April 2018 Highlights! Predictions for the USA! It’s Time! Get Ready Now!!

As I have stated in my blog post, we have to break a few eggs before we get to the place the heavens are wanting to take the USA.
We will break into a new light of day, & it will be awesome, just not yet.  Uranus wants freedom! Freedom for the people, & it’s coming that I Promise you, but, again, we have to break a few eggs to make an omelet! Also, I’m a very upbeat, happy, gal, it does not please me to bring to you what I’m seeing in the USA astrology chart. Always remember to meditate & use your energy for the highest good as that is what is needed now.

I’m starting with March 29th, 2018 & proceeding into April 2018.


Jupiter Retrograde 3-8-2018
Saturn will go retrograde on April 17th
Pluto retro, on the 22nd  of April, 2018.
Mercury Retro 3-22, Direct-4-15-2018.March 23rd~  Uranus 4th house, square Pluto in the USA 2nd house. Very unfortunate for money matters related to housing & the stock market. Continues into April 2018. The USA will start to see declining home prices, as well as IRS revenues declining, also Stock Market declining. On the declining taxes, watch the State you live in closely, that is where you will see them trying to raise your taxes, it all starts in one’s own community, watch them. Have them make good use of the tax money they bring in now, perhaps as we do, they may need to cut somewhere in the States budget, do not allow them to make you cut yours! It’s time to stand “United” because apart we all will lose!

 March 28thVenus conjunct Uranus, in the 4th house of home, very unfortunate for money matters & the IRS.

March 29th~ Sun square Saturn~ Unfortunate for State and/or, municipal officials, as well as mining, buildings, & land.

March 31stLibra Full Moon in the USA 10th house. The 1st, 4th, 7th, & 10th, houses are the most powerful houses.  The 10th house is the most important of them all. Blue Moon & Passover begins. (Note: There have not been two blue moons since the year 1999!! Also, we will not see another one until January & March of 2037!!) With this Full Blue Moon, I’m seeing someone of Royalty/Higher up, passing. Some serious issues for the government. Weather of course wicked!

April 1st~ Mars conjunct Saturn. ~  in the USA 1sthouse. There is a huge possibility of some very eminent person passing or being assassinated. Also, people of the USA are very unhappy, to say the least. We’ve got them on the left (Democrats) & on the right. (Republicans) not happy campers! I’m seeing this will cause riots, fires, (malicious burnings) crime. Loss of trade. This is the time I see riots like we’ve never seen before! Lay low, & watch your surroundings! I see martial aggressive spirit in the USA & I also see this in foreign affairs. War-like talk, possible war…..strikes, & martial diseases…law… infectious disease …death-murders. Not a good time I’m afraid. With all the malefic planets making squares, opposite, conjunct.

From March 30th thru April 5th, 2018, I see lots of struggles going on in the USA related to housing, the stock market, mining, news media, & the people of the USA very upset!

 I’m seeing a lot of controversy, disputes, over money. It will cause a lot of friction. Legislation will be delayed, or it will fail. I’m also seeing disputes related to a treaty, trouble with important litigation in the courts. Also note I do see a case of forgery, coming to light. With this powerful Full Moon, expect to see the energy starting a week or so early!

April 7thVenus & Saturn Trine
This is a lucky time! Good for revenue, I’m seeing business increasing. Stock market increasing, (around this time…do not expect this to continue, it is of short duration!)

April 11th~ Sun square Pluto, Stock market declines. Panic sets in.

April 15th New Moon in Aries in USA 4thhouse (Also known as a Gamblers New Moon, be careful) (Mercury direct) 
April 17th~ Venus opposite Jupiter- I’m seeing money, taxation being toyed with. Fraud coming to light. Some scandal in connection with the above.

April 18th~ Sun in the sign of Aries, Uranus in the Sign of Aries Conjunct in the USA 4th house

Expect the unexpected where Uranus is concern! I’m seeing misfortune for the Government coming into play. Also, not well thought out (ill) legislation…yes…again, it could possibly be related to the budget coming back to bit them that they passed & did not read. I’m seeing enemies being made at this time. Possible friends lost related to the USA. There will be some unpopular changes & I’m seeing reforms. I’m also seeing more riots, possible strikes.

April 25th~ Mars Conjunct Pluto, in the USA 2nd House Violent &, disrupted energy. I’m seeing an abrupt ruthless burst of energy; this type of energy does not take kindly to any limitations.  I’m seeing Power struggles.

This is very dangerous energy. Housing prices decline, Stock market declines. Run on banks. Disputes surrounding finances. At the same time, Mercury (USA 4th house, in the sign of Aries) is square Saturn, this combination is not good for the USA! A dangerous time for railroads & transportation. Unfortunate for education. I also seeing secret crimes going on. Fraud.

April 29th~ Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio, in the USA 11th house. & A Sun & Saturn


I see this time as beneficial for the USA!! The government will benefit & hold their own. They may not be popular, but non-the less will hold their own. This is also a good time for mining, buildings, workers, laborer in general. I realize in my highlights, it’s a good time frame than a bad time frame, you need to be alert, the USA is draining the swamp, the swamp people will not go down without a fight. And fight they will. Keep alert! Dig for the truth.

I want to say again, that although there are many ups & downs, please do get ready because as I look forward to the line up we have coming in 2020 (& Before) (& time will go fast) the USA will experience a change in currency, as well as violent (like nothing we’ve witnessed thus far) weather! (Earthquakes, Volcano eruptions, Floods, etc…) Uranus will go into Taurus May 15th, 2018, please do consider reading: Uranus in Taurus ~  whats it mean? very beneficial information!

I’m also looking at May 14th, 2018, Mars at 29 degrees in Capricorn square Uranus 29 degrees in Aries. Uranus will be in the 5th house, Mars, in the 2nd house, both in a critical degree. The 5th house in the USA chart relates to: Entertainment, (Hollywood stars) children-schools, collages, education, theatres, anyplace of amusement.Student loans are coming into my thoughts now. More details in the May newsletter.

Many Blessings, Bree

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