Astrology Used As A Tool To Predict One’s Future

For centuries people have been fascinated by the idea that the planets can in some way help us to predict our future. But to what extent can astrology help us to look forwards and make decisions based on the movements of the celestial bodies? And can we really use it as a tool to predict one’s future? Please see eBook offer at the bottom of this page!

What is Astrology?

The main premise of astrology is to look at the future of a person based on their birth chart, which is in turn based on the time and place of an individual’s birth including the longitude and latitude. In many ways we can see that this is quite a limited frame of reference with which to work. With this information, astrologers say they are able to predict trends, feature happenings, past trends, that will/have, happen in the person’s life, such as why they may be experiencing problems getting married, or when would be the most auspicious time for them to launch a new business venture, as well as schedule a surgery, & many more of lives ups & downs we experience in our lives. Why do bad things happen to good people, the answers are in our astrology charts. This is also linked to the idea of destiny, or the idea that our lives are already predetermined before birth and nothing can change us from this path. If this is the case, then astrology is merely a tool to predict this path that already exists.

How do we use Astrology?

We use astrology in different ways to look ahead. One of these is predictive astrology, which means we use astrology to predict what is going to happen in the future. Then there is also diagnostic astrology, which is when we use astrology to look at why things are happening in our lives. An example of this might be if we feel stuck in a rut that we can’t get out of, we may turn to an astrologer to tell us why. Another way in which we can use astrology is to look at nature and compatibility. This is linked to the idea that the different signs have personality traits in common (if you are a Taurus for example, you may be naturally stubborn in nature) we can use horoscope sign/charts, to better understand our own nature and that of others around us. This also feeds in to using astrology to work out if we are compatible with other individuals such as romantic partners. Finally, we also use astrology as a tool for making decisions. An example of this would be the way in which we look to astrology to tell us when would be an auspicious time to do something like apply for a job or get married.

What about Destiny and Free Will?

Some people argue that astrology can be looked at as a replacement for the idea of destiny which means that we can get trapped in its predictions. After all, if everything is pre-destined according to the planets, then this means that there is little room within this for man to make his own decisions. This however is incorrect, as it does not take into account the concept of Free Will. Whether we subscribe to the idea of ‘destiny’ as an abstract idea, or we believe that astrology has already mapped out our life from the moment of our birth, we are all still held accountable by Free Will which means that there is room for us to make choices within our life paths. As such, astrology does not override this at all, but co-exists along with the idea of willful action by an individual. In essence, astrology subscribes to the idea that the planets influence some areas of our lives but that we are still free to make our own choices within this framework. Astrology is a guide on feature predictions that are apt to happen to us, but, we do have free will to change our paths, energy is always moving. And our minds are very powerful tools. But, with that said, it is a good idea to know just what it is we need to focuses on to make those changes, instead of going blind, & being blindsided, Our Astrology charts have super powerful planets affecting us, after all we ourselves choose this path before we were born, our horoscope charts are our blue prints we each will live with. The power of the mind is also again, a very powerful tool, but, so is one’s Astrology chart.

 Some Criticisms of Astrology as a Tool to Predict the Future:

Scientists, make forecasts that don’t quite work out how they expected, take bubble bees, according to scientists, they are not supposed to fly. But yet they do. Why?  And their discipline is not dismissed or mocked as a result, even though uncertainty is acceptable and part of their practice. Why?

It seems that some skeptics would like astrology to ‘predict’ an event, down to the day. And astrologers can do this, but it’s best to give some lead room, because energy is always moving, changing. And when one is told a prediction, they have the power of the mind to recreate the energy they want.

In the past, prediction WAS part of natal birth astrology. The blue prints we each wrote in life before we came into existence.  Court astrologers to kings did detailed work to ensure the highest level of accuracy. In the past wars were waged according to the planets, when the country was born, came into existence. Astrology was used way before Christ walked the earth & after, & continues to be to this day.

