April 2020 Pluto, Jupiter Conjunct ~March 29th, 2020 & April 2020 USA Predictions, Horoscope ~ Turbulent times ahead

March ~ Pluto ~ Jupiter conjunct USA 2nd h. on March 29th, 2020. April 2020 predictions, unfortunately, are gloomy, I do apologies for that but in my defense, it is what the planet line up is stating. We will have many accomplishments moving forward as well as crazy periods of chaos into 2024. We are experiencing a re-birth & for that to happen some things must pass out so new things can be born! A re-birth!!

Pluto & Jupiter conjunct every 13 years. The last time was on December 10th, 2007 in the USA 1st house, in the sign of Sagittarius 28  ͦ. Also, Pluto, & Jupiter conjunct in the sign of Cancer in 1930, 8th house, as well as Leo in 1943 in the USA 8th, house. (For March 2020 Predictions click)

(We fully understand what happened in 2007/2008, & 1930, if you are unclear regarding what took place in 1944 please see this “THE PEOPLE HISTORY”)

people throughout the US and UK are encouraged to grow any vegetables they can in gardens to help ease the food shortages. 1943 ~Due to shortages, America sees it’s first rationing.  1944 (we will again have terrible issues with crops so prepare)

World War II 1943

United States

  • The Pentagon, considered to be the world’s largest office building is completed
  • In the United States, it is announced that shoe rationing Canned food, meat, cheese, butter, and cooking oils will go into effect
  • The United States and the United Kingdom meet to discuss the future invasion of France during WWII.
  • Future President Lt. John F. Kennedy’s command the PT-109 is sunk by a Japanese destroyer

I look for the conjunct to come into play more so on May 5th, 2020, going into the June 21st, Angular Solar E. (Stock Market declining, epidemic turning to a pandemic, weather, etc….) Leading up to the June 21st, 2020/December 14th, 2020, Solar Eclipse, (Escalating in January/February 2021) causing a crash in stock market (Jan/Feb 2021 for stock market crash) epidemic turning into pandemic, (more strongly so then what I stated in March 2020, Highlights) I do see another epidemic coming into play also, + the Coronavirus. Recession/depression, there will be chaos & deaths among common people, trade will be affected, weather will get more violent more so then we’ve seen in our lifetime –  worse due to the planet line up, not because of global warming which is a money grab by TPTB. The June 21st, Solar E, Angular will be square the 10th h cusp, & the IC, quincunx Saturn in the 2nd h, things will get more dramatic, more on that as time draws closer. 

It does get more chaotic before it gets better for us. But it will get so much better, what’s happening now is supposed to happen at this time, just be ready.. we are living in the most opportune times bringing in changes that will benefit us the people, be thrilled about this it’s our turn to prosper without getting penalized for it. TPTB is dissolving,  (fighting all the way…but soon dissolving) which in turn gives the power back to the people. Until then we have so much more coming at us, be vigilant, be prepared, understand all of us are going thru turbulent times, but in the end, we will win together ending TPTB powers over us, it’s going to be again super chaotic until then, but also note, we will accomplish some great things as well. But, things we’ve only read about looking back in history are coming up again for review, a do-over if you will!  Prepare the best you are able & relax each of us will find our way thru, use your mind to create your reality! Trust me It works!


April 1st ~ 5th ~ May 2020 Predictions here

1st~ Happy April Fools Day!

April 3rd ~ Venus moves into the sign of Gemini

4th ~ Venus ~ Saturn Trine ~ Great for revenues, & business, increase value of stocks, shares, increases the prosperity of the country. 

Pluto & Jupiter continue to conjunct in USA 2nd h.

April 6th ~ 12th ~

7th ~ Libra Full Moon ~ Mars, Uranus, Square

The Full Moon will be in the US 10th h, Mars in the US 2nd h, Uranus in the US 5th h.

Well, this isn’t good but it is what it is. The 10th house is an angular house very important, the most important of all houses is the 10th h, & the effects will be great. This will not be friendly to our President, the government, Royalty. As the norm, the effects will be felt before the 7th, usually one week before.

There will be an illness, scandals, government not popular, I see some eminent lady that will suffer. The Full Moon will be in the second decanate of Libra (18  ͦ Libra) this will cause harmful effects but in a subtle way to all of us. The stock market decline becomes much worse, trade suffers, revenue declines, banks decline, commercial affairs hit hard. Accidents & violent attacks.

11th ~ Mercury enters Aries ~ look for communication to speed up becoming less emotional, more spontaneous.

12th ~ Happy Easter!!

Spiritual Design Astrology
by Bree







April 13th ~ 19th ~

14th ~ Sun & Pluto square

Will affect the stock market, housing prices decline

15th ~ Sun & Jupiter square

Trade & commerce disturb. Stock market decline, housing affected.

April 20th ~ 26th ~

21st ~ Sun square Saturn

This will be unfortunate for the President & government, I see unpopularity, or obstacles, as well as delays. Not favorable for passage of legislation. There are times very important people higher up pass. Trade & labor will be unfortunate. I’m seeing misfortune and or gloom overshadowing social life as well as the upper class. I’m also seeing the health of our nation unsatisfactory, as well as unfortunate for state and or municipal officials related to mining, land, buildings.

22nd ~ New Moon in Taurus ~ US 5th house

But note on the 22nd before the New Moon completes its cycle we will have a square involving the Moon & Saturn (Saturn in the 2nd house in the sign of Aquarius) the effects will happen one week before. This will not be ideal for revenue, nor the Exchequer (British) nor trade as they will be depressed & disordered, & the machine of state will not work properly. The masses suffer from unemployment or and in other ways. I’m seeing failure of crops, trade, banks, stocks, shares, will be troubled. Also, as well as but not limited to deaths of state or municipal or could be troubled affecting them. Government just may be embarrassed as well as deaths of its members.

25th ~ Pluto retrograde

26th ~ Sun ~ Uranus conjunction in 5th h

These signals intermediate between good & evil aspects. I’m seeing a struggle here between sudden & unexpected trouble for the President & government, friends lost enemies made. To ending up being very fortunate in the long run for the President & government.

27th ~ Mercury goes into the sign of Taurus.

April 27th ~ 30th ~

28th ~ Mercury ~ Saturn square ~ Saturn 2nd h, Mercury 5th h

We will hear of the railways & trade disturb somewhat. State & municipal workers suffer, strikes & suffering. Railroad accidents as well as other transits. Unfortunate for educators, as well as anyone who writes, & publishers, clerks.

I’m also seeing an increase in frauds, thefts, secret crime & mental disease. Along with legislation being hindered or unpopular.

30th ~ Mercury ~ Uranus Conjunct 5th

Educational disputes. Mysterious crimes. Accidents with railroad & aviation. Complicated situations occur, the government is not fortunate.

Please remember all of us will have opportune times & it’s up to each of us to take advantage of these times 🙂
Util next time meditate & visualize, see yourself in the place you want to be, I highly recommend using Quartz crystal for it’s purifying effects, also consider wearing Aventurine (Green) it’s known as the “Lucky Tailman” Amethyst is also highly recommended, its a powerhouse for spiritual protection against negative energy. 


Blessings, Bree  May 2020 Predictions here

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