Aries Tarot Readings Predictions Forecast! September 2016! Issues need to be addressed!

Aries Tarot Readings Predictions Forecast! September 2016!

The Eight of Swords! Aries Tarot Card Reading Predictions! Sept 1st-15th!

Aries, at this time I feel a lot of you are in limbo! I am seeing something happening…some situation, something about a change up in your present line of work. I feel a lot of you are being restricted right now. Some of you are going to be caught off guard by some type of an unexpected problem. I feel this is in your work area. I see many of you are really not feeling like working right now, I feel your in some type of an unpleasant job possibly work situation, this is something you really didn’t want any way you only took it because of financial obligations. Please remember, this is a general tarot card reading predictions for Aries, Aries rising, Moon in Aries. If you would like to know what is coming in for you please order your own tarot card reading! At the bottom of this page I am offering a special right now, or, please see my services and rates for other services I am offering! Please go to my website and read my testimonials, there you will see my services and rates!

For some of you, I do feel you’re being given an opportunity to move towards a different environment, perhaps even with a different partner go for Aries because if you do you will not feel so restricted! It’s kind of like you’re being trapped right now in a negative cycle of events. Some of you right now, it seems to me  your creating conflict or uncertainty about an issue something is happening. I just feel you’re re-stricked,  your strapped, your money is tight right now Aries. I want you to watch your health at this time also, you need to be careful of accidents either in your home, in your car, watch out for other drivers at this time Aries. I’m not saying anything will happen, I’m just saying to be alert of your surroundings. I know many of you feel you’re in a bad luck cycle at this time… that never seems to be ending, and you’re even hesitating about taking on anything new… your fearful that it will not work out. I want to tell you that freedom is coming & things are going to change for you Aries! Some of you, I see getting a new business referral now, perhaps a lucky break in legal matters at this time !I also see financial gain coming in soon! Aries you are going to be given the power to overcome any unfortunate circumstances, be patient!

Two of Wands! Aries, Tarot Predictions! Sept, 15th-22nd, 2016!

Aries, towards more the middle of September 2016, you’re really focusing so strong on your career and your working environment. I really see you directing all the energy that you’re able to & toward a career you really want… something positive will materialize at this time. I see a lot of you having  fantastic fortune coming through… somebody… possibly an admirer will be the what I am seeing. A lot of you will be  well-liked, appreciated, you will have unexpected blessings & profitable gain at this time. Possibly some of you will be purchasing a new home at this time. I want to say when it comes to anything that involves papers examine it for accuracy, Mercury is retrograde from August 20, until the 22nd 2016!  A lot of you Aries are going to be in a position of power right now, some surprising success, your attitude is going to improved so greatly at this time. You’re going to get some great news that will really make your whole world light-up at this time!

I also  feel some of you may be not be speaking to somebody in your family right now… look for that to change. I also getting that you need to increase your vitamins …possibly s’more fruit, nuts, will give you more energy! Aries, anything financial will be on the table to  be discussed right now… business profits are going to begin to thrive! Some of you will even meet someone new at this time! Really good news is going to come in concerning your business, or finances! Something that you really thought out well, will materialize at this time. I feel that your work that you do is going to be very well valued… a lot of you are getting the opportunity to the advance your position, make more money, and also something in the romantic area…. will be taking a surprising twist! Things are moving for you Aries, things  are not completed or established yet, but they are well on their way!

The Hanged Man, Aries, Tarot Predictions Reading Forecast! Sept, 22nd-30th, 2016!

Aries, your focus is on life, your way of thinking, I’m sensing first a few of you… your dreams are being changed,  Something is very problematic for you now that is painful, You’re wanting to give it to a higher power at this time. Aries do just that! Meditate, see the end result you want. Do not worry about the beginning or the middle, the universe/God will take care of that for you. Some of you are having some problems in the romantic department at this time, I really do not see that issue as being a permanent problem. Some of you are experiencing sadness even over a family member, or someone of great concern. A lot of you are doing well in the work area, remember this is a general forecast, I do see some financial increase, profit for you at this time. I see something about some situations, some existing conditions, it’s causing anxiety for you, I feel a lot of you right now are really searching within for purpose right now.

You will make it through this Aries, keep your chin up Aries! I want you to knows that I see unsettled conditions at this time, if you keep an open mind Aries this will help you tremendously. Remember all you have to do is ask if you’re needing help with something …that help is there, just ask! I see this anxiety, not knowing where what you’re going to to with some other person…. is going t really causing anxiety right now for you Aries, again meditate! I do see many of you having a complete reversal in the way you think right now, I see you meditating, I see searching for answers I see you getting those answers. I see your life getting better, I see your conditions improving, I see a new way of life for you! Aries  that new life is starting to come in! I want you to know that there is so much love around you right now, look around you Aries there’s love, acceptance everywhere! Remember, where thoughts flow, energy goes! Watch your thoughts & change your life…powerful!

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