Aquarius Tarot Card Reading September 2016! Trying to get Ahead of the Game Aquarius!

Aquarius Tarot Card Reading September 2016! Trying to get Ahead of the Game Aquarius!

Tarot card King of Swords! Sept 1st-15th, 2016!

Aquarius, for a lot of you I do feel your focus is on trying to make it in this world, you want to get ahead, I feel some of you are fearful about the future at this time.  I see many of you getting the help of a professional type person at this time, perhaps counseling? I’m seeing a uniform, I’m seeing some of you may be getting a visit from someone in a uniform. I do see some challenging situations at this time for many of you. I see you possibly being caught off guard by something, someone, I see you speaking before thinking… that is not advisable at this time.

Many of you are having to move in with somebody… you need to save money, again your concern is surrounding your future. I see some concerns, some delays, in your money area I see some type of legal papers your very concerned with this area. I see many of you have lost your sense of purpose right now your faith, but you’re going to keep going along hoping it will change. You’re being blocked… something is breaking down, I feel it’s related to money, even if you are making money, some of you are not happy at all. I see challenging situations possible conflicts. You’re just really troubled,  you cannot see your way very clearly right now a lot of you are thinking that the universe /God, is against you, this is the furthest from the truth, you’ve just lost your way at this time. Your faith is being tested.

I do see a lot of you making it, your now seeing or looking at someone different now, your seeing them for the way that they truly are in life, or, this maybe related to  some situation you eyes are now opened! Your success at this time I do feel… you need to really contemplate on a new way of relating now, you need to see situations through the eyes others. I see a lot of you very determined now to try & change things, I see a lot of you finding an alternative course at this time.

Seven of Cups, Sept 15th-22nd
At this time many of you are kind of focusing in search of some sort of truth…. something life altering related to friends, family, work, perhaps a romantic area, you’re just feeling inadequate, confused. A lot of you experiencing all this conflict now it’s just a really troubling month now. I feel that a lot of you are experiencing some type of trauma, you want to run away from it… you want to throw it all out, you want to cut off anybody or anything that may trigger a negative response in you at this time. This is going to be felt mainly inside of you, it’s not going to be necessarily an out word manifestation, I feel it’s coming from inside you.

Some of you are contemplating on a lawsuit of some sort right now to… it’s just confusing. I feel for many of you, your life is just so empty right now, a lot of you are focusing on work and even then that to is so unrewarding at this time. You’re just feeling confused, uncentered, unstable, alone. Now for some of you, please remember this is a general tarot card reading for all Aquarius, Aquarius rising, and if you’re moon is in Aquarius, if you want your own tarot reading  that will fit you prissily, please see my services and rates, I am offering a two question reading it is on special at this time, please go to my website, or below this reading you will see what I have to offer.

Some of you I feel are having some type of an anxiety issue, meditation will help you significantly at this time. I want to say in time tensions will ease, your productivity will increase, things will get easier! I’m just seeing many of you not being able to come to a clear-cut decision, confusing, I’m just seeing this all over this reading at this time. For some reason I’m seeing some of you being rescued, it’s a very traumatic experience. Something has happened.  Meditation will do wonders at this time. Always see the end result of what you’re trying to manifest in your life now, do not worry about the beginning or the middle, the universe/god, will take care of that. Always focus and meditate on the end result you want to see happen in your life, it’s magic!

Two of Cups, Sept 22nd-30th
It gets better the last couple weeks of September, the two of cups is bringing in more of a focus for support and cooperation. I feel many of you are getting some unexpected good news about something, someone… in the form of some type of proposition or proposal, it’s going to mean financial gain if you accept! I see a lot of you right now you’re wanting to reach a larger audience, where visibility or public demand is  ensure success for you! I do see many of you now also…. something around relationships one is existing the other one is new… your have to make a decision… you’re going to have to leave something/someone, behind… it’s going to be the new! Don’t be sad about this Aquarius, because you are going to be experiencing a feeling of joy, love, it is going to work out, just not with the new.  I’m seeing for many of you, you’re going to have love, and harmony, with your sisters and brother now, even if you’ve had a falling out in the past this is a good time for love and harmony! I also see money coming through the work that you really like.. love, or perhaps, your business partner… anyway some financial problem that caused you a lot of aggravation is going to be resolved at this time in a very positive way! I can see some type of a good offer, proposal, will be presented to you… but read it very carefully because it’s not as good as it seems. I will say for some of you any lack of faith now, will make you turn away from your chosen path…  because you’re not trusting where you’re being led, always listen to your inner being.


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