April/May/June 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions #YIKES!! Solar Eclipse April 30th Lunar Eclipse May 16th 2022

I have completed April, May, June 2022 USA/global horoscope predictions below, but want to add…..if you are not ready for what is coming in now & especially what’s coming in the 3rd quarter, I highly recommend you take some precautions & at the very least ensure you have cash on hand as well as whatever other essential items you & your family may need.  If you are a small business that has not anticipated rough waters which are coming in you’ll want to pull back now if you haven’t already, money to support small businesses will cease to exist via banks, & will become more popular with companies that charge an outranges interest rate! As I’ve stated before unless the biden administration is able to pull a rabbit out of their hats, we all are in for some extremely rough times ahead! But as I always say, your thoughts are things, so meditate on where you’d like to see yourself it will happen! What’s the saying….change your thoughts, change your life! 

For those who have not had the opportunity to read my blog post related to the December 4th, 2021 Solar Eclipse which does tell of the happenings we are witnessing today please see:      

 December 4th 2021 Solar Eclipse USA/Global Horoscope Predictions Problems Accelerating Warning

It is the luminaries (New/full moon, solar eclipses/lunar that I will mainly focus on below! Every 28 days the cycle changes according to the new/full moons, in Mundane astrology as well as personal horoscopes, the 28-day cycles will tell what’s coming in & going out!

March 31st/April 1st, 2022 

New Moon 11° Aries ~ USA 4th house, Mars, Saturn square North Node. Jupiter, Neptune conjunct April 8th, (April 12, 2022, exact conjunct) ((known as one of the “Great Conjunctions”) in the USA 3rd house, sextile the North node in Taurus (the last time these two planets were conjunct in Aquarius was 2009, North Node was in the sign of Aquarius also 3rd house.) And in ~  1856 in the USA 3rd house in the sign of Pisces, as they will be on April 8th, 2022, exact on April 12, 2022) NOTE: North Node was in Aries in 1856, today in the sign of Taurus) from history please see: Civil War; 5 Major Events (1854-1860) that pushes USA to Civil War  

Aries represents countries ~ Syria, Japan, England, Denmark Germany, some of Poland, Palestine, Burgundy

Cities/towns ~ Capua, Brunswick, Birmingham, Leicester, Oldham, Blackburn, Florence, Naples, Padus, Marseilles, Verona, Utrecht. Saragossa, Cracow.

 Saturn & Mars square North Node in Taurus on April 5th, 2022,  Vesta in orb to square Uranus ~ unfortunate for government, & any Monarch. Look for some serious struggles surrounding national life, Germany will be involved in some way.  I’m seeing stock market decline, people are extremely upset, turbulent spirits will be directed toward ones in high places. Look for much crime, riots, possible murders. Also, look for the biden administration to act autocratically as they lose more support. Since this aspect is a conjunct this points to the events being worse than what I’m implying, I look for something involving navy, army, could be police, some kind of discontent toward them, or possibly exhibited by them. 

Jupiter & Neptune conjunct April 12th, 2022 (known as one of the “Great Conjunctions”) are both in the sign of Pisces in which they rule. This will bring higher oil/gas prices, pharmaceuticals will prosper, media,  (of course one needs to look at each company’s horoscope chart to see if a company will prosper) anything to do with the sea (water) will prosper. Look for floods, & by this, I’m meaning (& there already has been) floods that have not been (remember this is USA & Global) witnessed in our lifetimes. With the sextile to the North node, (3rd house to the cusp of the 6th house) 3rd house anything transportation, communication, 6th house rules public health, working class, servants, National service, Navy, Army, Sailors, Soldiers, as well as Battleships. I’m looking for a need to grow larger in numbers Navy, Army, battleships, everything I stated that belongs to the 6th house will grow larger in numbers. (USA/global) 

 April 16th Full Moon 26° Libra square Pluto 2nd house USA chart, Trade suffering to a greater extent,  hostile environment related to the biden administration. Stock market decline,  Something surrounding a merger will suffer.

April 30th, 2022 Solar Eclipse (Partial) New Moon 10° Taurus conjunct Uranus USA 5th house

Look for something related to the political arena coming to light to shock the people. (Seriously, I think we are already beyond shocked at this point, so this will be a super shocker!)

This will be unfortunate for anything related to places of amusement, parks, theaters, fun places, schools & children will suffer. We will hear of people passing from heart disease. A great person of royalty may pass.

May 10th, 2022, Mercury retrograde in the sign of Gemini, May 22nd Mercury slips into the sign of Taurus (Retrograde) goes direct June 3rd, 2022 in the sign of Taurus. 

