Astrology for Newbies! Classes by Bree

If Someone Handed You a Book on Your Life That Foretold Your Life-from Beginning to End-Would You Read it?

  Astrology is designed to do just that! Read on & learn with me!

Astrology for Newbies Classes are now ready for download! 

My program includes suggested reading material, active private forum,   personal chart study, and topics of interest. I will use the charts of the students, presented anonymously, to learn while receiving personal chart insights throughout the course! This class is the basic Astrology Course for Newbies! The Advance Astrology Course will be out soon! My classes are easy to follow & I make them fun, no boring monotone learning here, I provide a secure professional learning experience with a splash of fun & enthusiasm! Come learn with me! 

 The Basic of Astrology Course Curriculum Includes:

• Signs, Houses, Planets, Transits, the meaning of Aspects – You will use this info in EVERY chart reading! You will be given a symbol list of all planets & signs to study.

• Chart Reading Formula ~ The “Anatomy” of a Chart Reading – You will use this in covering:

. Keywords for the planets

• Natal charts

• Transit charts (More advance classes coming regarding transits & progressions)

• Synastry (Composite) charts (how 2 or more people mesh together)

• How to use the Ephemeris – This is one of the most important tools in astrology and most students have not a clue it even exists!

• Retrograde Planets – in Transit, & Natal.

• How to Read a Horoscope Chart, the art of interpretation

Also, Answering Questions like the many I receive, “When will I have money?“, When will I have love in my life?“, What am I supposed to be doing with my life/my purpose, what is it? So many more!

North & South Nodes – Very Important surrounding one’s Destiny!

Also, note, while you learn, we will have personal mini-readings for those who provided me with their natal information, thus, bringing your learning to a very personal level. There will be homework to promote higher learning 🙂

You have the opportunity to be involved with a group forum (via Youtube) I will encourage all to participate in, ask questions & I will respond or, perhaps someone from the group will respond! This is “Ideal” for anyone whose time does not permit to learn in a live classroom, learn in your own way, on your own time, when your schedule is busy have peace of mind knowing the video classes can be accessed at any time!

All #6  classes are ready for immediate download now!! PLUS you get all #6 PDF files to follow along with each class!

The time to do this is NOW! Access anytime, anywhere! Join in group discussions & learn on your own time!

The classes will be taught using video with me Bree using real charts some of you were so kind to allow! My classes will be very detailed! If you’ve ever received an astrology reading from me you know how detailed I am! No short-cuts! I will be pointing to planets, signs, aspects, ect.. explaining them & leaving no doubt on what it is you are to learn! The classes will be available to those who send payment & you will receive an instant download! Come, take the journey into learning all about who you are & what the universe has in store for you, learn what you were brought here to do, use this knowledge to help your family, friends, neighbors, understand themselves better & what they were brought here to experience in this lifetime!

Perhaps you are meant to turn your learning of Astrology into a business? It all starts with my classes!

Come, let’s walk the journey together experience the bumps & thrills of finding out “Just Who Am I anyway?” & “What am I here to do with my life?”

I’m offering this for the crazy price of $69.99! All #6 classes included for that one price! I put a lot of work & love into my classes make no mistake about that, so, it’s good to love what you do & do what you love because then the “work” disappears & my love of astrology shines through & it shows! Sign up now & learn how to read your own chart, perhaps in time have your own Astrology business! 

My classes are easy to follow & I make them fun, no boring monotone learning here, I provide a secure professional learning experience with a splash of fun & enthusiasm! Come learn with me! 

I’ll see you on the inside! Blessings, Bree

$69.99 Paypal!
You will receive all 6 classes PLUS the #6 PDF files for easy follow along ALL for one low price $69.99! 

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