2023 USA Horoscope Predictions Prepare for a Economic Crisis!!


Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

Riots, Uprisings, Instability, and Deceitful Manipulative Chaotic Affairs, Freedom, will be the Theme for 2023! 

 Everything is changing & will accelerate once the north node enters Aries on July 12th, 2023. The earth is rebirthing, & during a rebirth, it’s going to get messy, and unimaginably chaotic.  Do not live in fear as there is no need to, just work with the energies that are coming forth & live your best life! The magic is knowing when the tide is high to lay low, & when it recedes that is when it’s time to come out & play! Ebb & flow! Seriously, work with that & you’ll be golden!

There is so much research that goes into predicting USA/global mundane astrology, time consuming! Mind-boggling, and yet so fascinating going back in time & seeing planet lineups throughout history & watching the planet lineup/s as they play out on the world stage today!

 Jupiter direct on November 23rd, 2022

Jupiter slips from Pisces on October 28th, 2022 ~ into the sign of Aries on December 20th, 2022 ~ and slips into Taurus on May 16th, 2023.

Mars retrograde on October 30th, 2022, will go direct on January 12th, 2023

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7th, 2023 ~ Here we have a Karmic planet in a karmic sign. Leaves Pisces September 1st, 2025. Enters Aries on May 24th, 2025 

Pluto enters Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023, Pluto swings back into the sign of Capricorn on June 11th, 2023, Pluto will fully stay in the sign of Aquarius on 1-19-2024, however, we are getting a taste of Pluto in Aquarius today! 11/4/2022. Powerful planets such as Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Mars, begin showing their dominance 5 to 6 orbs out!

Neptune is conjunct the 4th house cusp in the last few degrees of Pisces, Enters Aries on March 30th, 2025 ~ click here on my blog Neptune in Aries

North node enters Aries July 12th, 2023


The United States is in for one Hell of a reset!


                       Winter USA / Global~ 

I hate to sound like a broken record but no doubt I will! & depending on where you live, winters will be brutal crazy amounts of snow & ice and high winds. Some areas will continue to have floods, some will have droughts, & some so very hot! I’ve been stating this way back in my blogs “Recession/Depression” (“Very cold weather, so cold, (2020/2021) it will resemble more & more the Ice-age, & people (see #DecemberSolarEclipse2019) will be screaming where’s that global warming? Bring it back! But it will not come back, also look for food, & energy to climb higher, it will be a challenge to keep up with heating expenses, high food cost, because of the cold & all the flooding we’ve seen throughout the world, I feel we will have shortages & cost will rise. Oil & the like will (Propane) continue to climb. Weather will continue to be more & more bizarre, more flooding, earthquakes, snow, ice, & the likes. As the months’ approach I will be more accurate on dates, as of now I’m only wanting to get this to everyone!”) the December 2019 Solar Eclipse I blogged on at above link also tells of the Covid 19 BS virus! Do be sure to scroll way down on that blog post (December 2019) at bottom you will read what I wrote on weather being so cold…it’s the planet line up happens through history! 

Also, please see ~ December 4th, 2021

& it’s not due to global warming, it’s the planets in play and those very planets were in play & can be found throughout history (of course one needs to take the signs in which the planets are placed into consideration as well as the aspects/houses) have shown crazy unpredictable weather before Jesus walked the earth. Look it up! Research it! 

Hurricanes…. look for massive destructive hurricanes along the eastern seaboard! Why?       

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

 We will have an Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14th, 2023, & not just any solar eclipse either, this solar eclipse belongs to Saros Series 134, & will be known as “The Ring of Fire” Remember the solar eclipse from 2005? 18 years ago? The October 14th, 2023 will be in the same Saros Series 134 & will be along the eastern seaboard. Look for horrific hurricanes during this time, as well as earthquakes, & volcano activity globally & in the USA. The Solar Eclipse will be in the USA 10th house…..as I stated in my 2024 Neptune in Aries blog post, (as the USA will also have a Solar Eclipse in the USA 10th house in 2024) a Solar Eclipse in the USA 10th house is very evil, it’s followed by disastrous results. I should also state that a Lunar Eclipse in either the 4th or 10th house in Mundane astrology follows the same results. An Eclipse in the midheaven is a sign that the government will be defeated. Both Solar Eclipses in 2023 & 2024 will be in the 10th h. USA chart & both are in the sign of Libra & conjunct the South node opposite the North node in Aries. I will go into more detailed information as each Solar Eclipse gets closer, as there is so so much that comes in with each Solar Eclipse, so much info to blog on!

I had a person email me asking why is it a Solar Eclipse in the USA 10th house (please remember this is Mundane Astrology) is evil? 

