Breaking Bad Relationship Habits According To Your Horoscope~Sign

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When you are in a relationship, particularly in the early months, you often want to show yourself in your best light. This means that you may hide some parts of yourself, but the problem is that you can’t hide them forever! Sooner or later, you and your partner will realise all your former relationship habits are coming back to the surface. This means that you could keep repeating the same negative relationship drama over and over again.

If you have noticed that this is happening however, then don’t worry! Many of your relationship habits can come from your Sun Sign, and you can learn to identify them and avoid making similar mistakes in the future!


As a Fire sign, you are known for your fiery personality which can sometimes get you into trouble. At times, you can pop off at people and it may be that you say things that alienate those close to you. The good thing about you is that once you have let out your anger or frustration, then you rarely hold a grudge, but this may not be the case for your partner who may be hurt by your words for a long time to come! Think before you speak!


Taurus is the Sign of the Bull and is also a Fixed sign, which means you can sometimes cling too much to your beliefs. One issue you have in relationships is accepting that you may need to stay flexible to accomodate the needs of your partner. If you don’t learn to be a little less fixed in your relationship, then it can suffocate your partner and make your union feel stale and boring. Learn to embrace the unfamiliar sometimes Taurus!


As a Gemini, you are the famous Sign of the Twins which means that you have one eye on one thing and the other on something completely different. It is fair to say that you are not really known for your sense of focus, and this also means that your partner may feel that they don’t have your full attention. It could also be that you struggle with commitment which can make any partner feel insecure, so you really need to learn to slow down, calm down and be a steady presence for a partner.


Cancer is a sign that is very loving, but you can also be very quick to retreat inside yourself when you feel hurt or wounded. This also means that you get hurt easily, but perhaps a bit too easily, and you need to try and chill out and not take any lovers’ quarrels too seriously. Not every piece of criticism is a personal attack on you, so you need to learn to talk things through with a loved one and improve the communication channels. You also need to make sure you don’t spend too much time in your own head.


You love to be in the spotlight Leo, but this can cause you issues in a relationship if your partner gets more attention than you. There is a tendency for you to be quite jealous, and this is something you need to work on if you want a harmonious relationship with a loved one. You also need to remember that a relationship is not all about you, and so you need to make space for your partner. Also make sure that you are not too demanding on a mate, as you are known for having very high standards, to the point of being unrealistic!


Of all the zodiac signs, you are the one that is most likely to be called a perfectionist, and this can cause issues in your relationships Virgo. You want everything to be idyllic all the time, and if you think there are problems in your relationship, even small ones, then it can make you worry about the future and try to overcompensate. This can make a partner feel as if you are picking at them about small things that don’t matter, so you need to learn to fight your corner only when things truly need attention. Don’t sweat the small stuff!


Libra is the ultimate people pleaser of the zodiac and this extends to your relationships. You will do almost anything to avoid a fight, but this sometimes means that you let things go and then start to resent your partner. You need to learn to talk things through in a calm way and not run away from a little conflict at times. All relationships have their ups and downs and it doesn’t mean that your union is doomed. You do need to learn to speak up though and let your partner know what you want and need—it will actually make your partnership stronger.


You are known for being a very possessive sign Scorpio, and this can cause a lot of tension in a relationship. Part of this is caused by your own sense of vulnerability. It could be that you worry that a partner is going to leave you, and if that is the case you could cling to them and become very difficult to reason with. You need to realise that if you let go a little, your partner will have room to breathe and will not be stifled by your slightly obsessive nature. Actually enjoying a little freedom in your relationships will bring your partner closer to you rather than pushing them away.


You crave adventure Sagittarius which is great if you also have a partner who shares you sense of exploration. But…you may find that you can’t always spend your time cruising from place to place getting caught up in wild adventures. Sometimes you have to come back down to earth and settle down in a partnership, but for you this may feel as if a partner is cramping your style. Actually you really need to learn to compromise between your lust for life and a life shared between two people.


You can be something of a perfectionist Capricorn and you are also a workaholic. This means that you often expect a lot out of a partner, and it could be that you put a lot of pressure on them to be perfect all the time, both in their home and work life. This is of course very unrealistic, and you need to learn to focus on your own goals and ambitions and not project these onto your mate. They have their own life path to follow and you need to accept this if you want your union to last.


Aquarius is known for being the sign most closely associated with lofty ideals and you often work in the field of humanitarian causes. As a result, it could be that much of your time is taken up working to help others, but this can also come at the expense of your relationships. You sometimes see a romantic union as the least of your priorities which can make your partner feel neglected, so you need to learn to give them the time and attention that they also deserve.  


As the Sign of the Fish, you hate conflict to the point where you would rather just ignore any relationship issues rather than face them head on. Of course this means that you tend to sweep any problems with your partner under the rug, which can make them feel very frustrated. They may also feel as if you are not taking the relationship seriously or giving it the time it needs, so if that is the case you need to learn to talk through your problems in a calm way without getting too sensitive about any constructive criticism.

Blessings, Bree

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