Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse 27-28 July 2018

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Remember, unless this eclipse makes an aspect to one of your natal chart planets (what you were born with) nothing is going to happen in your life! A transit no matter what it’s called MUST hit one of your natal planets in your chart…..If it does not make a aspect nothings happening for you! Transits to transits are fruitless & that is what astrologers use because we do not have access to your natal chart…we use transits to transits! A transit has to hit one of your natal planet (or cusp) then the energies will pop!

The biggest lunar eclipse of 21st century is finally here on 27th July 2018 also known as Blood Moon. It will be of 1 hour and 43 minutes approximately. This time the moon spends nearly 4 hours (3 hours and 55 minutes) crossing within Earth’s dark Umbral shadow.


This Eclipse will be visible from Africa, the Middle East and countries in central Asia. Eastern South America will observe the ending of this eclipse, and Australia as it’s beginning. Unfortunately, This will not be observed in major part of America and they can only rely on TV & Internet sources to observe this Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse of July 2018.

What is a Blood Moon?

This term is everywhere on the Internet, everyone is talking about this, But do we really know what does a Blood Moon mean? There is no doubt that these terms are catching everyone’s attention but the real scenario is – the more it sounds fascinating, the more it is. Yes folks!


This term is used when on a total eclipse the Earth does not allow Sun’s light to reach the Moon (As observed from earth). Moon somehow still gets rays of Sun refined from earth because it is much smaller than Sun in size. This makes it look like reddish orange in colour also known as a Blood Moon. It is not a scientific term, but a general one given by people to beautify this natural observation.

Why is the duration of lunar eclipse has increased this time?

On this day of eclipse, the full moon is at its farthest orbital point from Earth making it appear particularly small and distant (also known as lunar apogee). This increases the time of Moon to cross the orbit of Earth thereby increasing the duration of Eclipse. Astronomically, the longest possible eclipse can be 1 hour and 47 minutes & this one is short of just 3-4 minutes so yes, It is true that it is the longest duration Lunar eclipse of this century.

Planetary combinations on Blood Moon Eclipse

This is probably the biggest talk of the town on this Blood Moon eclipse, The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse on July 27, 2018 is at 4 degrees and 45 minutes of Aquarius which is opposite the Sun at 4 degrees in Leo. Apart from this we also have Mercury in Leo, Venus in Virgo, Mars in Aquarius, Jupiter in Scorpio & Saturn in Capricorn. With the conjunction of Moon, Mars in Aquarius and the nodes it is definitely a big one. With big we mean – big surprises and big cautions.


Mars with Moon in Aquarius is also giving a square aspect to Uranus. This could have been really bad if a semi-sextile aspect to Saturn would not have been there. The effects have been neutralized because of this to some extent. There is a major point to these combinations which is to be noted in bold that Mars is retrograde on this Blood Moon total lunar eclipse falling on 27-28th July 2018.


Want to know what does it hold for you? Read more to find out!

Effect on all Zodiac Signs

It is true that this longest duration eclipse has a long lasting effect on all zodiacs combining with the results of previous eclipse as well. This is indeed a great opportunity to plan, decide, perform & ripe the benefits of old tasks as well as to make new beginnings in life. Every year, the Eclipses appear with some good / bad / mixed results. This year’s total lunar eclipse has come with its own surprises. People from North America may not be able to see this eclipse but the results will be felt by everyone. For those of you who have your accurate birth chart, If you have any planet at 4 degree Leo or 4 degree Aquarius then it will have a major impact on you people.


Moving on to the most interesting section of this post for which everyone has been waiting for so long, impact of this eclipse on the zodiac signs:


  1. Aries: This eclipse if falling in your 11th house Aries. With a full moon eclipse in 11th house when it is also in a semi-sextile aspect to Saturn, you can expect some changes related to work area and gains. 11th house is the house of elder siblings, your Income & gains, with an eclipse it is definitely a time for some major shift. There can be instances where your elder siblings might disagree with you but use this time to make new beginnings with your siblings instead of bursting out with anger. Honestly for some days you can also expect some setbacks in your income also but this is only a temporary phase as new beginnings in 11th house are surely going to make it big for you this year.


  1. Taurus: For Taurus, this eclipse is falling in the 10th house of Aquarius. During this phase you can expect a roller coaster ride on your workplace. Normally, a full moon in 10th house brings opportunities after a little hard work. There can be some real tiffs but you should better avoid it. Anything new in career seems risky right now. At least wait for the next eclipse in August to pass before commencing any new work if you are into business. The lord of your 9th & 10th house Saturn is in semi – sextile aspect, which will not make this phase go wrong completely but for the time being, maintain rigor in your work not in tiffs. Remember, your work will speak for you when colleagues won’t.


