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What’s so special about me? Astrologer/Certified Life Coach/Real Estate Agent, & a writer! I’ve published on Amazon 3 eBooks! & I have a love for anything metaphysical!

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For as long as I can remember astrology/tarot, anything metaphysical has always held an extreme pull on me, & for good reason not only am I the best at personal’s horoscopes, (Astrology) but it fits in with what I know is true for myself, after all, there are lots of analogies that can help us to explain our existence on earth, but at its core astrology (Horoscopes) can show us how to play the long game and win at life once we learn how to understand it. One of the best ways to think of astrology is like a big chessboard that is made up of time and space as well as energy and our individual sense of self. At every minute of every day we are interacting on this chessboard, and this happens with our own self, with others around us, and with the universe as a whole. In order to fully engage with our surroundings however and take control of our own life, we need to realize that astrology is helping us to shape our own destiny and that while there may still be things that we don’t understand, we can still control the shifts of energy put forward by the universe.
And so there you have it! I’m an Astrologer, Life Coach/Real Estate Agent, & we all are psychic, some of us need to practice to bring it out into our existence more so than others! Practice & you’ll soon fine-tune that gift!
Have you ever wondered why things may or may not be working out for you? Rather that’s your home not selling for what you thought it should, or not at all, or perhaps why you may be finding yourself having to sell because you never took the time to understand the energies coming at you & with that, how to work with them instead of against them, (divorce perhaps, did you see it coming?) no truer statement could I even begin to write, we know the moon has a pull on the tides, & human behavior, why then cannot the planets (Mars, Uranus, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, etc) bring in energies that can affect our decision making, & where we find ourselves at this moment, at this time? Truth be known they can & do. One needs to work with the energies not against them,  in order to bring out your best life ever, something to ponder indeed.
In its most basic form, astrology is a way of interpreting messages from the universe and shaping how we react to its energy. This is very different from some forms of modern astrology that just focus on single horoscope signs which are just descriptive markers that fail to have a deeper meaning unless we understand them fully. As well as the signs and planets, we need to use our high levels of consciousness to effectively manage the conversation between ourselves and the universe. Astrology is still evolving, and we are still working towards understanding it fully, but the more we scratch below the surface the more we can guide our soul on its journey through life. The world we live in at the moment can sometimes seem like a strange and confusing place. With all the drama going on around us, we may wonder who is pulling the strings, so, fortunately, astrology can help us to understand the path in front of us.  “J.P. Morgan and Astrology. The statement that “Millionaires don’t use astrology, billionaires do,” is attributed to J. Pierpont Morgan.” So there, make sense?
I’m also a mother of two grown boys, & the Nana of two adorable grandsons! Which none of this would be possible without my loving husband of 36 years who I adore & cherish still to this day 🙂 I go by Bree (Nickname) it is in my natal chart I’ll go by nicknames rather than my name given at birth! Astrology is simply fascinating 🙂 I welcome you to join me in this journey of discovering who you are & why you are here! 
Warm wishes, Bree
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