August Horoscope Predictions 2019

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree
Regarding the  USA world astrology predictions (Mundane Astrology) if you haven’t read my blog on Recession/Depression/Stock Market Crash!! Buckle-Down! 2019 ~ 2022! You may want too.


Tip: if you’re looking to start a business, be sure the moon is in Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn and be sure it is increasing. You will also want to note that the moon should be trine or sextile Saturn or Jupiter, avoid like the plague any oppositions or squares. Also, you’ll want to be sure that the planet that is ruling the business you wish to open is well aspected.
Important planetary dates to write down this month include:
July 29th ~  Sun square Uranus
Expect the unexpected! You may have a difficult day sticking to routine today. Acting out because of restrictions others are placing on you or you on them.  Express this energy constructively, otherwise use this energy to your advantage or it will use you, the choice is there!
July 31th ~ New Moon in the sign of Leo 
Leo rules one’s creative side. Fun! Romance! Children! Hobbies & entertainment! Leo is a fixed sign, this is a great time to start a regimen you want to stick with, such as exercising, dieting, or perhaps you need to quit smoking, Leo has the staying power you’ll need!
August 2nd ~ Uranus square Venus
Careful of arguing! Love lives can be unpredictable at this time. This will affect relationships & finances. Stock Market declines.
7th ~ Sun Trine Jupiter
Unless you have in your own chart a negative planet aspect, this is a very positive transit! Sun trine Jupiter brings feelings of peace, harmony, just all over cozy, sweet, feelings with others! Be sure to take advantage of this day and not let it slip away!
8th ~ Venus Trine Jupiter
What an awesome transit! This transit can benefit financial interest. This is a great time to go on vacation take a trip, socialize, you have the Gods in your court on this day!
11th ~ Jupiter Direct
Yeah! Sweet Jupiter comes back! If you feel you have been cheated, overlooked, not given the promotion or the raise you thought you should have gotten, anything related to feeling cheated when it comes to financial or promotional opportunities, that’s because Jupiter was retrograde, holding back his magic! Jupiter goes direct on August 11th, 2019!
11th ~ Mercury sign change Leo
Mercury in this sign bestows a mind that has a strong will and a fixed purpose! Look to tackle your problems and solve them!
12th  ~ Uranus Retrograde (for 5 months)
It is said even though Uranus is retrograde it can still be a dragon! Loose ends that all of a sudden come up to redo or retie, may have you bouncing off the walls. This coincides with my prediction related to the kick-off in late December 2019, Uranus goes direct January 11th, 2020.13th  Sun & Venus Conjunct
This is a day in which you may be assertive, but only towards the people you love, or perhaps would even like to love. Sometimes this transit can bring a new love interest as well.

15th ~ Aquarius Full Moon
This is a time to bring whatever project/s you have been working on, to a close. Aquarius being a fixed sign will ensure this. Look to the house that holds your Full Moon in Aquarius to understand better what will be brought to a close.
16th ~ Mercury Square Uranus
Get ready for your mind to be more stimulated than usual. You’ll have flashes of ideas, concerns, going through your mind so quickly it will be hard to keep up with them. Be sure to have a pen & paper close by so you can quickly write down anything that’s of value to you, warning…be quick about it!
17th ~ Mars sign change Virgo
Mars in the sign of Virgo does give a lot of energy and skill, you will be unlikely to take any action without a good practical reason. Virgo is a very picky sign, I have Mars in Virgo in my natal chart, which does indicate I have a perfectionist tendency with anything I do. Which I have come to learn nothing is perfect and it’s okay to have some minor defects.
21st ~ Venus sign change Virgo (Detriment) Until Sept 15th, 2019.
Be careful of over-analyzing your emotions, also you’ll want to be careful not to be too critical of those you love. Those with Venus in Virgo in their natal charts (Born with this) are the most likely to produce more unmarried folks than any other Venus sign position. Virgo is a picky sign. I’m also a rising Virgo!

23rd ~ Sun sign change Virgo

24rd ~ Mars ~ Venus Conjunct 
Look for your creative energies to be aroused. This is the perfect time to be involved in any creative work that uses this energy, it’s the physical side of this energy you will want to use, with Mars involved just simply writing, or painting, will not suffice.
Did you know….If you have transiting Mars conjunct your natal Venus, it can signify the beginning of a new love relationship, which will no doubt be physical as well.
26th ~ Venus Trine Uranus
if you are bored with your daily routine this transit will provide a stimulating, unusual change for you! Look to also seek different types of entertainment today as well.
28Th ~ Mars Trine Uranus
Get ready for some new encounters, and some new activities, and be ready for them to enter your life quite unexpectedly! Also, get ready to introduce into your life some fresh elements that will make you feel alive! Some of you will do some very extraordinary things at this time.
29th ~ Mercury sign change Virgo
Mercury loves Virgo! This is Mercury’s home! Look to have an analytical mind along with excellent reasoning ability! You may find that you require to have orderly surroundings!
30th ~ New Moon Virgo
look to the house that your new moon occupies, and the aspect it makes. But on a general level new moon in Virgo/6th house, will help you clean house and be absolutely delighted with the end result. Be careful not to criticize those who are closest to you, you may also find at this time female coworkers may be most beneficial for you.

TIP! Starting new ventures? You will find that things usually will get off to a better start when you engage at the increase of the moon. If you have been having any anxiety, deadlock, or impatient, you will find that it is often broken at the full moon, you’ll find that agreements can be reached at that time.
I encourage everyone to keep a moon Journal! You will be surprised at the results you see!
Write down what starts in your life at a New Moon and what is completed during a Full Moon, you will also need to look to the house placement the New Moon and Full Moon fall in your chart, trust me you will be amazed completing this simple task each month and how it relates to what transpires in your life each month…. it’s an eye-opener!


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