Astrologers Use Progressions to Predict Your Future!

Astrologers Use Progressions to Predict Your Future!

            When people learn about astrology, one of the first things they want to know is if astrologers can look into the future and if so, how do they do it?

            Astrologers have long used predictive astrology to make predictions about the lives of individuals and try to see what will happen in their future. One of the ways in which they do this is to ‘progress’ a chart using what are known as ‘secondary progressions’.

The way that secondary progressions work is called the ‘day-for-a-year method’. This involves equating one day from when the person was born to one year of life. If someone was born on the 1st of April 1988, then a progressed chart would be drawn up for 30th April 2017. The person would be in their 29th year, and so their chart from 29 days after their born and the position of the planets would be significant during that year. The way that the planets looked at this time is considered to be symbolic in our lives.

            Progressions can give us a great insight into our lives and our characteristics. They tell us a lot about where we are going in life and will help us to work out what kinds of things we can expect for a coming year and what is likely to happen. Some significant things to look out for when we are looking at progressed charts are as follows:

Progressed Sun Changing Sign:

            In our lifetimes, a progressed Sun usually changes sign about 3 times. At the point where the Sun is about to change sign lasts for approximately a year and as such this year is one where a lot of change usually happens. At the time when a progressed Sun changes signs, it will often have a great impact and we may see a very dramatic change in our lives during that year. A path that we may have been following could be blocked and a new path will emerge that changes our whole course in life. This can manifest in many ways such as a big move to another city or country, or if could be a new relationship or change of career. Whatever it is it will usually herald a clean break or a fresh start. The changes that take place at the time are often sudden and dramatic. They can even feel negative as we may not feel ready for the changes that occur, but rest assured that they are clearing the way for something new and ultimately better. We can feel rushed at this time however, as if we need to make decisions but don’t have all the information to do so and so we can make rash choices without thinking them through.

The Progressed Moon:

            A Progressed Moon takes between 27 and 28 years to make its trip through all the houses of our natal chart. As it moves through the houses, it lights up each one and whatever that house represents is highlighted in our lives. It is as if these areas are suddenly being given a sharp focus, and if this is an area we have been neglecting then we will suddenly realize that it needs our attention. The Second House, for example, is linked to finances and the sign of Taurus, so it may be that money matters are suddenly illuminated and we will need to make big decisions around these. The Moon is strongly linked to our emotions and our emotional health, so how we respond emotionally to the houses will be a focus of this cycle. In the previous example of the Second House, it will highlight our attitudes and emotional connections to money, so it may be that we suddenly feel a need to take control of our debts and savings in order to feel more stable and comfortable financially. We also need to look at the progressed Moon in aspect to natal planets, as this is also highly significant, although we will study this more closely in the next article.

The Progressed Lunation Cycle:

            The Progressed Lunation Cycle is the cycle when one Progressed New Moon moves to the next, which happens every 27 or 28 years. When we are in a Progressed New Moon time we will literally feel it, and we will feel that we want to make a new start or want to move into a new stage in our life path. As the lunation cycle progresses, it will move through the Crescent Phase which is where we will see challenges and sometimes obstacles. This can be challenging but it is a way of assessing what can stay in your life and what really needs to go in order for you to grow. Still, we may feel confused and foggy at this time.

            The next phase of the lunation cycle is the First Quarter which is usually a busy time! We will get a surge of energy and feel ready to take action. This is when our thoughts will start to come together and we can make practical changes in our lives.

            We then move into the next phase which is the Full Moon phase which is when things come to fruition. At this time we will see the results of our planning and our efforts. At this time we will feel as if we are saying goodbye to one part of our lives and moving on to a new one. This is also the time when the Progressed Moon wanes and things in our past life will disappear. Sometimes we can almost see this happening as people or things wane from our life.

            The next phase is the Third Quarter Moon which is often associated with a lack of stability and contentment. We may feel that areas of our lives have gone awry and we will want to change them. There can be feelings of confusion at this time and we may want to hide away and take stock of our situation. This is a time for reflection and we will find ourselves looking inward.

Progressed Planets Conjuncting an Angle of the Natal Chart or Progressed Angles Conjuncting a Natal Planet or Point:

            When these kinds of patterns are activated they also usually point again to a significant change in our life. This is linked to the natal chart or the progressed angles and we can expect a shake-up at this time, depending on the progressed planet in question. In brief, the energy of the planets is highlighted and we will feel their energy more acutely. We will also look at this in more detail in the next article.

Transits to the Progressed Planets and Points:

            Transits to Progressed Planets and Points are usually very significant in our lives and we can ignore them at our peril! If we look at just our basic natal chart, we may see that transiting Mars is not at any significant aspects; however, if we check our progressed Sun, we may see that the transiting Mars is actually squaring the Sun, and this means that we will definitely feel some influence as a result of this transit. This is why progressions need to be taken seriously along with our natal chart.

            When we look at progressions in general, we can see that sometimes these progressions can happen at the same time. If this happens, then it is likely to point us towards something big but also something that is likely to involve others. This may mean that it affects us as well as coworkers, family members, or our significant other.

            This article is meant to be designed as an overview of how progressions work. We will look at these in more detail in the coming articles including how all the progressed planets affect your natal chart! Mars Progression 

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