Aquarius June 2016 Horoscope Predictions!

Aquarius It’s Time For Some Fun!

Greetings Aquarius! What a fantastic month you have ahead! Lets dig in!

The first week of June you have (& this will depend on where your birthday falls) the Sun, Venus, & the New Moon all in the 4th house of home! (Some of you early degree birthdays will have the above in your 5th house) I will talk about the 4th! With all this action in your 4th house now some of you may be feeling peaceful & will want to turn in-ward at this time! The New Moon is all about new beginnings! Don’t forget to write 10 wishes you want to manifest in your life now & keep a vision board with-in eye sight each day as a reminder of what you are wanting to see manifest in your life now for the year! Very Powerful! With the Sun & Venus also conjunct in your 4th house,  this is a time for creativity, love, you will feel so good now Aquarius, your health will also shine now! In the Tarot Venus represents the Empress, the mother! If your Venus is in your 5th house this may mean “New Life” as the Empress is known to generate new life, she is the symbol of fertility & growth! Both the Empress & Venus share a love for beauty, & love & attraction are powerful forces for creation! So take advantage of this time Aquarius!

On June 15, 2016, the Sun & Venus will move into your 5th house! The 5th house rules Leo & the Sun rules Leo! It known as one of those houses everyone loves! Fun! It rules affairs, children, romance, dating, hobbies. With the sun in the 5th house you have a strong drive to get out & enjoy yourselves & there is no reason why you shouldn’t! Some of you may have a great concern with children now, & this dose not mean you will have problems with them, it simply means that you are emotionally involved with them at this time! You should plan a play date today to go out & have some fun either with your own children, or grandchildren, or other people’s children! With Venus now here in your 5th house as stated above, perfect time to go out & have some fun Aquarius! Creative activities are favored now! You may even meet someone now to start a new relationship, but be careful Aquarius Mars is still retro! Speaking of Mars, he is retrograde in your 9th house. The 9th house is Sagittarius & Jupiter rules this house & sign! I know many of you are feeling everything is running so slow now, at a snail crawl! And you’d be correct, it is! Mars wants you to go back over issues that has not been cleared up yet, its the perfect time to re-do, re-vamp, what is not working for you Aquarius! Mars will go direct on June 29th!

On June 20th, 2016, you have a Full Moon in your 11th house! Full moon can mean something coming to an end so new things can come in for you! Projects you have been working on up till now maybe ready to let go as they are near completion at this time! At times it maybe hard to let go, but fighting this will only add to your frustration , so letting go is in your best interest Aquarius. We all know a full moon can be a stressful time, meditating can help to make this a more flexible time!

On June 26th, 2016, Jupiter the planet of money & expansion, in your 7th house of relationships will be opposite of Neptune in your 1st house. Neptune is  dreamy so you may find during this transit it maybe hard to keep the real & the ideal sorted out! This is a extremely spiritual time! If you are using drugs or alcohol to escape this you will not find your way easy, it is only thru that we are able to come to terms with this transit. If you do handle this transit with-out the use of the above you will find your way so much easier! Also, do note, for some of you this transit may offer a very idealistic kind of relationship. But be careful, you are dealing with Neptune here & may find yourself in a state to where you worship the other person & when this transit is over, you may find you were at a disadvantage & come to know you were a victim! Its hard to say honestly how this will turn out for you Aquarius, as so much depends on your natal chart & how this transits is affecting it!

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