Aries Tarot Card Reading July, 2016! Predictions!

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Aries Tarot Card Reading July, 2016! Predictions!

July in your horoscope was all about home Aries! And the Tarot cards are reveling even more for you on the home front!

For the first two weeks in July Aries this is what I see coming in for you!

I pulled “The Hermit” card to begin your reading! The Hermit belongs to Virgo in Astrology! & is Ruled by Mercury regarding Astrology! Virgo is the trouble shooter who can spot flaws & fix them. The Hermit to works in this way! The Hermit is saying to some of you I feel that it’s time to re-coop, re-charge, for a bit & home is the best place for this! Aries, your feeling like once you re-charge yourselves, you will be better to help others find themselves, as you Aries are compassionate, but now you are finding you may have given to much of your energy away, with nothing coming back in. You are a beacon of light just like The Hermit is regarding to in the tarot. You have been seek out to share what trials you have been experiencing thru far, to share your wisdom. And some of you have been feeling how lonely is really is at the top! Its a time to go home now, relax, meditate, & reflect on all you have accomplished now in your life! So soon you can come out swinging  again!

In the Romance department, I feel as if some of you want a change, you are getting tired of the same ol routine. Or, it could be you are wanting to get back with someone who has left you, causing your heart to break. I can see that it may happen…but not now.

The middle part of July I do see the following coming in for you Aries!

I also pulled “The Knight of Swords” in Astrology he represents Gemini! We have air & fire here! Great combination! I see many of you at this time all recharged up & ready to go! You are not letting any grass grow under your feet! I see many of you ready to charge full force ahead & go up against what-ever may-be holding you back! I see this in your business area, something has a-lot of you on fire now, & you are really going for it! Your ready for battle! Your wanting to show someone, some group of business associates, you are the one they need now. Some of you have been biding time to make just this move. And now is the time, go for it Aries! Rather you are wanting to promote your business, expand in your field, get that job promotion, you will go after it with nothing holding you back. I see you waiting for a response from someone, or could be business related, you will soon get that call!

I also see for some of you, you are waiting for something to pan out at this time, maybe someone is sick in your home? If that is the case God’s speed to them! I see you talking to a doctor, doctors, I know this is an intense time for you. Love & light to you & your family.

The last week of July 2016, I see the “Nine of Wands” coming in Aries!

In astrology the Nine of Wands relates to the Moon in Sagittarius! Meaning “Lord of Great Strength” I see you Aries as guarding now your empire that you have built. You’ve come along ways & will not allow anyone nor thing to take what you have worked so hard for now. The Nine of Wands is keeping a watchful eye on their piece of the world they have carved out for themselves.  I see many of you doing the same, ready to take on who-ever, what-ever, maybe planning to take some of what you built. I see divorce, separation, maybe? I feel some of you feel you have been thru a war at this point, trying to get where you are today, & you have! Some of you now may feel you have lost a battle of some sort, but are fully prepared to win the war! You are standing guard ensuring not even an element of surprise will win with you now. I see some of you feel wounded, tired. I see this as something related to either a business you own, or a business you are working in, or you are going thru a separation, divorce. You feel wounded. Beaten in a battle of some sort. You are fully aware that no reward comes with-out patience. Like I stated earlier, you will win what-ever it is now you are protecting Aries! You are on track to succeed! Just remember the word “Patience”.

Romance is looking good this month Aries! If you are single,  I see a couple people wanting attention from you, you have great charm, & an beautiful heart going for you now! I see affairs happening to. I see for some of you, you are involved in an affair, or are thinking about letting go & letting one happen. I also see a choice having to be made now, this choice is an impossible choice for you now Aries, for one I see it not going as smoothly as you at 1st thought! The decision you are going to have to make now will either stop you in your tracks for some reason, or be impossible to complete. Also, some of you will have an old flame, lover call you soon. This person will want to come over, I do not see them wanting to leave, so be sure you want this Aries!

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