April 2017 Highlights For The Month!

April 2017 Highlights For The Month

March 30, 2017 Jupiter and Pluto square!
Jupiter square Pluto can have the effect of arousing ambition, you have the opportunity to achieve great wonderful powerful things at this time. You’re willing to drive for more power and success! But be careful, with that this transit efforts may run into considerable resistance from other, especially if you are not straightforward about the procedure in which to implement your changes. This is the type of transit that can bring you success in social standing but on the flip side it can also deprive you of such things. So instead of gaining prestige, power, you perhaps could simply be provoking conflict with others who are in power, and at times quite innocently, even though you have no intention of challenging anybody, Anything, you may find yourself in may create a tight spot with those that have authority.

April 2, 2017,

There will be better relationships, Venus which is retrograde will go back into the sign of Pisces. Venus in Pisces is a harmonious match, Venus goes direct April 15, 2017. We may be seeing the stock markets go up and down, fluctuating, perhaps to be better after April 15, 2017.

April 5, 2017
Mars trine Pluto,

this is a perfect time to make changes, to become more effective in making changes in the world at this time. This aspect Mars trine Pluto is a perfect stimulus to your ambitions, it is an easy enough transit that it does not make

April 6, 2017,
Saturn turns retrograde, what is so wonderful about Saturn turning retrograde is that success can truly be upon your doorstep… if you’re willing to buckle down and tackle any unfinished business. Do remember, Saturn is retrograde for the next five months this is especially not a good time to try to change the status quo, especially where Saturn rules, like in the areas of your career and dealing with authority figures.

April 8, 2017,
Venus Square Saturn

We have our love goddess Venus, making second of four squares to Saturn. The issue is Venus is retrograde now so it is negative for any financial gain at this time.

April 9, 2017,
Mercury will go retrograde, do expect travel plans to be off kilter, communication to go haywire for the next three weeks. This is not a good time to be signing contracts, starting new projects, it is perfect for reviewing, and researching, and perhaps re~doing any goals for your future.

April 11, 2017,
Libra Full Moon

Libra full moon, it is a time of completion, endings are in order now. Libra, which stands for justice, will be under the influence of Uranus, there will be some challenging, surprising, that may occur at this time. There seems to be a need for change in the air, progressive action seems to be emphasized! With Uranus, we never know what is going to transpire, we can make educated guesses, but with Uranus, it’s like a box of assorted chocolates, you never know what the flavor you’re going to get until you take a bite. Uranus is like lighting, you never know where it’s likely to hit! There seems to be a need for change in the air, progressive action seems to be emphasized!

April 16, 2017,
Happy Easter!!
I hope your day is filled with Love & Laughter! Have a super Fun day!

April 17, 2017,
Sun~Saturn Trine

Pleasantly sweet period! We have a Sun, Saturn trine. This is a highly obtainable time to channel all energies into any objective you wish to obtain. A perfect day for anything related to work, that does require you to be discipline and self-control. This is the time to organize and make plans for your future. This is also a time that people will be bothered by anything wasteful, there is a tremendous urge to make the maximum use of all resources available.

April 26, 2017
Taurus New Moon

We have a Taurus New Moon! New beginnings! With the new Moon in Taurus, it’s a time for contentment, perseverance, patience, releasing stubbornness. This is a time to start something beautiful!

April 28, 2017,
Beautiful Venus will go back into the sign of Aries, Venus in the sign of Aries, Venus representing love beauty and money, Aries, Mars rules, is energy, conflict, war, Venus is not at home in the sign of Aries. Venus has been in the sign of Aries through most of February, all of March, only part of April, and the entire month of May! Venus being a love sign, coming together, of course, Venus is not going to be at home in the sign of Aries! Aries is a masculine sign. So it goes to say with Venus being in the sign of Aries it really has made this year especially challenging one for not only relationships with others, but also finances have been very challenging! Also, during this time, we have Mercury retrograde, conjunct  Uranus! This aspect of Mercury conjunct Uranus can be exciting, it does create an exceptional fast tempo in thinking, also in communicating! But be careful this does come with a warning! This can also signify being scattered, super hasty thinking! Do avoid jumping to conclusions. There may be times when your pace of thinking can become too fast that you’re unable to handle it. Be careful if you are traveling also during this aspect especially if driving, be careful! Caution is advised, if you even remotely think you have been acting impulsively, stop!

April 30, 2017,
Pluto, the planet of rebirth, is in the USA’s second house of finances. Pluto being the creator and destroyer, begins by breaking down structures! Pluto is not known to be mild, or even subtle in its influences. When Pluto transit a house, you will feel it! Pluto brings a source of change and transformation! When Pluto visits, there is no going back to the way it was it is not possible to patch up whatever is wrong. With this Plutonium power, it is wise not to prevent change, all you will do instead is force Pluto’s energy to keep building and building until it explodes!

Pluto in the USA house of finances, we can expect that the next several years our values are to undergo completely different transformations! During this process, we may notice it does include major changes in financial structures which will continue over the next several years. People may find that the most upsetting aspect of changes is that quite frequently if it begins with a breakdown, in which many of us have had to get along with much less in the way of resources. Now let’s take business, this is an example, we have circumstances seem beyond our control at this time, that may lesson many volumes of businesses, or perhaps difficulty in borrowing money. We may find out that we have to change the source of our income, which perhaps will result in less income during Pluto’s change to our economy. At this time we find infrastructure wise we have to invest a considerable amount of money and time in repairs. This is temporary as soon as the breakdown phase of Pluto is finished we will begin rebuilding. But however, if one tries to even hold on to possessions or sources of income that one is used to having, it’s only going to slow down the process and it’s going to delay the beginning of a new phase for the USA. Pluto transit into the USA second house of finances, and possessions, in December 2016. So I feel we are in the beginning of transformation related to finances and possessions. Time will tell which way this is going to go. Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn, Pluto entered the sign of Capricorn on January 27, 2008. Pluto will be in the sign of Capricorn until January 2024.

The last time Pluto was in the sign of Capricorn America experienced a revolution! I find this fascinating, I suppose because of what I see happening in our world today. Not that there will ever be another revolution, it’s just that I find history fascinating. During the Thomas Jefferson era who was one of the founding fathers of America revolution regarding the American Constitution, “All men and women shall have the pursuit of happiness”. Pluto is the planet of revelation. Pluto in Capricorn does rule material resources, money, the way in which we deal with power, the USA may find her standards and values may change dramatically. Our finances will probably undergo very drastic ups and downs during this transit. And I feel it has been happening! Interesting!

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Happy Easter! 
Blessings, Bree

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