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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 06° Gemini 48' 32"
Moon 14° Virgo 58' 21"
Mercury 12° Taurus 10' 47"
Venus 21° Cancer 58' 26"
Mars 04° Leo 26' 14"
Jupiter 02° Taurus 36' 39"
Saturn 06° Pisces 52' 16"
Uranus 19° Taurus 59' 58"
Neptune 27° Pisces 23' 08"
Pluto 00° Aquarius 12' 09" R
Chiron 18° Aries 40' 19"
TrueNode 03° Taurus 32' 45"

Astrology and Living Life Consciously

  The world we (Horoscopes) live in at the moment can sometimes (Grand Trine) seem like a strange and confusing place. With all the drama going on around us, we may wonder who is pulling the strings, so, fortunately, astrology can help us to understand the path in front of us.

  For centuries astrologers have understood the power of the planets and have mined the knowledge of astrological charts to show them the way. For many astrologers, the science of astrology comes in essence from the power of God and we are all created with a distinct natal chart that will help us understand our own life path.(Grand Fire Trine) 

  There are lots of analogies that can help us to explain our existence on earth, but at its core astrology can show us how to play the long-game and win at life once we learn how to understand it. One of the best ways to think of astrology is like a big chessboard which is made up of time and space as well as energy and our individual sense of self. At every minute of every day we are interacting on this chessboard, and this happens with our own self, with others around us, and with the universe as a whole.

  In order to fully engage with our surroundings however and take control of our own life, we need to realize that astrology is helping us to shape our own destiny and that while there may still be things that we don’t understand, we can still control the shifts of energy put forward by the universe.(Venus Retrograde)

  In its most basic form, astrology is a way of interpreting messages from the universe and shaping how we react to its energy. This is very different from some forms of modern astrology that just focus on single horoscope signs which are just descriptive markers that fail to have a deeper meaning unless we understand them fully. As well as the signs and planets, we need to use our high levels of consciousness to effectively manage the conversation between ourselves and the universe. Astrology is still evolving and we are still working towards understanding it fully, but the more we scratch below the surface the more we can guide our soul on its journey through life.

Warm wishes, Bree



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