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In the modern era, astrology is often used in outlets like newspapers and websites in the form of horoscopes. People understandably like to read these to learn more about their relationship status, career prospects, and financial matters, but actually, those types of horoscopes are a miss, very vague and watered down versions of how Astrology was truly meant to work! You “MUST” have a correct birth time, City & State/Country of your true birth in order to get an accurate reading of your life using Astrology. Way back, it was mandatory for doctors to understand Astrology before they could practice, & honestly, it still should be that way! I guess now one needs to follow the money on why it’s not!

In ancient times, astrology was used with a far deeper purpose in mind and much of this way linked to issues surrounding health. When astrology was discovered centuries ago, doctors often used it as a way to gauge whether someone would become susceptible to certain illnesses. This practice is often referred to as ‘medical astrology’ although many astrologers even now are wary of making predictions about health or using astrology to give advice such as when to have surgery. Because we are not doctors with a medical license.

Unfortunately, in the modern world astrology has a difficult relationship with the medical field which is a shame as astrology has been proven right time and time again when it comes to finding a link between a person’s Astrology chart and the houses that may be affected by illness as well as the diseases themselves.

           But here are some fun things to read on sun signs, for example, I’m a Capricorn with a Virgo rising, in my natal 1st house is Mars, (Aries) which rules the head, I get migraines! I hate it! But Mars again is in my 1st natal house of my astrology chart! Saturn, in the sign of Pisces, is in my natal 6th house, this means I will have poor circulation in my feet, & I do, my feet get so cold! Understanding how Astrology can help pinpoint illnesses? And look out if one has Saturn or Pluto coming into one’s 6th house of health, what are those planets activating in your natal chart?


The sign of Aries, the Ram, is linked to the head and brain so illnesses and diseases are connected to these areas. Just think about how rams love to butt heads when they fight. Due to an abundance of energy from Mars, Aries has a tendency to think too much, too deeply and too intensely about matters which can lead to headaches. They often grind their teeth, especially when they are asleep, and this energy and tension may erupt, literally, and mean that they have blemishes like acne on their faces. Aries is typically an impatient sign which leads to stress in their lives that comes out in the form of migraines.


Taurus rules the throat, neck, ears, and nose. This is why many people born under the sign of Taurus have good hearing and strong teeth. When weakened however they can suffer from colds and flu. When tired a Taurus may lose their voice or sound hoarse. Infections such as tonsillitis, pain in the neck, and ear infections can all be issues that plague those born under this sign. Taurus is also one of the signs that is most affected by their emotions when it comes to illness. This is because they tend to bury how they feel and when they are hurt emotionally this can manifest in physically illnesses as this emotional pain bubbles to the surface.


Gemini is the sign of the Twins and is ruled by the planet of communication Mercury. As you would expect, this sign rules twin body parts like the arms, legs, kidneys, and lungs. When weakened or ill, those born under the sign of Gemini can suffer from diseases that affect these body parts such as coughs or pulmonary infections. In recent times a myth has risen around Gemini that says that this is the sign most likely to fall ill although this is completely untrue as there is no more chance of someone born under the sign of the Twins to get sick more than someone of another sign.


Cancer, the sign of the Crab, rules the stomach and digestion. This is also why Cancerians are known to be very intuitive people as they literally listen to their gut feelings. Like the Crab however, they can also retreat into their shell when they are upset or in pain and this can lead them to bury their feelings deep inside. This inner emotional pain then comes to the surface in the form of indigestion, acid reflux, and other intestinal and stomach related illnesses.


Leo the Lion rules the heart, blood, and spine. Individuals with a Leo Sun sign often have very straight body posture which is linked to their natural sense of authority and confidence. If this confidence is shaken however it can cause issues such as back pain or heart conditions. Diseases such as curvature of the spine can also affect those born under the sign of Leo.


Virgo, the Maiden, is the sign that is most closely related to medicine and illness although this does not mean that those born under this sign have a higher chance of getting sick. Virgo rules the metabolism, how we process food and all organs related to food like the intestines and the stomach. Virgo is naturally an uptight sign that struggles to relax and when this happens it has a tendency to manifest in problems related to food, such as allergies, constipation, or even ulcers.


Libra, the sign of the Scales, also rules how we process food in the intestines and how we are nourished by what we eat. The ruler of Libra is Venus which is linked to the bladder and our kidney function. Venus is also the planet of pleasure and this means that many Librans have a tendency to be over indulgent and this can cause problems with processing food and trouble the intestinal tract. Like Taurus, a sign also ruled by Venus, those who have Libra as a Sun sign need to learn to eat healthy and not indulge too much.


Scorpio the Scorpion is known for being one of the most jealous signs to the point of becoming obsessive. Scorpio is also linked to sex and rules the reproductive organs and hormones. There can also be links to sexual disorders when Scorpio is in a destructive relationship. When Scorpio becomes gripped by jealousy or obsession this can manifest in bladder infections or issues with menstruation. Scorpio is also known to be linked to death although there is absolutely no indication that those born under this sign are likely to die prematurely and the reference to death is usually thought to refer to spiritual death and rebirth.


Sagittarius is the sign of the Archer and is ruled by Jupiter. As such Sagittarius is linked in astrology to the hips, thighs, liver, and eyes. Sagittarius likes to stand alone but when they isolate themselves too much they may find they have issues with their eyesight as well as spinal problems. Illnesses that affect the liver can also be a concern for Sagittarius.


Capricorn, the Goat, governs the skeletal system, bones, and the knees. Capricorn, like the Mountain Goat, likes to scale great peaks and is a very ambitious and driven sign. This however makes them stubborn and when this stubbornness becomes too pronounced it can lead to weakened joints.


Aquarius, the Water Bearer, rules the arms and legs as well as movement. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which in turn is connected to circulatory issues and nerve impulses. Aquarians need to learn how to relax and breathe deeply as they are always rushing around and moving too quickly. This can cause heart complaints, asthma, arthritis, varicose veins, and allergies.


Pisces is the sign of the Fish and rules the nervous system and reflexes. This is a highly intuitive but idealistic sign and if they feel let down or disappointed then they can be overcome with problems related to a weakened sense of immunity which causes them to come ill often. They are also prone to foot problems like bunions and corns. “

Of course, so much more goes into this, the 6th house, for example, is “VERY” important! The planets Saturn or Pluto going into your 6th house of health, be careful, get your Health check~ups one year before these bad boys go into your 6th house of health! It takes the chart as a whole to make it work, not just your sun sign, as we all are so much more than a sun sign!

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