May 10th, 2022, Jupiter moves into the sign of Aries 0°, on the USA 4th house cusp.  This sign change for Jupiter is on the heels of the Lunar Eclipse, there is a high possibility of a strong earthquake! 

Aries represents countries ~ Syria, Japan, England, Denmark Germany, some of Poland, Palestine, Burgundy

Cities/towns ~ Capua, Brunswick, Birmingham, Leicester, Oldham, Blackburn, Florence, Naples, Padus, Marseilles, Verona, Utrecht. Saragossa, Cracow.

May 15th/16th, 2022 Lunar Eclipse (Total) Full Moon 25° Scorpio USA, 12th house

This lunar eclipse is in its fall in the sign of Scorpio, square Saturn & Vesta, conjunct south node opposite north node in Taurus ~ 

Stock market decline!! How low can it go? We will soon see!! Look for currencies affected also!! (I am NOT a financial advisor so please do your own homework!) 

Saturn is in the USA 3rd house, (as we have been witnessing,  Saturn conjunct 3rd house cusp) anything to do with transportation, communication will be seriously hindered. Accidents related to railroads or can be related to locomotion. I’m seeing the auto industry suffering even more so than we are witnessing today. Trouble with the post office, also education. Any business that Gemini rules will not prosper, ie…writers, publishers, teachers, booksellers. Computers, anyone who commutes short distances, Unhappy employees. Vesta rules endings. Saturn just entering the 3rd house will upset what I’ve written above, Saturn making good aspects which will come later will help tremendously, but for now, just entering will hinder. Saturn will slip back into the 2nd house on June 30th, 2022, then roll back into the 3rd house on January 22nd, 2023.    (2,500 employees laid off at Arizona-based Carvana)

Neptune & Mars will conjunct in the USA 3rd house May 18th, 2022. Besides scraping off rose-colored glasses ~ 

When Neptune & Mars are conjunct, square, opposite, it always, always, always means a great possibility of sickness, epidemic, abroad, always!! 

There will be democratic movements,  that will arouse serious contention, trouble,  there is a great possibility they will be defeated. 

Poisonings, outrages, mysterious crimes, murders, will come into the light for all to witness. Again, please seek an alternative media outlet, MSM NEVER tells the truth much less what is actually transpiring in the world! 

May 24th, 2022 ~

Mars enters Aries USA 4th house cusp will bring heat, possible earthquakes, drought. Venus square Pluto also coming in

Aries is a war sign, lots of energy! Heat! Mars rules Aries. Mars in the USA 4th house does little good, & in the sign of Aries I”m seeing trouble with housing, quarries, agriculture, accidents, fires, mines. Dryness, issues with crops. Employees are not happy. Government may be shaken or possibly overthrown as well as a Monarch may be in serious trouble. 

Venus square Pluto,  housing prices will fall, stock market declining. 

May 29th, 2022, Mars & Jupiter conjunct 4th house USA chart

We have possible infectious diseases or one that increases, & a possible epidemic occurring, (Just in time to close down for the November 2022 mid-term elections 


Hospitals & charities suffer. We will see a hostile environment surrounding churches & religion. Possible deaths surrounding lawyers, doctors, preachers, as well as crimes or attacks against them.

May 30th, 2022, New Moon 8° Gemini USA 6th house 

Look for businesses that deal with such trading as , auto industries, short-distance travel, newspapers, as well as anything that rules telecommunications to be seriously affected during this time frame. 

June 14th, 2022 ~ Full Moon 23 degrees Sagitarrius in the USA 1st house, square Neptune ~  Mars & Chiron in the sign of Aries conjunct in the USA 4th house 

Stock market will decline, housing will suffer. 

June 28th, 2022 ~ New Moon 7 degrees Cancer in the USA 7th house square Jupiter in Aries in the USA 4th house ~ Mars  4th house square Pluto 2nd house 

Cancer is the sign for the USA & in the 7h house rules such things as foreign countries, war, disputes, International affairs, anything that deals with one country to another. 

