August 2017 Monthly Highlights! August 21st 2017 Eclipse in a Fire Sign! Leo!

The great American Eclipse August 21, 2017! This Eclipse will be in the sign of Leo 28 degrees of Leo, it will last almost 3 minutes it is a total eclipse of the sun so in essence, it will last longer. Going back to ancient astrology it accounted every minute of darkness would correspond to one year of influence. Again, because this eclipse will last almost 3 minutes its influence will last for almost 3 years.
Also, eclipses that are in a fixed sign such as Leo are more lasting in their effects and in some cases, they act very suddenly and quite unexpectedly and at times can be violent. Eclipses in fixed signs at times can cause great disasters (Leo is a fixed sign & a fire sign) they do influence Parliament and national finances, money matters, can cause some problems in areas, or bring up some questions that need to be addressed and can affect alternations & mutations in the matter signified. Sometimes depending on what is aspecting the eclipses, it may be followed by sickness, and epidemic increased death rate or the death of eminent people.
Also noting this eclipse is in a fire sign Leo, which can bring disturbances, murders, disputes, and at times depending on what it’s aspects, a danger of war…. movements of armies. It’s also known depending again on what it’s aspects, the death of Kings, nobles, or great men. Excess of heat, scarcity of rain, expenditure of money, increased taxation.
Please note: To set off an eclipse at the point of an eclipse, and the house in which the eclipse was in, a planet such as Mars, Saturn, ect…needs to cross the eclipse to set it in motion. So, do not expect immediate fireworks on the day of this eclipse. Again, this particular eclipse will be lasting almost 3 years. So each month you will need to stay tuned to see what planet activates it & what it will bring.
I strongly would suggest reading my blog post on The Great American Total Solar Eclipse August 21st, 2017!
We have huge changes coming down the pipe, but again, not at the same time. This will drag out for almost 3 years. This eclipse is a Saros Series 145.  I do see a switch up in the way we use money, please see my blog post on: Astrology Predicting Chaos in The USA~Changes Coming In~We Will Break From The Chaos To Restore Our Future!
All the post I have written already are what I see coming down the pipe for the USA, related to the Eclipse on August 21st, 2017. Again, in my future post, I will tell what major players are coming into alignment with the eclipse & how they will manifest, ie…wars, the way we use money, banking, President Trump & how the planets are aligning that may affect how President Trump reacts to what is happening around him. I will say stop listening to the mainstream media, they are not your friend. They are deliberately putting us against each other hoping for President Trump’s demise. Which will backfire on them, It’s coming the end of August! I again will tell what I see, according to how the planets are lining up, I will not favor one side against the other, meaning, Republican against Democrat, that is not the way our great nation was meant to be.  I tell it like it is.
I wanted to get this newsletter out now, I feel everyone has not considered that I’ve already written a blog post on this eclipse, I will continue to write my newsletter when I see major happenings. Do expect another newsletter from me yet this August 2017. Mars will be activating this eclipse the end of August 2017. Get ready!
For now, please do read my blog post that I have put the links to. That way you will better understand what is coming down the pipe for the USA!

If you’d like to know how the Eclipse will be affecting your life, it does matter how this Eclipse will aspects your natal & progressed planets, on what will manifest for you, I am running a special at this time for the insane price of $100! I will unfold for you the next 3 months of your life & what this Eclipse will bring for you!!

Blessing, Bree

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