April 2019 Horoscope Predictions for the USA! Get ready for Saturn & Pluto conjunct in the USA 2nd house of financing!

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Mark your calendars for the following dates in April!

2nd~ Mercury conjunct Neptune ~ There will be cases of scandal & fraud coming to light, blackmail, I do see legislative failing, this will be a confusing time as Neptune blocks perception, obscures what we see to be true, fogs our minds. Always, always, dig for the truth! And it’s past time for all of us to join together in harmony, let the healing begin!
3rd~ Mars Sextile Chiron ~ Some healing to soothe our minds! Healing energy coming in! Just what the doctor ordered!

5th~ New Moon in the sign of Aries~ New beginnings are in your favor! ~ New Moon, new beginnings! A New Moon in Aries is the best time to open a business, or to start something new (this is a general horoscope forecast, keyword “GENERAL” always have your own horoscope completed) harness the magic of this Aries New Moon!

7th~ Mercury Sextile Saturn ~ This is excellent for trade unions! Improved conditions will prevail. Also, look for new regulations to be introduced! A good reception for all state employees & municipalities.

10th ~ Sun square Saturn ~ Look for things related to housing, agriculture, land, stock market to go down. On a personal level, you are being asked to decide between duty, & personal gratification. Today will seem to impose restrictions on you, also depression. It’s asking you to work to gain confidence in yourself.

10th ~ Jupiter Retrograde (For the next 4 months ) ~ Our sweet planet of abundance will be holding back our mojo (Money promised, promotions, etc…) for the next 4  months. I’m not saying you will not receive any promises when retro Jupiter touches on one of your natal planets or cusps, but that if Jupiter does make an aspect to one of them in your natal chart, you will feel cheated, ie…you were expecting to get a promotion, instead, you may get a slight raise or not the promotion you thought you would be getting or passed up for that promotion! Or, your home is on the market & it sells, (or could linger until Jupiter goes direct) if you did get an offer, it will not be for as much as you anticipated, thus leaving you feeling cheated. But thank goodness when Jupiter does go direct & hopefully hits those same planets in your natal chart again (talking when Jupiter goes direct) then you will have another opportunity to receive what was promised according to the nature of the aspect. Continue working hard because Jupiter will reward! Also, note Jupiter expands our goodies as well as our problems, what’s Jupiter aspecting in horoscope chart?

11th ~ Mercury square Jupiter ~ Churches & religion suffer from criticism; some inadvisable steps are taken. Education will suffer. Unfortunate for travel, & trade.

13th ~ Sun square Pluto ~ Be prepared to accept what needs to end & change in order to grow! What’s not working let it go! Better is trying to come in for you 😊 holding on to anything that needs to change will only be more difficult. Change is good! In the USA, I see the stock market declining & a war-like atmosphere, anything related to money, declining.

14th ~ Sun trine Jupiter ~ Although this indicates good fortunes, it will be minimal if any, Jupiter is retrograde.

17th ~ Mercury enters Aries ~ Must consider what you are doing before engaging! Thought & what you say must be considered before it’s expressed 😊, Mars rules Aries, Mars is quick & if not careful during this time, you may end up saying or doing something that you will truly regret later!!

19th ~ Full Moon Libra ~ (Also, note: Mars is conjunct the 7th house cusp ready to cross over into the USA 7th house) Mars in the 7th,= there will be a danger of war! (Danger being a keyword) I’m seeing much international disputes with other powers.  With full moons, it is known to happen a week ahead of time. The Full Moon is in the USA 10th house conjunct the 11th house cusp. This will be a time to work on bringing any difficult, trying issues related to money or relationships to the proper ending. I’m not seeing that happen within the USA, but there is always hope! On a personal level, it would be ideal for us in our personal space to be sure all things related to money & relationships come to an end that has been causing negative energy in your life. Down the road the later part of 2019, you will wish you had. (As always, this is a general horoscope forecast, it’s beneficial to have your own personal horoscope completed, for that the birth time is a must (Am or PM, must be included) as well as the city, state, country you were born, it matters)! Going into the latter part of 2019, & 2020, issues in the USA will ramp up, do not be one of those that say “I never seen this coming” I fully intend to give timelines in another post. This is a serious issue!!