  1. Gemini: This Blood moon eclipse will bring a change in outlook of your life dear Gemini. This is falling in 9th house of Fortunes & religion. Some astrologers also believe that this is a house that relates to father. You may find yourself a little more lost during this time with a decreased faith in religion & god. Your trust on everything may seem to go on a toss. Have you heard of the famous line – “When the going gets tough, you should get going” you may feel yourself in the similar situation Gemini. Where there is a challenge, there lies the opportunity to prove yourself.


  1. Cancer: A sudden gain can be the result of this eclipse, Cancer. This blood moon is in your 8th house of suddenness & with mercury in your 2nd house you may be able to cut down on your expenses to save more. Make sure that someone is not keeping an eye on your finances as your neighbors or enemies may try to deceive as a result of this eclipse in your 8th Honestly, if you will be careful you can save yourself and a probable loss. Remain calm and spend time with family as they will demand your attention more than ever.


  1. Leo: Your 7th house is affected by this eclipse Leo. We know that 7th house is primarily for spouse, this can result in misunderstandings with spouse for you. It is not about who is right between you two but the planetary positions that are creating this tiff for you. This is only a temporary phase. If you are caught in such a situation, it will be a good idea to either clarify this misunderstanding or to leave it completely for sometime. People who are already going through rough phase in relationships, may find this time more difficult than ever. What can you do for it? Spend sometime with your own self and analyse if you wish to move on or to stick to it. But whatever you do, take the steps after first week of August.


  1. Virgo: Health needs your attention Virgo. This eclipse is falling in your 6th house with its lord Saturn transiting in Capricorn. You have all the will to get up and carry on with your work even with a bad health but this eclipse can prove to be a good time to get rid of health issues. Pay attention to what you eat and exercise. Venus is transiting in your own sign Virgo, don’t be surprised if you start getting more compliments from everyone around. Your self confidence may also increase and overall some good results can be felt.


  1. Libra : If you have children then this time is very crucial for them. They can do something surprising and worth catching your attention in a not so good way. You may also have to bear some losses because of them. If you are in a relationship then this can bring disagreements for you as well. This phase may increase your wasteful expenditure so make plans and prioritize them. Saturn in semi-sextile aspect with moon & mars can increase your aggression towards your kids or lover as well. Stay calm and plan rather than acting with a blind target.


  1. Scorpio : Jupiter, your 2nd lord is transiting in your own zodiac Scorpio. This gives you some financial security even after this longest and biggest eclipse of this century. For your knowledge, this eclipse is falling in your 4th house of mother, comforts & happiness. There can be some serious mood swings for you during this time with no great reasons Scorpio. It is your sensitive nature that you feel people take advantage of. Avoid getting hurt as that will solve most of your problems. Take care of Mother’s health as she might need your attention.


  1. Sagittarius: Your efforts need your planning Sagittarius. We often work hard and feel we are not getting gains not knowing that we are putting efforts in the wrong direction. This eclipse in your 3rd house wants you to take a pause and do self analysis. As your basic nature, your zodiac lord Jupiter makes you a person who likes to analyze things from all aspects. That sometimes increase your self doubt when you stop achieving your goals. You have a power of wisdom, use it to help yourself as you do for others. Always remember that putting the right amount of aggression at the right place helps you hit the target. You know what you next steps are, make the most of it!


  1. Capricorn: This Moon-Mars conjunction and eclipse in your 2nd house of income is increasing your passion in earning and saving more. The nodes in 2nd house is a matter of caution for income Capricorn. This eclipse also has sun and mercury in your 8th This can really put your tact in a locker and people may try to deceive for your money. Don’t be lured by the fancy ideas of colleagues in share markets or new investment plans until 1st week of august. Let the eclipse of next week pass before you decide for that long pending project investment. This 2-8 axis eclipse always comes with caution with your own people – family, friends, colleagues.


  1. Aquarius: People of this Zodiac would have been very keen to know as the eclipse is falling in your own Zodiac Aquarius. This is definitely going to an important one for you. If you have any planet especially at 4 degrees or even in this zodiac, then this is something to pay attention to. It can bring some major transformations in life, not promising of some magical things but an important one. To make the most of it, avoid anger issues and being over passionate about everything in life. Relation with spouse may may also get affected during this time, avoid passing harsh comments and demanding too much from them. Give them love, affection and care if you want the same care from them.


  1. Pisces: Increased desires and need for more love can be there with this eclipse. You are a watery sign and more emotional. It is obvious with you that you get more hurt than others if you are not able to achieve anything that you are looking for. Your expectations with partner might increase during this phase. Colleagues may also want to put your reputation at a stake or will try to do something that puts you in a negative image. You may also feel increased expenses on long travels or leisure trips. Legal issues may get resolved for some but with some expenses as per this planetary transit.

With this forecast, I wish all of you a great transformation by this eclipse.

Many blessings, Bree

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