In the book, Rome. Augustus’s fame – predicted at birth by astrologers whose life often depended on accuracy. And the appalling behavior of Nero and Caligula? Also written in their horoscopes too, according to Bobrick’s sources. He even cites an example of a death being predicted many years in advance. The person actually died (by being stabbed) within an hour of the appointed time.

In summary, I will say that astrology (based on the birth horoscope) – as a practice – has the technical ability to predict. Using transits, progressions charts, & also with using solar charts, ect.

Some criticisms of astrology as a tool to predict the future are as follows. Some people argue that birth charts are inaccurate as they take into account the time of birth rather than the time of conception which would be more accurate, not true, When your take your first breath in life, in the world, along with longitude and latitude of birth & timing of birth, when the planets line up in the sky on your birth, as they were when Jesus was born showing the way to the King, these are the tools use & needed to cast an accurate Astrology/Horoscope Chart.

Other criticisms are based around the fact that astrology looks at the positions of the planets, however, over the years the constellations have shifted, and the heavens now look very different to the way they would have done when astrology was originally discovered. This means that constellations are now in different places, so for example Virgo is now in Libra. Astrologers argue however that our ancestors were well aware that the planets and stars were moving, even centuries ago, and that they factored this in when making astrological predictions, as we continue to do today.

Finally, some people have argued that when tested, astrology only has a 86% success rate when it comes to matching people with their astrological charts. What people fail to realize however is that this is actually a high score compared to many other scientific experiments, and yet these are not derided as easily as astrology is. One example of this might be some kinds of medicine which have a 45% success rate, but which are still used in the medical field as this is considered a good score when it comes to saving a life 45% of the time. When astrologers score 86% in tests however, it is argued that they should have scored 100% and that anything less than this indicates that astrology is inaccurate. This also doesn’t take into account the skill of the astrologer and the information that they have access to such as whether they have a full birth chart to work from or not. One has to MUST have an accurate birth time, & know when they were born. Period. Success rates in Astrology are higher when an Astrologer has the correct information. Success rates are in argument also, not only with Astrology, but with Scientist as well.

I have not one issue with scientists, or science on the investigation with using astrology for prediction. In short, I welcome with open arms their input – with that said, as long as professional impartiality is upheld – something often lacking on some web-sites and elsewhere, where any communication what so ever of astrology seems to be labelled ‘woo woo’, ‘nonsense’, etc. These are such tired labels without any foundation to enforce them, & such behavior seems strange given the principles of genuine scientific authenticy, and intelligent discussion.

On that statement, I also treasure science’s Authentic Enquiry . Any worthy investigation into this topic should~one would think~ have an in-depth understanding of the topic first. This way, we would be more then able to reflect the subject of study more closely. Get the facts, look thru history, find the accuracy which is plentiful, & then make an educated answer on that before dismissing Astrology all together.


In conclusion, astrology is not meant to be used as an all encompassing way of predicting the future, as it is clear that many factors, both internal and external can affect the course of our life path. That said, it is also clear that the celestial bodies do indeed influence life on earth, and this has been well documented over the centuries. Examples of this can be found in the effects of a full moon or a new moon, which have been known to affect things such as harvests and growth cycles of plants. It is also clear that astrology is indeed a science that can be used to predict the future, and this is demonstrated through the way in which astrologers have studied the celestial bodies with great accuracy over the centuries.

When astrology has been tested against all the different ways in which it can be used that we discussed above, diagnostic, predictive, for compatibility and nature, and for decision making, research has shown that astrology is around 86% accurate over all when it comes to predicting the future and being able to make decisions based on this. As before, when we compare this to other disciplines, this is actually a high score that shows us that we should not be quick to write off astrology as simply junk science. This score is also influenced very much by the individual astrologer who is predicting our future based on a birth chart, and if we have an astrologer with a higher skill level then their level of accuracy is also likely to rise.

Over the years astrology has got an unfair reputation as a discipline that is not to be taken seriously, although as the above figures show, astrology has earned its right to not only be called a science for predicting the future, but also has centuries of practice and research that back up its claims.

Blessings, Bree

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