20th ~ Venus enters Aries ~ Venus our love Goddess does not function well in Mars (Mars is the ruler of Aries…war sign) Venus is in its Detriment in the sign of Aries/Mars. Not functioning well at all! Try not to be inconsiderate of others for the next 4 weeks! Venus loses her sweetness in this sign! Always slow down & put yourself in the other person’s shoes! Hopefully, the USA notes this!

20th ~ Sun enters Taurus ~ Taurus is an earth sign!

21st ~ Happy Easter 😊

22nd ~ Sun & Uranus conjunct ~ The Sun will conjunct Uranus in the USA 5th house, it’s always a  trying area to predict with Uranus, but I will do my best with the house Uranus is in & the sign Uranus is in, also noting any aspect they make! Taurus is an earth sign, the Sun is energy, Uranus is radical, in your lap now type of planet no time to think, I predict there will be terrible weather-related issues, & money issues related to the 5thhouse. The 5th house relates to education, children, amusement parks. Theatres. Look for disturbances in those areas.

24th ~ Pluto Retrograde ~ Pluto retrograde stirs up a lot of things from the depths and brings them to the surface. However, it doesn’t make sense in astrology to look at whether you have good or bad aspects to the Pluto retrograde as it all depends on how you handle it. As such, we need to look at what it means as a whole rather than just its positive or negative qualities.
Whatever the aspect you have with Pluto in your natal chart, a Pluto retrograde is a time of change and opportunity. Whatever happens, this is not something that you can ignore no matter how hard you try. Pluto is a very domineering planet and it won’t be pushed away when you feel its influence. Those with Capricorn and Cancer Sun signs may already have been making small changes before and during the retrograde cycle, and if this is true then you can expect these to continue. Pluto is not going to suddenly mess all of this up for you.
If, however, you have been refusing to change things that aren’t working for you and have been stubbornly clinging to the past then you will certainly start to feel the Pluto retrograde as it rumbles along. That’s how Pluto works as it pushes for changes when they are needed. More on Pluto retro here

27th ~ Mars square Neptune ~ Do expect secrets, crimes, to come into the know! Also, look for sickness abroad, with the possibility of an epidemic coming to light!

(ADDED 3/15/2019~The virus broke out in December and the most recent case was reported on March 9.
US warship has been quarantined at sea for TWO MONTHS due to virus outbreak
 (Notice how things are hidden from us? Mercury retro brings issues into the know…secrets revealed!!

29th ~ Saturn Retrograde ~ This is an excellent time to tweak your financial picture! Are you where you want to be career wise? Is your life heading where you are wanting it to head? While Saturn is retro work hard in the above areas to ensure all is working well, with Saturn in the picture he demands accountability, he loves the less is more motto! Keep working hard Saturn will reward once he turns direct! Saturn will go retro in the USA’s 2nd house of finances. This is the time for the USA to work on finances also, get it right & all will be very beneficial for the USA, get it wrong, & we are in trouble! Remember Saturn loves the less is more!!

I do want to close this April Newsletter letting everyone know, I will have my predictions on what energies I see coming in for the USA, regarding the conjunction of Saturn & Pluto in the USA 2nd house, I will have complete in May 2019 & to you!

SPOILER ALERT: in history & noting the last time Saturn in Capricorn was in the USA 2ndhouse was in 1989/1990, that was the year of the Savings & Loan crises, & Saturn was in Capricorn, in the USA 2nd house during the Great Depression. (Saturn in Capi will soon conjunct Pluto in Capi in the USA 2nd house of finances)  Note: we also have Uranus in Taurus! In 1914 Saturn was conjunct Pluto, also in the years1980/81. Saturn & Pluto are 3 degrees now from perfecting in the USA 2nd house of money!!
You will want to read my blog post on what energies are coming down the pipe, Unfortunately, I do not see the energies playing nicely in the sandbox. More coming soon.

Many blessings, Bree

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