look at the astrological weather coming up for the sign of Cancer and look at the positions of all the planets, including the important placements of Saturn and Jupiter in 2018. When you read your horoscope predictions for the year ahead, also make sure to read the information for your Rising Sign or Ascendant as well as your Sun Sign! More times than not your rising/ascendant sign will fit you so much better than your sun sign! Also note: It will take your whole Astrology Chart (Birthtime~ Am Or Pm must be included, City~State~Country~you were born, Month~Day~Year you were born to know exactly what is going on for you in the year ahead, this is a general reading for all Cancer June 21st~July 22nd, for the year 2018. With that in mind, the following will be hit or a miss! You must have your own Astrology chart completed for total accuracy as stated above! And NOT a computer print out!


Here’s to a great 2018 Cancer!

Cancer Love in 2018:

Jupiter is now in the sign of Scorpio and this will bring you a lucky year ahead after a somewhat difficult 2017. Your love life improves slightly and if you struggled in 2017 then things will be better for you this year. You could even think about making more of a commitment now such as getting married or starting a family. There is also the sense, however, Jupiter is not in the strongest position in your chart but you could still move in with a partner or purchase your own home with a partner.

As a result of Jupiter being in the sign of Scorpio, you could feel that you are loved and appreciated more now than you were in 2017. There will be more understanding between the two of you and you will find that you feel happier in your interactions with others now. There is also Saturn in the mix which is opposite your sign now and this means that you could have to make some sacrifices in your relationships and you could face some difficult times when it comes to love life and your emotional connection with those close to you. This could lead to difficult conversations and some people born under the sign of the Crab may decide to separate, even with Jupiter in the mix to smooth things over a little bit.

If you are single then Jupiter will help you to meet new people and these could be friends or platonic friendships which become romantic. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that a lot of people you meet may actually not be worthy of your time and attention and they may turn out to be quite superficial and lacking in emotional maturity. As Saturn is in opposition to your sign the best advice now is to not get married or plan a wedding, as it is best to wait for a more auspicious time. On the flipside however you have Jupiter who may bring you some romantic luck and the opportunity to merge may present itself. You could even feel swept up in a new romance! If you start a relationship at this time then it could last for some years but it is also likely to be heavy going and could descend into frequent arguments.

Cancer Career in 2018:

2018 is not going to be a banner year for your money, business or career Cancer. Unfortunately, Saturn is causes blockages in your chart which means that professionally you are unlikely to prosper. Actually, at this time we may see that many people will be made redundant or transferred to other departments and offices. If this happens to you then the projects you are required to take on in your new role could be challenging. On the other hand, however, you also have Jupiter in the mix who is the planet of good luck. This means that he will temper Saturn somewhat so it could be that you have better luck in your career as a result, although this will not apply to everyone born under the sign of Cancer and it will depend on your Ascendant as well as other factors in your birth chart.

Jupiter could bring with him job opportunities or offers although these may not be as prestigious as you expected. In this way, the year will be satisfactory when it comes to your career but you should be careful with taking risks, particularly regarding money. Be careful when you sign contracts as Jupiter could make these seem lucrative while Saturn will play some important part of the paperwork so make sure you have everything looked over by an experienced lawyer. You will save more money than in recent years but you will be plagued with unforeseen expenses that cause you to feel financially unstable. This could come in the form of an older relative who is unwell and needs financial support. Overall work will be testing this year which will make you feel tired.

Cancer Luck in 2018:

In 2018 Saturn will be more dominant in your chart than Jupiter which is in opposition to Uranus. This means that you need to take care in 2018 and in the next few years and make sure you monitor your health. You should be careful if you have any small issues and get these checked out straight away as these could become a major problem if you ignore them. Take care of both your bones and teeth as Saturn could affect your calcium levels.

You could also find that you feel more stressed than usual and you could feel lifeless and not really want to work or socialize too much either. This is because Saturn requires solitude from you and demands isolation. When Jupiter moves past your Sun however then this will be the moment when you feel more lively both physically and mentally and you will have a more favorable outlook from time onwards. This could also come in the form of some good news such as a favorable lawsuit or you may get news from a family member. When this happens you need to use these months in the middle of the year as Saturn then comes back for the final few months of 2018. This can cause your stress levels to rise again and you will feel more tired physically. At this time try not to put too much pressure on yourself and do not travel long distances if you can avoid it. Try not to take people at face value as you may find that someone has lied to you. Mars going retrograde will also play a huge part of being tired & out of sorts.

This is also a challenging time for older relatives in your family may come across as overly critical of you and your decisions. You could also lose a friendship around this time but it may be that this is designed to teach you something about life and this will also make you feel liberated once you work out what it is. When Jupiter is sextile your Natal Sun then this a good time for you to make changes to your life as this is the most auspicious time to do so. Also, some of you will be in your Jupiter return!

And if you Ascendant/Rising Sign is…


This is a good combination and it means that you will experience positive experiences in your working life, but you will have to work hard for it. You should also make sure you save your money as you could also have unforeseen bills to pay in 2018.


You will have a positive year and you will also experience a lot of luck from the stars. There are lots of exciting opportunities on the way and projects you have been working on for a while could finally come to fruition.


Saturn is in an awkward position in the heavens but you will feel a renewed sense of physical energy now. Your romantic life will also improve and you will find that you have a deepened connection with your loved ones.


This could be a challenging time for you and a number of issues could come to the surface now. You will need to protect your health and you could also face difficulties at work.


You will be feeling more creative and inspired in the summer time although you may lack the willpower to see through any of your projects. Wait for the right time to launch any big ideas when things are a bit calmer in the heavens. Emotionally things could be challenging this year.


You could juggle a wide number of projects this year and these will be amazingly lucrative. In the autumn you will have a very positive period and in the spring you will be filled with energy which you need to use to propel your career forward.


You could have experienced a lot of changes over the past few years and now you need to make some firm plans. There could be a sense that things are getting a bit monotonous in your life which will make you feel a little blue.


Your health will improve now and your work life will also run more smoothly. This also brings with it improved finances and people could seek you out as someone to work with. You have a lot of energy now which means that you can complete projects with ease.


This is a wonderful year for you although you will also have to work hard in order to see great success. You will make great strides forward as long as you are prepared to put in the hours. Your love life will also improve greatly.


The last few years have seen a lot of changes and now you are at a crossroads. You have let go of a lot of baggage which lets you focus all your attention on your work.


This is a challenging year and you could see your finances take a hit. Friendships will take a back seat and you could feel more stressed than usual.


Your intuition is spot on now and allows you to finish up a number of important projects. Life is positive now and your romantic relationships improve.

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