Aries New Moon April 11th/12th 2021 New Beginnings Dream big this New Moon is connected with love & Abundance!

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

 Aries New Moon April 11th/12th 2021 New Beginnings ~ Dream big this New Moon is connected with love & abundance!

The New Moon is in the same house as your transiting Venus. 




Know your rising sign you will find it fits you better than your sun sign ~ then read below to see what this month’s New Moon will bring forth! Also, I sprinkled valuable tips throughout this new moon post!

Aries the new moon will be in your 1st house

The 1st house is all about you Aries, your personal appearance comes into focus & it’s perfectly okay to be selfish! What is it you’d like to change now Aries?  Your wardrobe, hair? How you relate to others? A few of you will engage in Botox treatments, some reconstructive surgery?  It’s the beginning of a new cycle changing up & evolving it’s a perfect time now Aries you’ve got the green light!

TIP: Beauty Treatments (Massage, etc.) Look for the moon to be in the sign of Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Libra, or Aquarius & also in favorable aspect to Venus. If talking plastic surgery, aspects to Mars, square, opposite, must be avoided, & the Moon should not be in the sign ruling the part that is to be operated on.

Taurus the new moon will be in your 12th house

The 12th house is the house of self-undoing. Confinement. Secret enemies. It’s a time when we want to be alone, withdraw. And that’s perfectly okay Taurus. Take the time you need to meditate & nurture yourself. The 12th house in astrology is all about your secret self, your unconscious mind. What lays hidden there needs to come up for examination. Take your time Taurus, surround yourself with the white light & go deep within because it is there where you will find that hidden part of yourself that needs to come to the surface & be dealt with before you can move forward. Trust your dreams Taurus!

Gemini the new moon will be in your 11th house

The 11th house is the house of your hopes, dreams, wishes, the social groups you hang with, friends & business. In your business sector. What’re your wishes Gemini? It’s a time that your fondest wishes come true! Visualize your wish, seeing it as if it has already happened! Many of you will formulate new plans to meet up with friends getting ready for your spring getaway. Enjoy!

TIP: Need a loan? Purchasing a house for example? First & second quarter phase favors the lenders, the third & fourth quarter favor the borrower. Good aspects of Jupiter & Venus to the moon are favorable to both, as is having the Moon in Leo or Taurus.

Cancer the new moon will be in your 10th house

The 10th house in astrology is the house of your career sector, how the world perceives you, your standing in the world. Here Cancer you have the opportunity to get ahead successfully! I see you getting rewarded for past work completed, for a few of you I see you formulating new ideas to start a new business, perhaps being rewarding for past accomplishments related to a business that is already in motion!

TIP: Starting a New Business, If your planning to start a new business, you’ll want to ensure the Moon is in Virgo, Taurus, or Capricorn & increasing. Also, make sure the Moon is sextile or trine Jupiter or Saturn while avoiding any square or opposite. And also note the planet ruling the business should be well aspected, too!

Leo the new moon will be in your 9th house

The 9th house rules long-distance travel, book publishing, religion, studying, legal issues. Leo are you ready to publish that new book you’ve completed? Now’s the time! Rather its studying or traveling you have the green light go for it!

Virgo the new moon will be in your 8th house

The 8th house in astrology relates to other people’s money, your business money, your significant other money, government money, bank loans, sex, death, re-birth, taxes, inheritances. Virgo, I see you benefiting from other people’s money, you’ve worked hard  helping to promote a business .Also, a better sex life for many of you will transpire! The 8th house is a karmic house so do look to reap what you’ve sowed.

Libra the new moon will be in your 7th house

The 7th house is an angular house in astrology. The effects are more public. The 7th house in astrology rule your significant other, & those who you do business with. Libra, this is the time of new beginnings with your significant other, a new start, rather that be with an existing partner or the beginning of a new relationship. Your life is blossoming, enjoy!

Scorpio the new moon will be in your 6th house

the 6th house is a Virgo house. Service to others, as well as their service to you. Pets, & health. Your health has improved, you’ve been working on it for a while now, & have decided to incorporate a new way of eating, a healthier lifestyle all is within your reach now!

Sagittarius the new moon will be in your 5th house

The 5th house is the house of procreation, speculation, risk-taking, children, especially your 1st born

New beginnings for you Sag! I see many of you will welcome the birth of a new baby! This can actually be a child baby or you are bringing in your creative side & studying the market looking at new ways to speculate, you’re all about adventure & this new moon will bring out your fun, creative side mixed with a little madness, do ensure you’ve done your homework & nothing can stop you!

Capricorn the new moon will be in your 4th house

The 4th house rules home, the one you came from as well as the one you make for yourself. The 4th house is an angular house it also rules the mother or the father. Many astrologers say the mother because Cancer rules the 4th house, others say it belongs to the parent that is the most nurturing while the 10th belongs to the parent that is the rule maker, the most disciplinary parent. This new moon brings in new ways of fixing up your home, many of you are getting ready to sell your home, making your new beginnings in a new home. Perfect!

Aquarius the new moon will be in your 3rd house

The 3rd house belongs to Gemini. It is a communication &  transportation house. Short distance, networking, it also rules siblings, relatives, neighbors. I see you are busy with siblings this month. Beginning new ways of communicating with them, reaching out more, becoming more involved. Go ahead with all those short distance plans now Aquarius have fun!

Pisces the new moon will be in your 2nd house

The 2nd house rules how you make your money. The assets you own. The property you own.Pisces your bringing in a new way to make your money. It’s exciting & you are ready to put your plans in place! Reassessing your budget, finances. Pisces write yourself a check for the amount of money you’d like to receive, Sleep with it under your pillow at night & watch the magic begin!

TIP: Borrowing money/goods, when doing this you need to see that the Moon is NOT placed between 15 degrees Libra & 15 degrees Scorpio. The Moon needs to be waning & in Leo, Scorpio (16 to 30 degrees), Sagittarius, or Pisces. Venus should be in good aspect to your Moon, & the Moon should not be square, opposite, or conjunct Saturn or Mars.

Rose Quartz       

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Crystals to use for positive energy ~ Crystal Quartz for its positive energy to clarify & focus & Rose Quartz which helps to expand one’s perception of happiness & awareness.

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