Astrology for Newbies

Classes are now closed. I will be opening classes again in the spring! 

Astrology for Newbies! Class Starts Soon!

My program includes: suggested reading, active private forum, podcasts, responding to your questions, personal chart study, and topics of interest. I will use the charts of the students, presented anonymously, to learn while receiving personal chart insights throughout the course! This class is the basic Astrology Course for Newbies! If you are looking for the Advance Astrology Course, please (see here), 

 The Basic of Astrology Course Curriculum Includes:

• Signs, Houses, Planets, Transits, Aspects – You will use this info in EVERY chart reading!

• Chart Reading Formula ~ The “Anatomy” of a Chart Reading – You will use this in covering:

• Natal charts

• Transit charts

• Synastry (Composite) charts (how 2 or more people mesh together)

• How to use the Ephemeris – This is one of the most important tools in astrology and most students have not a clue it even exists!

• Retrograde Planets – in Transit, & Natal.

• How to Read a Horoscope Chart & what it means.

Also, Answering Questions like the many I receive, “When will I have money?“, When will I have love in my life?“, What am I supposed to be doing with my life/my purpose, what is it? So many more!

North & South Nodes – Very Important surrounding one’s Destiny!

Also, note, while you learn, you will-be having personal mini-readings, bringing your learning to a very personal level. There will be homework to promote higher learning 🙂

This is also a CERTIFICATE COURSE.  You will receive a certificate at the end of the course!

You have the opportunity to be involved with the live calls and group forum that will be encouraged for all to participate in, or, if your time does not permit, learn in your own way, at your own time, when your schedule is busy, you can save the playbacks, assignments, and review for when you have time. All will be sent to you at the end of each class!

The live Skype calls will start January 18th, 2017 & will run through July~ 2017, (Itinerary subject to change) 

(Final Class will be held in July`2017). Class will meet twice per month~extending to July~2017.

The time to do this is NOW! 

There is a very limited number of slots for the program so if you are interested, take action now. The regular price of the program is $1000, But, Register now & pay in full & receive $100 off bringing the total down to just $900.00! Also, when you sign up now & pay full price you will receive a “FREE” Astrology Reading from me! This is regularly $75! This will be delivered to you on a mp3 to your email! For this I will need your exact birth-time, Am, or, Pm, City/State/Country of birth. With out the birth-time, I will offer you a Horary Astrology Reading!

6 Month Installment Plan
1st month due upfront $250-then $107.14  per month for 7 months!
Total $1,000 for this class! (Final Class will be held in July`2017).


$900 pay in full 
& Receive a FREE
Astrology Reading Sent To Your email
on a MP3-Very Detailed Reading Ask 2 Questions!

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