Jupiter The Planet Of Money! Jupiter thru the Houses!

Transits of Jupiter

 Jupiter is known for being one of the slow-moving planets, mainly because it stays for approximately a year in each house. A long time when you compare it to other planets that stay for a month! Jupiter is known as the planet of luck and miracles. When it transits it illuminates opportunities and shows you when to make your move if you want some good luck and positive things to come your way.

Jupiter transiting the First House

Jupiter transiting the First House is a time when you are naturally going to feel in a positive mood. There will be a sense that things will progress well and you will have confidence in yourself and others. It’s a good time to adjust areas of your life, and because you are feeling optimistic, you will have a natural sense of where you need to make improvements. This will go hand in hand with opportunities that will come your way and this transit has a habit of illuminating an area of your life that needs to be fixed.

Jupiter transiting the Second House

Traditionally this transit has been associated with making money and/or, gaining wealth! So get ready as there is something to that! You could grow in your own attempt toward material possessions & resources now, It will depend on what you value in life, is it money or physical possessions? What do you value? Spiritual quest? Any of these may be the area you will want to grow now! See something pricey? You should be able to pursue it & get it! As with all transits, it will depend on what the rest of your chart is saying, never go off of one transit or how the transit is hitting your natal planet, you have to look consider the whole natal chart with the transits to ensure there are no negative aspects blocking your path! 
Jupiter transiting the Third House

Jupiter transiting the Third House is all about education and the pursuit of knowledge. You will naturally be more inquisitive at this time and you will want to learn all that you can. Fortunately Jupiter will be there to give you a helping hand and you will find opportunities that relate to active learning will abound. As a result you may go back to school if this is something that you have been thinking about for a while, or you may take a trip to a new country and discover a whole new culture. You will naturally be more sociable, and working with others will also come easily. A collaboration can also be on the cards and is likely to be a success. 

Jupiter transiting the Fourth House

Jupiter transiting the Fourth House will focus on home and family. When applied literally, it will focus on your home and the space in which you reside, and you may find that you move house or take on a big decorating project. You might renovate or simply focus on making your house into a home, with cozy furnishings and an updated color scheme. Jupiter transiting the Fourth House is also about family, so you will probably want to surround yourself with relatives and loved ones more during this transit period. Don’t be surprised if this time also brings new relatives into your life, be it through marriage or birth.

Jupiter transiting the Fifth House

When Jupiter transits the Fifth House we have a tendency to just want to let our hair down and have fun. We are more gregarious and sociable and can find our calendars booking up months in advance. We are also inspired by all the social buzzing and this can kick start a very creative period for us. You might find yourself interested in starting new hobbies or you might take on a new creative project at home or at work. If you work in an artistic field then you could be very successful around this time and will do some of your best work. At the same time, this transit has a habit of making us feel restless and we may take risks of the kind we would usually avoid. By all means think outside the box, but make sure not to be too reckless at the same time.

Jupiter transiting the Sixth House

When Jupiter was transiting the Fifth House, it was all about fun and creativity, whereas Jupiter transiting the Sixth House is focused far more on work. Under this transit we tend to get focused and as a result we will get a lot done. This is a really productive time so make the most of it to settle big projects or to kick start something that has been in the works for a while. You could find yourself being recognized for your achievements at this time and you could get a promotion or move to a larger company. Working with others will also receive a boost, and so collaborating with coworkers will lead to great job success.

Jupiter transiting the Seventh House

When Jupiter is transiting the Seventh House our focus is on partners and collaborators. If you are in a relationship then you may become engaged, married, or decide to start a family. If you are single, then this might be the time when you meet someone significant. This could also apply to work situations, and you might meet someone at work who will bring a lucrative deal into your life. As partnerships are highlighted, you may also find that an important relationship disappears during this transit, and while it may be upsetting at the time, it will often work out for the best in the end.

Jupiter transiting the Eighth House

With Jupiter transiting the Eighth House you will be introspective and it’s a great time to work on yourself. You will find it easy to identify areas of your life that may need to change, and you will be able to focus on bad habits and looking at ways to change them. You can heal a lot during this transit, so if things have been tough then this is a time to lay any demons to rest. We also tend to grow a lot personally when Jupiter is transiting the Eighth House, and you might become more spiritual or just simply more in tune with the things that are good for you, and more adept at avoiding anything toxic.

Jupiter transiting the Ninth House

The Ninth House is the house that Jupiter rules, which will bode well for everyone. Opportunities abound during this transit, and you will find that good news comes your way in spades. If you have been struggling over the past few years, then this is a time when it will feel as if a weight has been lifted off your shoulders and you can move forward. You will feel naturally optimistic and more carefree in nature. Everything will seem to settle down and fall into place for you and the world won’t seem like such a difficult place. Stress and worry often melt away during this transit and you may feel as if you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Jupiter transiting the Tenth House

Jupiter transiting the Tenth House will focus on career and you could make great strides in that department. It’s also about work and recognition specifically, so you could see yourself rewarded for all your hard work if you have spent years toiling away in the shadows. You will have natural charm during this transit so people will warm to you and will want to collaborate with you on projects. To make the most of this transit you also need to work the energy and ask for what you want. You are a natural at persuading others so go ahead and ask for a raise or interview for a high profile position in a new company.

Jupiter transiting the Eleventh House

Jupiter transiting the Eleventh House brings the urge to mingle. You will feel more gregarious than you have for some time and you will want to be out and interacting with others rather than staying home. Collaborative projects work well at this time and you may find yourself more involved in community projects or charity work. You will spend time on the things you enjoy and, more than that, you will work out what it is that you actually love to do.

Jupiter transiting the Twelfth House

Jupiter transiting the Twelfth House is a fantastic time to release the past and look to the future. If you have been carrying a heavy burden for some time, then this transit will help you to find a way to let go. You will be able to identify areas of your life that are no longer working with ease, and you will be able to focus on all that is good for you. If you have had issues with addiction or negative behaviors, then this is a time when you can seek help and make great progress in your recovery.

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