About Bree

Welcome! I’m Bree, (Nickname)

Let me begin by telling you my story of how it all began for me in becoming a Certified Spiritual Astrologer! In my early teens/twenties, I always seemed to be drawn to Astrology & the Tarot, Anything Spiritual is what I was drawn to! I’m a lot of Capricorn with a rising Virgo & a whole lot of Mercury with a twist of Gemini! Everyone is so much more than a simple sun-sign, so much more!!
In regards to Astrology, I’d self-study on my own & could never seem to get enough knowledge no matter how much I already knew; I’d keep reading everything I could on the subjects always wanting deeper answers to “Why” How” “When”.
I obtained my Astrology license to gain more knowledge & gain the respect of my peers in this amazing field of Astrology. I am the mother of two, & also have 2 amazing grandchildren! I love to read, & of course practice Astrology 🙂 I’m also a certified life coach, what a neat combination as I always know what the market is going to do 🙂

“Divine Intervention”! My hope is to continue helping those in this confusing maze we live in to find their calling in life, & help people grow toward & find their true “Destiny” so they also can find happiness, peace, & a true sense of belonging by following their true “Destiny” After all, we “ALL” are much more than our sun-sign! So much more! Come & discover your destiny with me 🙂 I’ll be happy to help you discover who you really are & who you were meant to be in this lifetime! Come let’s discover that together! 


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