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Did you know Business astrologers are referred to as ‘Business Consultants’  “Astro-Economics is like technical analysis 30 years ago. People were using it and nobody talked about it,” says Henry Weingarten, a financial astrologer turned money manager. It’s a fairly open secret that a certain segment of fund managers, traders and investors use financial astrology, and eventually it will become mainstream.” –Reuters

“Anyone can be a millionaire,
but to become a billionaire, you need an astrologer.”

-J. P.  Morgan

Astrology, is a very strong tool, Astrology will tell you where you have been, where you are going, & what is possible!

Welcome! I’m Bree Mundy, The Astrologer you view on YouTube.

Let me begin by telling you my story of how it all began for me in becoming an Inspirational Coach, & Certified Spiritual Astrologer! In my early teens/twenties, I always seemed to be drawn to Astrology & the Tarot, Anything Spiritual is what I was drawn to! I always felt I was different in a sense, because of my spiritual capabilities. I’d self-study on my own & could never seem to get enough knowledge no matter how much I already knew; I’d keep reading everything I could on the subjects always wanting deeper answers to “Why” How” “When”.
It wasn’t until my Saturn Return, (age 30) that I really started focusing in on how to use my gifts for the highest good to serve humanity. While I was making my living as a Real Estate Agent for many years, I was not happy at all! I knew what my calling in life was… but, looking back now on why the slow start… I’m sure it was fear of getting myself out there on a grander platform that held me back. But, slowly, & steadily, all started to fall into place for me & so I began. I started taking Astrology classes to obtain my license, & gain even more knowledge. At first, I began my practice by becoming employed with Astrology & Tarot Reading services. I felt that it was best to start slowly & steadily, & build my client base. I did this practice for many years while still maintaining my Real Estate Business. Until 2010. With a lot of courage, & confidence, (really it takes courage to put oneself out there)! it was time to branch out on a more global platform. I began my own practice, & incorporated it with You-Tube videos! This is what I call divine timing, everything started to magically fall into place for me to take my next journey towards my life’s purpose and calling. To me this was “Divine Intervention”! My hope is to continue helping those in this confusing maze we live in to find their calling in life, & help people grow toward & find their true “Destiny” so they also can find happiness, & a true sense of belonging by following their true “Destiny” in life & how to let go of the fear monster!


 Two Question Reading Of Your Choice! 30 min Audio Sent To Your Email! Astrology Or Tarot Your Choice! 

I do offer many other services also, please see my Services/Rates & Please read my Testimonials! 

Please Note: There are NO refunds on readings! As of October 21st, 2016, I am 3 Business days out on all my readings!   I send out my Readings Monday-Friday Business days! I do not deliver readings on weekends nor do I consider weekends business days! Business days are “Monday-Friday” All readings are sent to you on a mp3,( very detailed readings),  to your email you have on file with Pay-Pal unless you instruct me to deliver them to another email address. I do offer Skype Readings please email me for cost & times available! I do have to adhere to a time scheduled when conducting my readings as others are also on my schedule & I want to honor all in a timely fashion! For each reading I will need your birthday month/day/year. Also, time of birth including AM or PM. City & State & Country of birth. After you pay for my services, I will be notified & send you a form to fill out! Please send me the form back via my email I give you! Please read my testimonials! If you have any questions or concerns,please feel free to email me before you purchase, I will be more then happy to answer! See the “Contact Us” to send your questions on any concerns you may have! I look forward to working with you 🙂

Blessings, Bree

  $75! Two Question Reading by Bree

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