Aquarius Tarot Reading December 2016! Lighten Up! Love is Everywhere!

Tarot Reading for Aquarius~December~2016

The Star~Dec~1st~Dec~12th~2016

Aquarius, you are starting December with The Star! In astrology, the star relates to Aquarius!  Aquarius, I see many of you focusing on the future, your faith, what would actually come into play. I do see many of you your wanting to gain some sense of meaning in your life, your wanting to find some inspiration, some purpose to help you go on Aquarius. Regarding romance, I see many of you feeling lonely, you’re dreaming of meeting somebody, it just hasn’t come to pass as of yet. For many of you Aquarius, I feel that you are feeling that you are unable to let go of somebody because- I’m seeing some kind a big karmic tie, you are thinking you have with them, so it’s making it hard for you to let go of the relationship. I see you hanging on to the old, your heart is hurting.

I also see many of you not satisfied at this time in areas surrounding your career. You want to improve it, you want to change things up! I see many of you very happy because I see a promising opportunity some kind of a new opportunity, a career potential coming in! You need to expect a lot of calls, possibly messages, I see this related to financial gains.

A lot of you have been having some health issues I see you are gaining new insight, possibly ordering some new test, switching up your doctors! This could be possibly related to anxiety Aquarius; I see this could be related to something to do with a possible love. Meditation , Aquarius will help immensely! I see things working out better than even you expected!


King of Wands

The king of Wands, relates to Aries in Astrology! Aquarius, I see a lot of you planning, I see something related to construction, real estate, I see leadership qualities, I’m seeing a lot of you Aquarius are wanting to work alone. I see many of you so focused on business, I see many of you wanting to make contact with somebody, your wanting to start a new business venture.

I see some problems again Aquarius in the romance department, it’s causing you to shut down emotionally, Aquarius loosen up! Once you start to relax you will find love is everywhere! It is surrounding you! Once you loosen up Aquarius, I do see a new relationship coming in, I also see for some of you a marriage proposal!

Aquarius, I see your greatest accomplishments are coming through new business ideas, because I see you having the ability to get your concept through to others, others are able to understand in a more clearly fashion! Again, I’m getting something related to your health, possibly diet, I see many of you suffering from headaches, possibly back pain, I see a lot of you beginning a new treatment at this time possibly switching up your exercise routine! Aquarius your best action at this time is to continue focusing on your work, your ideas, you have amazing leadership qualities Aquarius! I see many of you making very important contacts at this time.


Knight or Wands

I see many of you focusing and on your businesses, I see many of you concerned over where you are living, I’m also getting romance. This is a good time to meet somebody Aquarius if you are single! Get out there market yourself! Surrounding your business, where you work, I see a lot of tension! I see you clashing with coworkers be careful Aquarius someone is not who you thought they were. I see you experiencing a lot of stress right now, insecurities. Aquarius, you need to listen to your intuition, follow your dreams, they will prove to be accurate! Aquarius many of you are suffering from low energy. It’s because you are allowing yourself to be completely stressed out! I’m here to tell you Aquarius you need to meditate, take your mind off the problem, it will work out on its own. Sometimes when we take the hands-off approach, things just mysteriously work out! The universe steps in and the magic begins! I see many issues being resolved in your favor Aquarius!

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