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Throw Away Your Astro Books, Forget Your Psychic, and Stop Your Dreaming.

What if you could discover your destiny, predict your future, and even help others?

Introducing Astrology for Newbies: A course in becoming a guru of astrology and a master of your life…

How to learn astrology to discover your future…

When I first discovered astrology, I was confused. Sure, I knew about the newspaper and magazine astrology that only talks about your sun sign (which is always a hit or miss) but I didn’t know about  Astrology that you MUST have your birthtime & city & state/country in order to cast your precise destiny: The astrology of your true calling in life, the astrology of your true purpose, the astrology of your true wealth.

The astrology of your true destiny!

When I discovered this true astrology, I was floored at my young age. All these years of basic, mediocre “You’re a Sun Virgo and today will be a very analytical day filled with digestive problems. Oh yeah, watch out for those critical statements you’ll make!” magazine astrology had me lost, confused, and upset!

The magazine/newspapers, astrology never came true! It never felt like it was speaking to me! It always made me feel disappointed in astrology!

Until the day I learned what information is needed to predict one’s astrology chart, one’s destiny…

Do you want to know the true astrology? Do you want to birth your true destiny in your life?

Then chart on…

What you need to know about  Astrology…

After I discovered what is a must in order to cast one’s Astrology Chart, I dove deep into learning it: Hours, days, weeks, and months leading into years I devoured every source of this true astrology that I could find. Natal charts, prediction techniques, houses, planets, asteroids, aspects, and fixed stars. I could go on and on! There was so much of it that it left my head spinning! So much so, I thought maybe the moon itself was orbiting my head! Of course, retrograde Mercury didn’t help either.

No matter how much work Saturn was throwing at me learning astrology, Mars was determined for me to master it.

Mastering astrology has changed my life in ways I never imagined before: I discovered hidden things not just about myself but about my family and friends as well. It gave me a sense of direction, hope, and understanding. My family and friends were so amazed at the profound change in my life that they wanted to know my secret so they could change their lives too!

When you discover the true astrology, you discover your true destiny.

That is exactly what happened: The planets showed me that my true destiny was in teaching others how to master the true astrology for their own destiny in life!

Learning astrology will make you in CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE! No more guessing, no more confusion, and no more false hope! The true astrology will make you a true master of your life!

How to Become a Master of Your Life.

Once astrology showed me how to become a master of my own life, it showed me how to help people like you become the masters of their own lives. Once again, Saturn decided to put me to work.

Day after day, night after night, I spent countless hours devising a system that would teach people the true astrology easily, effectively, and quickly. Just like the moon, the system was always changing because I was always learning something new. Yes, that’s right! You always learn something new with the true astrology because of the universe, just like you, has multiple layers and those layers like to peel and reveal themselves when the time is right (I’m quite sure anybody whose spouse has a first house Neptune can relate to this!). After a long and frustrating road of creating this system, Jupiter decided to bestow blessings upon me and the perfect system was developed.

When you learn the true astrology the right way, the true astrology will show you the right way.

I was completely floored at what I had created: A system so perfect that it could make a Capricorn Venus light up with joy! When I tested this system with my family and friends, the results were magnificent! They all raved about how it was simple, efficient, and easy to understand. However, the greatest benefit was the ability to discover their true destiny thanks to the true astrology!

Once you learn the true astrology, your life will never be the same again.

Do you want to be in control of your destiny? Do you want your life to change? Do you want to achieve your greatest potential? If so, let me introduce you to your next opportunity…

Discover Your Destiny with Astrology for Newbies

If you want to discover your potential, grab your future by the horns, and let your destiny manifest in your life then Astrology for Newbies is what you need. This isn’t for people who just want a feel good; this is for people like you who want to know that it is good! In Astrology for Newbies, you’ll discover exactly just that: How to achieve better understanding of yourself and chart your own course in life by learning your true calling!

You might think, “Yeah, all those astrology courses told me the same thing and everything in life stayed the same for me! How is your any different? How can it help me?”

I’m glad you ask because the purpose of Astrology for Newbies is to help you and you only.

When you sign up for the course, Astrology for Newbies, you’ll receive a course that is easy to follow and understand with classes that are all visual and charts that will guide you along for better understanding. No more dry astrology textbooks and confusing language. On top of that, you’ll learn astrology in a short amount of time with the course being six classes. No yearlong classes here! Also, you’ll be able to access these classes anytime and anywhere because you’ll receive a link and a PDF file for each class!

My focus of this system is for you to learn astrology easily, efficiently and it will help you in ways you can’t even imagine!

“That sounds good but, how about the astrology itself? How will that help me?”

In many, many ways!

  • Discover the diverse layers of your personality by learning the twelve zodiac signs and how they make you the unique person that you are.

  • Discover how the planets play a huge role in determining the events that shape your life.

  • Discover the way aspects show you how you will experience the planetary energies of life.

  • Discover how transits determine what you will experience and when.

  • Discover the houses of astrology that hold and present the diverse layers of your life.

In this course, you will be able to bring to life your new destiny! You will know what the future holds for you! Not only will you be an astrology guru, you will also be your own personal psychic! No more guessing, confusion, and wishful thinking!

I’m so excited for you to discover your destiny and to become a guru of astrology that you deserve a taste of what’s to come if you invest in Astrology for Newbies! Here, why don’t you check it out:

You have wasted your life trying to learn your destiny. You have been wondering like a moon void of course on deciding what next step to take. You no longer have to do that with Astrology for Newbies! If you want to discover your destiny, discover the true astrology, and discover how to master your life…

Discover Astrology for Newbies!

Your destiny awaits and your future is in your hands.

Are you going to let it pass you by like a shooting star?

Or, are you going to seize the moment like an Aries Mars?

Discover Yourself. Master Your Life. Own Your Destiny.

Sign-Up Today!

Non-refundable ~Once payment is received you will get an instant download to all 6 classes & PDF files! Save them to a file on your computer so you are able to access them anytime you choose is the right time for you to learn “True Astrology”!



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