Aquarius July 2016, Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

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Aquarius July 2016, Tarot Card Reading Predictions!

“Nice of Cups”, “Ten of Cups”, “Three of Swords”. Coming in for you Aquarius! 

For the first two weeks in July 2016, Aquarius related to your Tarot Card Reading, you have the Nine of Cups! In Astrology The Nine of Cups is referring to Jupiter in Pisces! “Lord of Material Happiness”! Jupiter loves to expand our world where ever it touches, giving us more money is usually the theme! I see many of you so very happy now! Celebrating with good friends, & family! Your primary focus now is surrounding your career, food, shelter, security, possible some of you your health is in focus now! I see some of you wanting more spontaneous fun with a partner, significant other. In business related affairs, something to do with papers, I see issues with escrow now, leasing agreements. I also see for some of you work area is dark, then goes light again, I see many of you having material gain! I also see for some of you, you are worried about money, there seems to be a delay of some sort……I see it arriving, but it’s late!

For some of you I see someone ill in your family, some emotional issue regarding the care, treatment of someone you love.  I also see for some of you (remember, this is a general reading) that you feel mistreated in some way, taken for granted by someone you love or possible care for now is coming to me.

I see for many of you Aquarius, you will get some kind of wish you’ve asked for, it ‘s coming in now. It may change a bit from what you first wanted, but I do see a wish for some of you will come to fruition now.

Ten of Cups, will be entering the middle part of July 2016, Aquarius!

The Ten of Cups relates to Mars in Pisces, Aquarius! “Lord of Perfected Success”!. Mars went direct on June 29th, 2016. Mars in Pisces has the determination to turn dreams into reality! Mars is energy, aggression, it will go after anything its wants!  This is focused on your home life now. Full of happiness, filled with laughter, I see children happy & I see you engaged in fun Aquarius! I so see a few of you that have (this is for July 2016) will soon be going shopping that will be related to a business trip coming up. I also see some of you having issues with housing…escrow…leasing agreement of something to.

I so see some of you having great success in obtaining what you want now, I love around you, support from others, it’s looking strong! I see some of you doing the happy dance because you were successful in purchasing something, this is related to buying a house! Although I do see it will be different from what you thought.

Three of Swords coming in late July 2016

In Astrology The Three of Swords refers to Saturn in Libra. (The second decan of Libra is ruled by Saturn) Saturn, the ruler of law, limitations, boundaries. I do see some heart ache now. Something has happened.  I see divorce, infidelity, possible a miscarriage. This is sad. I’m also seeing now some business delays of some sort for some of you. I see some of you not willing to extend yourselves now because of something that happened in your past, it’s making you very leery now.  Some of are angry now. There may also be issues in your home life to now.

I do see for some of you the turmoil that you are going thru will ease, for some of you. I see some of you receiving money to, money, that was held up some-how is now coming in. I do see a few of you have lost something…a check.

I want to say things do have to change now & I do see many of you fighting this. but in-order to get what you want things will need to change. For with this change will come a renewed romance, & a new start in business. I see you will have to re-do goals now in-order to make it all work, & you will eventually. I see total re-vamping needing done now Aquarius. I will say some of you will manage to keep what you are able, but other issues will still need to be worked on.

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