Cancer Crab

The fourth sign on the horoscope chart is Cancer and is ruled by the Moon. They are symbolized by a crab design and are very mysterious. At times are even inconsistent. or rather contradictious  Born from June 21 - July 22.
Their personalities are extremely emotional. Their friends and family members mean everything to them and they will always help them out when there is trouble. Cancer people don’t like to see others suffering and hurt and will do everything they can to make it better. Family is placed on the highest pedestal in life to show the importance. While important, cancer star signs are also secretive about their family members. They prefer to keep personal issues private.
The crab is the animal that represents the Cancer sign. For people who don't necessarily like crab style horoscope tattoos, they can also choose the pearl as another symbol of the Cancer sign. Cancer individuals are usually loving, intuitive, emotional, imaginative as well as protective and sympathetic. However, Cancers can be moody, complex and have the inability to let go of anything they're attached to. IF your Birthday falls on the cusps you may also have Gemini traits, please see my Services/Rates, to get a detail interpretation of your own birth-chart with transits, so you know "Just Where Is It I'm Suppose To Be Going In This Maze We Call Life!

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