Age of Aquarius: The great Age or a Myth

The concept of Ages of civilization or consciousness is a prevalent thought or philosophy in almost all the major civilizations of the world. Since thousands of years we are talking about the age of transformation, Hindus calls it Yugas, some calls it apocalypse, but whatever name we give to it, and truth is that we all are waiting for this age of transformation for since long.

One such concept of Age of Mass Transformation of Consciousness comes from Astrology.

What is the age of mass transformation?

The concept of Age or long period of time which results in transformation of whole civilization comes from cosmic events which occur over a longer duration of time. Whenever such an event occurs, a new age is supposed to be started for mankind on the Earth. One such cosmic event or rather an astronomical event is “Precession of Equinoxes”.

What is Precession of Equinoxes?

We know that Earth rotates around the Sun in an orbit. This orbit is elliptical in shape, and thus the length of the day keeps on increasing or decreasing during its various parts of orbital motion. At two points on this orbital Plane, the length of Day and Night is equal and is known as a point of equinox. Every Year, it was considered that on 21st March, and 21st August, these point of equinoxes occurred. Interestingly, on 21st March (similarly, on 21st August)  each year, we found ourselves a bit far off from the mark of last equinox point, when we take fixed stars as place markers.  This led us to believe that the Earth is tilting backwards, due to which on every 21st March( or any particular day when we mark the sky)  when we see the fixed stars, we find ourselves tilted backwards. Recently, scientists have explained it using the Chandler’s Wobble. This is known as Precession of Equinoxes.

How precession of equinoxes is related with Age of Aquarius or transformation?

We know that it is Earth which is moving around the Sun, but it appears from Earth otherwise. Thus, the motion of Earth is opposite to that of the apparent motion of the Sun. When the equinoxes are preceding, and the Earth has to move forward each time to reach the same point, the Sun is moving backwards in zodiac signs to mark the same point.  Thus, during the Vernal Equinox i.e. on 21st of March each year, the Sun is in Pisces; but with the Precession of Equinoxes, soon on Day of Equinox Sun will appear to be in Aquarius. This will be the beginning of Age of Aquarius.

Why it is called as an age?

The rate of precession of equinox is very slow. It is almost 51 seconds of an arc per year, which makes one complete rotation of it in almost 26000 years or 25,800 years to be accurate. This cycle of 360 degrees traverses the complete Zodiac of 12 signs. Thus, with the precession of the equinox, the Sun will retrograde one sign in 2150 years (25800/12). This is a large period of time, and hence, qualified to become an age.

So when will Age of Aquarius will begin?

This is where the problem arises. To know exactly when the Age of Aquarius will begin has a problem. We do not know the original boundaries of the Zodiac Signs!!

Yes, it is true. We do not know the exact boundaries of the zodiac signs to say when Sun will enter into Aquarius.  If we look at the constellations making the Zodiac signs, we find some are big, and some are relatively small, spread across the Galaxy, in an uneven span. A few constellations are even overlapping over each other to some extent. Hence, in such a case it is very difficult to come to a conclusion regarding the boundaries and the apparent motion of the sun in these zodiac signs.

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) defined the boundaries of Zodiac Signs from the perspective of Astronomy in 1930. According to IAU, the sun has shifted from Aries to Pisces during Vernal Equinox on 68 B.C. Thus, taking a cycle of 2150 years, the Sun will move to Aquarius in 68 + 2150 = 2218 A.D.!!

Many astrologer questions this definition of IAU. According to them, all signs are not equal, and thus, believe in the unequal division of houses (all houses not of 30 degrees). According to them the span of Pisces is more than 30 Degrees, and hence, this further pushes the Age of Aquarius to 2597 A.D.

Nicholas Campion, in his book, ”The Book of World Horoscopes” gives a range between 1447 A.D. to 3597 A.D. for the age of Aquarius. This is quite a wide range.

Yet, few Astrologers claims that the Age of Aquarius has already begun in 2012 A.D. taking into consideration the position of Star Regulus, in the constellation of Leo. According to them, this Star Regulus lies exactly at the Border of Leo and Cancer where actually the Equinox occurs, and hence just opposite to it i.e. from 7th house from it, the Sun will enter from Pisces to Aquarius.

So, the beginning of Age of Aquarius varies from 1447 A.D. to 3597 A.D. Which date we should believe in?

Whatever different group of Astrologers believes, the truth remains that someday Sun will enter Aquarius from Pisces during Equinox, and that Day will mark the beginning of Age of Aquarius.

When did the discussions on Age of Aquarius start?

The Myth or Hoax of Age of Aquarius has started with the Musical Group, “5th Dimension”, who launched a song titled “The Age of Aquarius” in 1968, which became quite popular. People started believing in the concept of Age of Transformation. This was the time which promises a new age for youngsters. This was quite promising for the general public, to believe in something which will relieve their agony, and bring a change in their consciousness.

What are the promises of Age of Aquarius?

Like any other optimist view, even age of Astrology depends on Optimist views for the future. It commonly represents the unhappiness, dissatisfaction from whatever we are doing right now. Humanity is looking for a change, a change driver, which will bring peace, Understanding, Harmony, and Sympathy. This will lower the crime rates, enhance the consciousness of man (and Women also), and somehow relates with the idea of spirituality also.

“When the moon is in the seventh house

And Jupiter aligns with the Mars

Then Peace will guide the planets

And Love will steer the stars

This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”

Let, Aquarius which denotes Electricity, Computers, Democracy, Freedom, Humanitarianism, Idealism, Yet modernization will drive the civilization towards a better future.

Blessings, Bree

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    We are now in Kali yuga, so what bright future can we talk about? Don’t want to smash anybody’s hope and optimism but still, let’s not be naive.

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