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  Everything that operates in the dark and is brought to light cannot continue to survive!

Did you know that? Hidden things that hide in the dark, have to leave once brought into the light. Once you discover what is laying beneath, hidden, sabotaging your every move, stealing your well-being, zapping your energy, your inner peace, your thrive to survive, once you bring whatever that maybe into the light, uncovering it from its dark hole, dark existence, bringing whatever it maybe into the light, it cannot continue to survive! That is a true statement.

One problem with this” You have to claim it & name it”. To stop it! How? And what am I talking about anyway?

You know, your demons, your hidden secrets you yourself may not even be aware of. The ones that keep you up at night, that keep tugging at your inner self-making you think something is not right, something is off, it’s that eerie feeling, that pops up way too often. Causing at times depression, depleting your energy, wondering why is this so hard to shake? Because, “You have to claim it & name it”. To stop it! But how?

You could meditate, meditating while relaxing is always beneficial. Perhaps you could go to your doctor, talk to a counselor? All these are great choices. But still, for many of us, the above choices leave us the same way they found us. Having this unexplained eerie feeling something is not feeling right to me, you’re off in some way, but what is it? You’d give anything to make this feeling go away! But how?

That question has a simple answer, you know how you’re always hearing “It’s right in front of you?” The answers you seek to claiming whatever it is to bring it into the light is literally right in front of you!

Did you know it’s as simple as knowing your life Promise?

Did you know getting to know your life promise, you wrote, (I know, hard to believe we’d write some of this crap for ourselves…but, we did). Will give you the answers your needing.

You may have tried so many different ways to stop your demons, or at best control them, and nothing sticks! Answers you need are not coming forth easily.

Your answer as you will find does start with getting to know who you are, what your made of, your life promise! And finally finding out just what is that secret, that hidden problem, that is so hard to name, to bring that haunting issue to the surface, into the light, to stop it.

Your journey begins here discovering the blue print you wrote as a guide to your life promise. It is real, waiting for you to discover it’s secrets, its hidden demons.

You may have tried many other means to reach deep inside yourself trying to uncover deep hidden issues with no success, my question to you is, have you given yourself the opportunity to discover your life promise? If not, don’t you think it’s time you do?

Many others who have, have found the key to unlocking, peeling, away, the secrets hidden from them just waiting to be discovered & brought into the light to begin putting the missing pieces in place discovering the deep hidden secret that has been the culprit to their unhappiness, their suffering, depression, something not feeling right, & again, “Everything that operates in the dark and is brought to light cannot continue to survive”.

If you are one that is needing to discover your hidden secrets, you, yourself do not remember carefully writing, agreeing to before you came into this life, as it’s buried deep, deep inside your subconscious mind, all this time, hiding, perhaps because it wasn’t yet time for it to be discovered, until now.  

To discover, know, understand, you, you first have to uncover your blue print, your promise. It starts with your birth-chart, your horoscope, your Astrology chart. You are the only one alive born with this blue print, no other has the same set of prints as you.

To uncover your secrets, your demons, bring them into the light out of the darkness, discovering it really is that simple to uncovering your deep hidden issues, & the answer has been in front of you all this time, it’s now time to unwrap them.

If what I said resonates with you it’s time for the next step to discovering your life’s issues, bringing into the light that which is hidden, & discovering your power & living your life!

Astrology is a very potent tool; Astrology will tell you where you have been, where you are going, & what is possible, & what is hidden. It is the Blue Print YOU Wrote before entering this lifetime! Discover the story you wrote!

 Once your payment processes I will be notified & send you via email (Please check your spam/junk folders, as well as Social/Promotional folders as my email may go there) asking for your birth info, as well as your city/state/country you were born, (I will need your birth time, also, am, or pm) I will send to you your birth chart as well as an MP3, very detailed, recording my findings, & bring into the light your issues that are the source of your unhappiness, your demons. If you wish to share with me what your symptoms are, that will be fine, but honestly, I do not need to know, as your chart will show me. 

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