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If you want to know what the year ahead has in store for you, then read on Aquarius for your 2019 horoscope predictions!

The year 2019:

This is going to be a positive year for you Aquarius and you will find that you make a lot of good progress in a number of areas of your life. There is a sense that you may have to take on more responsibility this year but that this will also allow you to learn about yourself and the world around you. This could also be a year when you look back over the past and try to rectify any mistakes you made, or make amends with anyone you feel you have wronged. It is also an important time for you to correct course if you feel you have taken a wrong turn in life – which all of us do from time to time Aquarius. There will also be some changes in your social life this year and as you are the sign which is closely linked to groups and teams, you probably have a lot of people around you. This year, however, you will start to sort through these alliances and decide who your true friends are.

Career 2019:

Your career will do well in 2019 Aquarius and you will find that you have the ear of influential people around you. If you have been feeling unsure about your career path, or you have struggled to make much headway, then now is the time when you will make the progress you desire. This is very much about building on the foundations you have already put in place, however, but it is not a great year for you if you want to do something like make a huge career move into a completely different field. As such, think about putting down roots where you are, rather than branching out. One thing to look out for is the tendency to be too forceful in your job and it may be that this is a year when you need to learn to tone it down and now be so opinionated as this could alienate you with some of your colleagues.

Love 2019:

This year will be a time of growth for you in your relationships Aquarius and you really need to think about how you relate to people in your relationships and whether you want to make some changes to how you deal with people close to you. It could be that you have to have some kind of serious relationship talk this year if you are attached, although this does not need to end in a breakup if that is not what you want. If there is tension between you and a partner then you really need to do your best to talk to them about it rather than being emotional as this will not get you to a good place in your relationship. You need to make sure your partner understands your views on the relationship, without blaming them or pointing fingers now. If you are not happy with a partner, however, then you may decide that the middle of the year is the time when you will part ways – and this will kick off a period when you spend time exploring your own wants and needs. This applies as well if you are single, and it may be that you decide that you would rather fly solo this year and think about your own sense of freedom, rather than having to focus too much on others. If you are not attached, then this will also be a time when you will enjoy the company of friends and other acquaintances and will not be preoccupied with finding a lover.

Finance 2019:

This is going to be a time of transformation and learning when it comes to your finances Aquarius. You may find that you have to change course several times throughout the year and that one way of approaching your finances doesn’t seem to work anymore and you will need to keep reinventing other ways of budgeting or saving money. You may also have to cut back, as it could be that you have been living outside your means and now you will need to have a much firmer grip on your finances. If you see big-ticket items, then try to resist the urge to splurge if you do not have the cash to back it up. There could also be a sense that you may be trying to keep up with the people around you, but if they can afford a lifestyle that is draining your savings, then you may want to think again and find some more low maintenance friends.

Health 2019:

You will start 2019 with a spring in your step Aquarius and this will make you feel positive about the year ahead. It could be that you have so much energy however that you are not sure where to use it next. You will be itching to make some big moves at the start of the year, but you need to pace yourself as there will be plenty of change that will find you, without you having to chase it. There is a tendency this year for you to swing between feeling as if you want to kick back and relax, or do so much that you burn out. Either way, you need to avoid these extremes and find a kind of middle ground which will help you to feel more balanced and healthy in your life. If you are prone to stress this year, then you may want to consider some kind of professional help like counseling which can help you to make sense of any issues you have and will also give you support at any difficult times.

Family 2019:


You will have a good time with your family this year Aquarius and you could find that your family gets a few extra members through marriages or births. This is also the perfect time for you to apologize if you have had issues with any family members, and you may want to let go of any past hurt or other problems which may have caused tension in your relationships over the past few years. Around the middle of the year, you may find that you need to make some decisions about your family life and it could be that a move is on the cards, or a choice about a key relationship. Whatever the case, make sure you take your time with this and don’t rush or make decisions when you are emotional. You also need to make sure that you take care of your family members as best you can, while also balancing your need for personal freedom and the need for you to grow as your own person. As such, find the time to nurture yourself as well as others.


You will have some opportunities to travel this year Aquarius, and some of these may be for business while others will be for pleasure. It could be that much of the first year is dominated by personal trips and vacations, but you may also feel that you want to travel for work towards the end of the year. There could also be a work move in the cards, so if you want a promotion then it could come if your transfer to a new branch or a new city that will open up more opportunities than you have had for some time.

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