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Welcome to my website! I'm Bree with Spiritual Design Astrology 

 Astrologer/Certified Life Coach/Real Estate Agent, & Writer! I've written 3 eBooks on Amazon, & have written a blog post for Redfin they request "The IC 4th House of Home Decor ~ Power"

Writing on anything metaphysical is my passion! Read below for more!


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          For as long as I can remember astrology/tarot, or anything metaphysical has always been my passion in life! With that passion, I'm able to help those who are trying to find their way through this maze we all call life with their most perplexing puzzles they find themselves, do take a  look around my website & discover for yourself how on target I am with my USA/global horoscope (Mundane astrology) predictions, plus many other blogs I've written ~ also, read my testimonials. 
I'm a mom of two grown boys, & the Nana of two adorable grandsons! None of this would be possible without my loving husband of 38 years who I adore & cherish still to this day 🙂 We live on 5 acres in a small community with our new friend Dakota, our German Shepard who we rescued from the ARL when she was one year old, she's 2 now & way too much energy! Plus I find myself vacuuming up her hair she loses in mega volumes every day! 
I love camping with our grandkids, & taking mini vacations with them! My hobbies are gardening, blogging, taking walks with my husband & of course Dakota! I love reading instead of watching videos or having some unknown voice read to me, I guess that's because if I do not quite agree with something I've read, I'll actually dig into it to find out what the truth actually is! I'm a collector of many books! I love reading about history using the planet line-up way back when compared to what is happening in our world now! History has a way of repeating itself! I find it fascinating!
I also firmly believe in taking care of my own health! Eating healthy, exercise, & taking vitamins & herbs! It's not that I do not believe in our doctors, I do, but let's face it, they are having to dish out the pharmaceuticals bidding. A pill for this & then when that pill gives rise to another ailment, a pill for that! If our doctors could only doctor in their own unique way without facing ridicule & possibly losing their medical licenses for it, as well as our health insurance paying their share, Americans would be so much better off!
I'm a sun sign Capricorn, rising Virgo, with my north node in the sign of Gemini, in my 10th house, & Gemini on the cusp of my 10th house! Although with a sun sign Capi, as you can see, Mercury rules me! It takes so much more than a simple sun sign to define a person, it takes a person's whole chart to understand what they came into this lifetime to accomplish. Not one simple sun sign!
Warm wishes, Bree