That is a great question & Thank you for asking it! Old-time astrologers which are the ones I follow have stated this & it has been proven throughout history. Do note both of the Solar Eclipses I reference (2023/04 Neptune in Aries) are both conjunct the south node, opposite the north node & we have more malefic planets in play as well! When I blog on the S.E. as they come in closer I will provide dates of S.E. in the 10th & 4th houses from history. More as the time draws closer.

I’m definitely seeing with all the crazy weather around the globe some big, huge insurance company may come close to bankruptcy, or actually file for bankruptcy protection. 

Copy & pasted below from source ~ https://www.greatamericaneclipse.com/october-14-2023

October 14th, 2023

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

The eastern seaboard contains the coastal states and areas east of the Appalachian Mountains that have shoreline on the Atlantic Ocean, namely, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

The Annular Solar Eclipse of 2023 Oct 14 is visible from the following geographic regions:

  • Partial Eclipse: North America, Central America, South America
  • Annular Eclipse: west U.S., Central America, Colombia, Brazil

The eclipse belongs to Saros 134 and is number 44 of 71 eclipses in the series. All eclipses in this series occur at the Moon’s descending node. The Moon moves northward with respect to the node with each succeeding eclipse in the series and gamma increases.

The annular solar eclipse of 2023 Oct 14 is followed two weeks later by a partial lunar eclipse on 2023 Oct 28.

18 years ago since last one & devastation hurricanes …..

                                  Financials in 2023 ~ Screams Crises

 The year 2023 will be filled with many people who are worried about their 401Ks & nervous investors & indeed they should be ~

Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

  I look for a significant stock market decline in 2023  …..both the NYSE & well as the USA horoscope charts are screaming this. Real Estate is also included,  Is it possible TPTB (Elites…those who run the world) come up with some implausible plan to starve this off as they have in the past? Anything actually is possible, but with that said, I do look for the United States to have severe international disputes, which may lead to war in some way, as we know wars in this day & age have different meanings. But I’m going to say war as in actual boots on the ground. They have to take us to war in their desperate attempt to starve off a complete collapse in the USA. Of course, unless that is their plan….a complete reset in their favor of course….but unknown to them this plan backfires hugely! Do note the years 2024 & 2025 will be more economically devastating. But it does turn around in the people’s favor!

Interest rates will continue to rise, Jupiter rules interest rates & with Jupiter in the sign of Aries, look for that to become even hotter in the months to come. Neptune rules inflation, and as I stated in my 2024 predictions   Neptune is moving closer in orb to slipping into the sign of Aries, then we are looking at Hyperinflation. Update: someone who read my blog, emailed me this today 11/18/2022 ~ Foreign Central Banks Continue To Dump US Treasuries At A Record Pace

Banks are hanging on by a thread, although some will collapse. When looking at both the NYSE chart & the USA chart banks, financial institutions are in distress & trying to hang on possibly due to resisting the inevitable realization of having to completely reboot & so losing the battle.

Many small businesses around the country will go bankrupt

The dollar is in serious trouble!!

Cryptocurrencies & Currency will have huge declines.

Gold & Silver, commodities, gems, and jewels, will be the go-to.

I’ve stated in previous blogs blockchain will also come more into focus, not only investing in, but I also believe the USA will go that way when it comes to voting ~ Especially after the turmoil the USA had during the midterms in November of 2022~ and the Presidental election of 2020. Mail-in ballots must be stopped, & this will be a strong theme going forward. Remember mail-in ballots are 100% different than absentee ballots….100% different! Research this! Blockchain will become front & center-stage news moving forward.

 Pluto will slip into the sign of Aquarius on March 23rd, 2023 & rules the long-term bond market with Jupiter also & crude oil with Neptune, look for a collapse in the bond market.

Pluto is known as “God of the Underworld” rules corruption, dictators, tyrants, & related to the financial world Pluto rules the long-term bond market, as well as science research, atomic energy, insurance, pollution, waste, to name a few.

Massive unemployment will become more prevalent in 2023 ~ Huge massive unemployment. 

Strikes threatened or actually taking place will also happen in 2023

Trouble with Navy, accidents, & explosions related to ships

Pandemics, and epidemics of some illness/s included also in 2023

As the months draw closer I will write in detail especially related to Solar Eclipses & Lunar Eclipses. 

The USA is in for one hell of a reset, but do note it will not reset completely in the year 2023! But it is gaining steam! 

As I stated at the beginning of this post ~ The earth is rebirthing, & during a rebirth, it’s going to get messy, and unimaginably chaotic.  Do not live in fear as there is no need to, just work with the energies that are coming forth & live your best life! The magic is knowing when the tide is high to lay low, & when it recedes that is when it’s time to come out & play! Ebb & flow! Seriously, work with that & you’ll be golden!



Spiritual Design Astrology by Bree

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