Aries Tarot Reading December 2016! Your World is Taking a Change for the Better!

Your World is Taking a Change for the Better!

Six of Cups~Dec 1st~12th

Aries, your focus is on coming and going, friends, lovers, relatives, and employment. Your desire is to listen to your own inner feelings. I see many of you Aries opening up your hearts to new possibilities in the romantic field. I see some kind of an unexpected financial or career opportunity coming to you soon also Aries. Expect some good news, some rewards, I see recognition for literary skills Aries.

Aries, you are feeling very emotional… I’m sensing you are looking back on your past and the way it was, wishing with all your heart to have that again. Christmas time usually brings these feelings into the forefront. I am sensing money is going to be arriving for you soon Aries from a job well done. Perhaps from some type of investment. Aries, you are going to do very well financially… you will even make more money you anticipated! Aries, I see love coming your way, for those of you that are single I see you opening to the new possibility of a romantic involvement. This is very positive! Even though you are carrying on in spite of unfulfilled promises, I see you being rewarded for your efforts. I’m getting publishing I see success for those of you who are getting ready to publish at this time. Aries, you need to relax the right ideas will come, you need to be patient. All good things will come in time!

Eight of Cups~Dec~12th~24th

At this time Aries, I am sensing your focus is on some recently completed project, perhaps even relationship, a desire to move onto something else entirely at this time Aries. In the romance area… I am sensing it will be stress free Aries, I’m sensing some negativity may create some kind of feelings of alienation, that may in turn cause a relationship to sour. Aries those of you who have been with someone from for some time now, you realize the relationship does not have a future it can’t go any further… it just isn’t right for you. You will make a decision to end it for the good of all involved.

Regarding your career, I do see your business is expanding with the company that you are working for, your skills are going to be sought after!  Spirit… again is telling me to tell you… relating to a lover you are going to make a decision to end the relationship this is not your partner for your lifetime you will come to that regularization Aries, it will be hard, but again, it is the correct move for you.

Due to this… I do feel some of you Aries are going to be looking for a new home, I feel you will be very happy with what you choose. Heads-up Aries, I’m seeing some problems with your eyes! Blurred vision, perhaps an infection, this will be taken care of no worried, but not without a visit to your eye doctor.  I do see many of you Aries having great strides in your business affairs! You’re going to inherit a new method to doing business now. I do see you very successful around a lawsuit, I’m seeing lawsuit. Many of you will be so thankful for a new career direction, also at this time. Aries, your situation is going to end on a very positive note, you will be moving in a new direction!

Nine of Pentacles~Dec~24th~31st

Aries, you have a strong desire to promote yourself wanting to form a new partnership. In the romance department you will find a new love at this time. If you are looking for employment you will gain it at this time. I see many of you concentrating on making money, you are able to better your financial condition, you’re going to be very busy promoting this enterprise. I see you are very happy you’re making money now Aries, I see you getting a great deal of satisfaction in the area of your work you are being praised to! Aries, this is a warning, be very careful… do not act impulsively, that will be your downfall. I’m sensing a strong indication you will soon be experiencing extremely profitable idea that will prosper. You have many opportunities to make money Aries! Luck is going to be with you Aries, and anything related to your career at this time. I am sensing some kind of a situation , coming in, this situation is going to entice you, it is tempting, you need to think the situation out Aries before accepting it. Your world is coming together for you Aries… just remember that warning do not act impulsively!

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