Cancer December 2016 Tarot Card Reading! Don’t Give Up Cancer, You’re to Close to Winning!

 Don’t Give Up Cancer, You’re to Close to Winning!

Five of Wands Dec~1st~12th

Cancer, your biggest focus this month is on your business and your romance, I see some of you having an inner conflict that is coming from some unexpressed desires. I see many of you are wanting to clear things up in your mind running to handle situations that you thought were handled before but need to be re~ visited now. I see many of you being offered  love at this time, but you’re not noticing at this time… because your feelings are on other matters. I do feel some of you Cancer are making some kind of compromise, and once you see this, I see you taking steps to correct it. The compromise is not needed, and you are going to realize this. Many of you I am getting the feeling spirit is speaking to me to tell you… Cancer, to be diligent, keep your eyes open because there could be possible vandalism around your home or property. Relating to your work area for the first two weeks in December, many of you Cancer are considering a major change, but you will come to find out you are going to be needing to handle a situation honestly and that is going to take a lot of courage. But have no fear Cancer, you will get what you want. I’ve also sense, Cancer, romance… you have decided wasn’t for you, it’s coming back into focus now and I see you spending some very passionate moments together at this time.

I’m also getting a sense something in your life is going to cause you to take it very seriously at where you are in your life at this time, perhaps what you are hoping to see. I do see your physical health is in proving some of you may be recovering from the flu, perhaps a cold. Regarding your finances, spirit is speaking to me to tell you Cancer that you will have enough money to pay your bills. I see many of you getting money now something related to money, possibly an on online business will be bringing in money at this time Cancer. If you have been confused lately Cancer, regarding a business, a lover, that will come to an end. I do see your business expanding, I see your finances increasing, I am seeing negative aspects in your life at this time coming to an end. Know Cancer, I see your greatest success coming through a revision of your attitude! I see you getting the job done, getting what you want. Cancer have no fear, at this time you are lucky in your business, finances, any negotiations you may have at this time you are successful. If you are feeling angry, hostile, Cancer, could it be you are not being honest with yourself, perhaps you could dealing with the situation from a lose point of view, instead of  a win point of view? Cancer, you are so close to winning do not give up.

The Sun~Dec~12th~24th

At this time Cancer, I see your main focus is on the public, keeping up appearances, your achievements, marriage, benefits. I am getting a sense, you are wanting a marriage, perhaps live with another, but at this time, I am not seeing the one you are wanting coming forward, but I do see there are others that are wanting to take the place of the one your heart yearns for. I do see you faking being happy, because I’m seeing what you really want, what your hearts desire, is missing. At this time your work area is going to be extremely slow, but that will not bother you because you don’t want to work right now anyway. You are needing a new element at this time something to inspire you and one is coming. Even though I feel you are drained emotionally at this time perhaps even spiritually, I’m sensing you are feeling tired, or perhaps just plain ol’ blah! Things will turn around.

It’s the holidays no wonder! You’re feeling tired, your feeling uninspired, your feeling run down! I’m sensing your psychic ability are being blocked. I see many of you deciding you do not  look very good at this time. I see you switching the way you look at this also, perhaps you cut your hair or buy some new clothes! On a more inspiring note, spirit is telling me for you to expect some good news concerning your finances! I do see some ideas coming in for you! I see work coming in… I see some of you getting a much-needed business opportunity. I see this coming from a man, that will give you  a new direction, I’m seeing something about a possible union or partnership. Keep an open mind at this time Cancer! I feel many of you have taken the right actions, for a prosperous future!

King of Swords~Dec~24th~31st

King of Swords, in a tarot reading is related to the sun sign Libra! Venus rules Libra! Many of you at this time Cancer, your focus is on trying to get ahead. I see many of you fearful …surrounding your future… your wanting to see things more clearly, I see many of you enlisting the aid of a professional at this time. Cancer, I do see many of you moving, possibly living with somebody else in order to cut down on expenses. Spirit is guiding me to tell you Cancer you need to be cautious when you are traveling, slow down, I am seeing unforeseen obstacles like perhaps a roadblock perhaps a detour. I’m getting something legal, perhaps you are involved in a financial matter or a legal deal. I’m getting something…related to papers will be signed. Cancer, I am getting you are feeling frustrated, anxiety, this is related to your work, your future, your feeling as if it’s a constant uphill battle to succeed. I want you to know Cancer, the pressure will be relieved, your future will look more promising. I see you cutting through the fog. You are seeing things as they really are and you will set things straight in all of your affairs. I see your best success is coming through in a new way of relating to others also, I see success in legal matters. Don’t be afraid to say it as it is Cancer, it can make a huge difference, because what you are wanting to express at this time is coming from your heart. You will succeed!

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