Astrology Course Advance

Class is Full! I will have another class starting in the spring!

On-line-Advance Astrology Course  Starting January 17th, 2017-June 21st, 2017! Sign-up now & see below all the goodies you will get for “FREE” at the bottom of this page!

Ready to take your Astrology Business to the next level? Don’t miss this class!  

My Advance Astrology Course includes:

Suggested readings that will enhance your ability to understand Astrology on a much broader platform! Highly recommended will prosper with this suggested readings!

Active private forum, podcasts, responding to your questions, personal chart study, and topics of interest.

I will use the charts of the students, presented anonymously, to learn while receiving personal chart insights (mini readings of your personal chart) throughout this course! This class is for the Advance Astrology Student the Perquisite for this class is to have a fundamental knowledge of Astrology Basics, before taking this class! Please see Astrology Course for Newbies  

 The Advanced Astrology Course Curriculum Includes:

 Signs, Houses, Planets, Transits, Aspects – Learning them & incorporating them into a reading.

Chart Reading Formula – The “Anatomy” of an Advanced Chart Reading – You will use this in covering the following:

Progressed charts (“Secondary Progressions”). Note: Astrologers equate one day after birth to one year of life (the day-for-a-year method). Secondary progressions offer insight into the unfolding of our unique events that happen over time, & tell us the “WHOLE” story unfolding in our lives in more detail!

 Solar return – A Solar Return chart is a chart calculated for the exact moment when the Sun returns to its natal position (within 2 days of one’s birthday). This chart can be read much like a natal chart, except that it must be kept in mind that it is in effect only for the course of a year–approximately from birthday to birthday. NOTE:[Some astrologers believe the Solar Return is in effect for a longer period of time.]

 Predictive Astrology- Timing of Events! When an event will take place! Predictive Astrology! Health-issues, Money- so much more, One on One learning with Bree!

 Major Planetary Cycles & how this affects you!

Moon Cycles-What are they & how do they affect you? From house to house-sign to sign.

 Also, Answering Questions like the many I have received over time, “When will I have money?”, (The Timing of all these questions & more will be covered)! When will I have love in my life?”, What am I supposed to be doing with my life/my purpose, what is it? & So many more!

 Also, note, while you learn, you will-be having personal mini-readings, bringing your learning to a very personal level.

This is also a CERTIFICATE COURSE.  You will receive a certificate at the end of the course!

You have the opportunity to be involved with the live calls and group forum that will be encouraged for all to participate in, or, if your time does not permit, learn in your own way, at your own time, when your schedule is busy, you can save the playbacks, assignments, & charts used, for when you do have time. All will be sent to you at the end of each class!

The live Skype calls will start January 17th, 2017 & will run through June 2017, Itinerary to follow late December on times classes will be held & dates!

The Time to ACT is Now! This is an Investment in YOU! With this course you will be able to “Start Your Own Astrology Business”! if you so choose to! 

There is a very limited number of slots for the program , I am only accepting a limiting number of  people, as soon as that is meant I will close this class, so if you are interested, ACT NOW. The regular price of the program is $1,200- how-ever,

Register now & pay in full & receive $100 off  bringing the total down to just $1,100 & receive a “FREE-PROGRESSED”-Astrology Reading by Bree sent to you on a mp3! This FREE Reading (Only to those of you that act now) will answer the question surrounding:

Why Am I HereWhat is my Destiny in this life-time & just what was you in your past-life! (For this as well as any reading done with Progressions, you must have your birth-time, am, or, pm, your birth city/state/country, & month/day/year, of your birth, or the reading can-not be completed & I will have to switch it to a “HORARY” reading, which is fabulous in answering on the spot questions accurately)!  Also included will-be-

 Money Coming in & the timing! This will be a 30  Min, reading (includes your destiny also) done via mp3 & sent to your email so you may save it & listen to anytime!! Again, this free progressed reading is for only the ones that act now & pay in full!

The time to act is now! Invest in YOU! This is your time to change your story in life, join me on this exciting adventure!

There are two ways to pay for this investment:

Note Please: There is a very limited number of slots for the program, so if you are interested, take action now. The regular price of the program is $1,200 but …

Register now  pay in full & receive $100 off bringing the total down to just $1,100, pay in full & also receive a Free Progressed Astrology reading:

$1,100 PAY-PAL- Advance Astrology Course.  6 Months meeting 2xs per Month via Skype! You may qualify for Pay-Pals 6-Month payment plan-? Check it out & see! 

Class is full at this time! Please visit back in the Spring! 




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