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April 2023 Eclipses Hybrid Rare Same Saros Series April 2005

Eclipses do repeat every 18 years, going back to the year 2005 solar eclipse on April 8th, 2005, the USA had a Saros Series Hybrid solar eclipse (Hybrid Solar Eclipses are very rare) 19 degrees Aries, Saros Series129 7 north, and was in the USA 4th house (Federal...

Eclipses, New, Full Moons North & South Nodes Accurately Predict the Future 

Eclipses, New, Full Moons North & South Nodes Accurately Predict the Future   Eclipses, lunation, and nodes are often discussed together in astrology, but why do we always link them together? One of the reasons that we need to look at all of these together is that...

2023 USA Horoscope Predictions Prepare for a Economic Crisis!!

11/02/2022    Riots, Uprisings, Instability, and Deceitful Manipulative Chaotic Affairs, Freedom, will be the Theme for 2023!  You may also like April 2023 Solar Hybrid Eclipse Same Soros Series as April 2005   Riots, Uprisings, Instability, and Deceitful...

Neptune in Aries American Civil War American Revolution

In the above video, I’m explaining what my blog is all about! One of the most fascinating things about astrology is how history repeats itself.

Solar Eclipse October 25th, 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions ~ Lunar Eclipse Blood Moon November 7th/8th~ Midterm Elections Chaos Incoming

Our world is changing & what was can no longer's not coming back! What we once knew as our world our reality has slowly but most defiantly are being rewritten & the final finale has yet to come! Buckle up! The new & full moons (Solar...

JULY/August/September 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions PLUTO “GOD of the UNDERWORLD” SATURN = DEPRESSION

    Also, view on Rumble:  JULY/August/September 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions PLUTO “GOD of the UNDERWORLD” SATURN = DEPRESSION With the NYSE, Fed Chart & the USA, horoscope chart  ~  my title is fitting ~ PLUTO “GOD of the UNDERWORLD” SATURN =...

USA/Global May 2022 Predictions Lunar Eclipse

Please see my April/May/June 2022 post I wrote in March 2022 here I am re-posting my May 2022 USA/Global Predictions & adding some links! May 10th, 2022, Mercury retrograde in the sign of Gemini, May 22nd Mercury slips into the sign of Taurus (Retrograde) goes...

April/May/June 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions #YIKES!! Solar Eclipse April 30th Lunar Eclipse May 16th 2022

I have completed April, May, June 2022 USA/global horoscope predictions below, but want to add.....if you are not ready for what is coming in now & especially what's coming in the 3rd quarter, I highly recommend you take some precautions & at the very least...

Jupiter Slipping into the Sign of Aries on May 10th, 2022 How Does That Affect You? What Things on the Stock Market May Prosper?

You may also be interested in Jupiter in Pisces a Sea of Possibilities    Born with Jupiter in Aries you may find you easily attract abundance, you have leadership qualities, but if you find your Jupiter in Aries afflicted to Mars, be careful of rash judgment &...

March 2022 USA/global Horoscope Predictions IS the World Ready for More Chaos ~

02/22/2022       (In case you miss February 2022 predictions click here ) Keep checking back for more of my media platforms! GETTR ~ Bree (Wendy) @BreeM Rumble ~ spiritualdesign Please help support our Trucker Convoy ~       For a...

February 2022 USA/global Predictions, Horoscope Echoing 2020 North Node in Taurus Economy Slowing Down

Please help support our Trucker Convoy ~       01/26/2022    (March 2022 USA/global horoscopes predictions are posted) Before I begin, if you are looking for puppies & kittens with my USA/global predictions, you are in for a...

New Year More Chaos Incoming~January 2022 USA/Global Horoscope Predictions

Happy New Year Everyone! May your New Year be prosperous & healthy!  12/29/2021   Beginning of a new year, what's in store for the USA & around the globe?  Let's start with the nodes! If you've been following me you know that when the North Node moves...

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Astrology and Living Life Consciously

Age of Aquarius

The world we (Horoscopes) live in at the moment can sometimes (Grand Trine) seem like a strange and confusing place. With all the drama going on around us, we may wonder who is pulling the strings, so, fortunately, astrology can help us to understand the path in front of us.

For centuries astrologers have understood the power of the planets and have mined the knowledge of astrological charts to show them the way. For many astrologers, the science of astrology comes in essence from the power of God and we are all created with a distinct natal chart that will help us understand our own life path. (Grand Fire Trine) 

There are lots of analogies that can help us to explain our existence on earth, but at its core astrology can show us how to play the long-game and win at life once we learn how to understand it. One of the best ways to think of astrology is like a big chessboard which is made up of time and space as well as energy and our individual sense of self. At every minute of every day we are interacting on this chessboard, and this happens with our own self, with others around us, and with the universe as a whole.

In order to fully engage with our surroundings however and take control of our own life, we need to realize that astrology is helping us to shape our own destiny and that while there may still be things that we don’t understand, we can still control the shifts of energy put forward by the universe. (Venus Retrograde)

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