Look for commerce, trade to become worse (if that’s even possible) The law courts will be full. The USA health will suffer. Housing will suffer. Something surrounding Government or a Monarch…… I’m seeing trouble possibly being threatened, scandals, possibly even death. Mysterious crimes will occur.  Stock market declining.  I see many enemies for the USA, army in some sort of trouble, I want to say USA may become more involved with war-like issues, more so than what the USA is at this point & time. I sense higher taxation, some expenditures may increase. Banking will suffer…..which will cause a chain reaction relating mainly to small businesses having a hard time getting the funds they need. I look for companies like “On Deck” & the like to take up what the banking arena is unable to. People Are Now Resorting To Micro-Loans To Afford Groceries & Gas

Is a global crisis starting? – Russia: “We are on the brink of immediate armed conflict with the US” – Russian base destroyed by HIMARS – 7 dead, 40 injured (vid)

Biden announces US military reinforcements across Europe

As we move into the months of July, August, September 2022, it’d be a great idea to be ready for a “Very Chaotic Quarter”  All of us will survive this IF we all are united & not divided, & of course, have heeded the warning to get ready the best way you know how to,  even though I’m not a financial guru when it comes to the stock market, I’d be sure to play it safe when investing & make sure you check out each company’s horoscope chart before risking your hard-earned money, the stock market will take a huge hit in the fall, ULESS again they pull a rabbit out of their hats….that is very unlikely! 

Also some of my blog posts from February 2022 ~

 In 2022 Neptune is popping in & out opposing the USA midheaven.

Neptune when afflicted, causes collapse, downfall, Instability, chaotic affairs, dishonesty, drunkenness, illegal drug usage, as well as but not limited to various forms of crime & vice. Since Neptune will be on & off afflicting the midheaven, we are seeing uprisings, as well as discontent, & a whole lot of political instability & this will continue into the US/global future.

The North Node will be conjunct Uranus & Mars (USA 5th h) on July 31st, August 1st, 2022….(remember…the flavor will happen before they perfect!) look for crazy chaos coming in, a downturn, because not only will that be happening but we have a full moon on August 11th, 2022,  conjunct Saturn in the sign of Capricorn (USA 2nd h) square Uranus & the lunar north node (USA 5th h)! I’m wanting to give a heads up you need to be planning now because this will indeed not be pretty. Unless they are able to pull a rabbit out of their hats this will indeed be financial chaos so be forewarned! More coming as we get closer! As I always say, keep an eye on your horoscope chart to see how this plays out for you, many people thrived during the 1930s, may you be one of those people!!

Now I am including ~1931, Uranus & the North Node were conjunct in the sign of Aries,  Also note….Saturn in 1931 was in the USA 2nd house in the sign of Capricorn (As Saturn is today.) Remember always watch the Nodes! While the North Node today has slipped into Taurus, a sign the USA economy is slowing down,  Uranus & the North Node, & Mars will conjunct in the USA 5th house August 1st, 2022. In 1931 when this happened both Uranus & the North node was in the sign of Aries which was the year of financial difficulty in the USA, “The Great Depression”.

What happened in 1931 ~  Less than 50% LInk: The People History 

What Events Happened in 1931

United States — Dust Bowl

The Great Plains suffers devastating droughts, dust storms, and soil erosion during the Dust Bowl years. Farms suffer and massive ecological damage is done to the Midwestern and Southern Plains areas of the country.

More Information and Timeline for the Dust Bowl


  1. The United States Congress passes the Homestead Act of 1862 and settlers move into the Great Plains and begin farming the lands.
  2. Farmers plant dry wheat in the Great Plains prairies and continue to plow and plant millions of acres. This over-working of the land is one of the main reasons that the Dust Bowl became so devastating and lasted so long.
  3. A drought hits the Midwestern and Plains states this year, dust from the overworked land begins creating dust storms.
  4. The drought worsens in 1932 and more dust storms are reported.
  5. The drought continues in 1933 and many farmers face foreclosures as the Great Depression also worsens. The Emergency Farm Mortgage Act and the Farm Credit Act are created to help save farms.
  6. Many farmers flee from the Plains and abandon their farms in hopes of finding work in California.
  7. The drought becomes the worst in US history during 1934 and a total of twenty-seven states are affected by it.
  8. The Taylor Grazing Act goes into effect in 1934 and created heavily monitored grazing districts. It was used to help stem the damage caused by over-grazing the land.
  9. The Drought Relief Service is created and starts buying cattle from struggling farmers in 1935.
  10. The Emergency Relief Appropriation Act is created in April of 1935 and it forms the Works Progress Administration as well as providing hundreds of millions of dollars of drought relief.
  11. The Black Sunday dust blizzard hits on April 14th, 1935 and is the worst dust storm of the Dust Bowl Years. It does massive amounts of damage to lands and property.
  12. The Soil Conservation Service is established with the aim of developing topsoil preservation programs in 1935.
  13. Recovery efforts continue in 1937 with the Shelterbelt Project. This project would utilize the Civilian Conservation Corps to plant native trees throughout the Great Plains, another program to help stop soil erosion.
  14. The drought still continues in 1938, work intended to help with the problems caused by the drought and programs aimed at preventing further land issues continue as well.


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