Aries through Pieces Full Moon June 24th/25th, 2021 Strawberry Moon Sweetness Ripens! A Time of Letting Go

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Traditionally the Strawberry Moon is known as June’s full Moon it’s the last full moon of spring or you can think of it as the first day of summer!

Fun fact: Did you know the name of the Strawberry Moon originated from the Algonquin tribes which resided in eastern North America. While our friends who are  European it’s called the Honeymoon & Mead Moon as well as the Rose Moon. June is also known for the tradition of marriages, It’s even named after a Roman goddess of marriage Juno! Now we can see why it’s also tied to the word “honeymoon”!

Tarot Card for this Full Moon is  “The World” Capricorn is ruled by Saturn! Favorable Changes coming in for all of us 🙂 but first, we must end what is not working!! This Full Moon gives us that perfect opportunity!  

It’s advisable for you to read your rising sign as it fits you much better than your sun sign! But if you do not know your rising sign, you may read your sun sign instead! 

While remembering this is a general horoscope forecast only, it will be a hit & a miss! If you are wanting your own personal reading on what may be ending for you please see Bree’s Services! 

Aries Full Moon 10th house

Aries the sign of new beginning will have a full moon in the 10th house of career.

The 10th h is an angular house & the house of career & how the public sees you, Aries. If you’ve been debating about starting out in a new direction career-wise now is the time to do so. When one door closes, another opens!

Taurus 9th House Full Moon

The 9th house Taurus is the house of long-distance travel, high education, religion, book publishing, the higher courts. Many of you have added the finishing touches on travel plans. You did your homework on travel destinations Taurus, now you can relax knowing the trip you planned will be all you’ve imagined!

Gemini 8th House Full Moon

The 8th house Gemini is the house of other people’s money! Your business’s money, government money, bank loans, your significant other’s money.

I see a payment you’ve been expecting has finally arrived Gemini, putting an end to the turmoil you’ve been having related to “When will I receive payment” It’s here now! The only issue you will have is how to spend it!

Cancer 7th House Full Moon

The 7th house Cancer is the house of significant other, the people you do business with. While you’ve been toying with the idea of ending a relationship Cancer, you have the green light now! A friend perhaps, but a lifetime commitment isn’t in the cards! No worries though I see the budding of a new relationship commencing soon!

TIP: You cannot go back to yesterday because you were a different person then. Lewis Carroll, Alice’s in Wonderland.

Leo 6th House Full Moon

The 6th house in your horoscope Leo is all about work service to others & their work service to you, the house of pets, & health.

It’s time to end a cycle of getting nowhere Leo related to the health merry-go-round! You’re not seeing the results you were wanting! Switch up your diet & add some strength training into your routine that’ll get you where you want to be!

Virgo 5th House Full Moon

The 5th house in your horoscope Virgo is the house of romance, the budding of new relationships, children especially your 1st born. Risk-taking, speculation, where hobbies begin. It’s a time of endings with a full moon Virgo, & I see many of you switching up hobbies, ending one that has lost your interest only to began a new one soon!

Libra 4th House Full Moon

The 4th house Libra is an angular house. Meaning more power, & more public!

The 4th house is the house in your horoscope of endings. The home you came from & the home you make for yourself! The midnight soul what lies here awakens in the latter part of your life. I see for many of you it’s a time to move on to another location, ending the familiarity of your old surroundings, communities, neighborhoods. Embrace this Libra you could use the newness of starting over in a new home, in a new neighborhood, it’ll bring in excitement for you!

Scorpio 3rd House Full Moon

Scorpio, the 3rd house in your horoscope is the house of siblings, short distance travel, internet, communication & transportation. For many of you, it’s a time when working at home will end. It’s time to embrace traveling back to the office thus ending staying at home. For many of you it may cause you to stress out, but Scorpio you need to think of it as a new beginning & embrace the many opportunities that this has to offer!

Sagittarius 2nd House Full Moon

The 2nd house is the house of your assets, the property you own, the money you personally make Sagittarius. In your horoscope, I see many of you ending a source of income you’ve counted on for so long, but no worries Sagittarius because it will be made up in the long run.

TIP: There are a few things that help you sort out life better than writing. Get a small journal. Give it an interesting title. Write out anything that feels overwhelming, is inspiring, or expresses your dreams and hopes for your life!  (LLEWELLYN’s 2021 Moon sign Book)

Capricorn 1st House Full Moon

Capricorn, in your horoscope the full moon in your 1st house is all about you! I see many of you ending the way you come across to others. Like your re-doing, an aspect of yourself you know needs changing. Go for it Capi, you will benefit in the long run!

Aquarius 12th House Full Moon

Aquarius, in your horoscope I see you needing to be alone with your thoughts, getting in touch with your deeper self. The 12th house is all about confinement, the house of secret enemies. You’ve been very busy Aquarius, now is the time to be alone with your thoughts, contemplating your next move!

Pisces 11th House Full Moon

Pisces, in your horoscope chart, the full moon in your 11th house is all about the social groups you hang with, friends, business. I see you ending a group association now because you’re moving into a new direction needing to reach people who now match the changes you’ve gone thru allowing you to embrace a different way of thinking & relating to the new area in life you find yourself in.

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Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree


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